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System Teke Ro
Sector Inner Cluster
Galactic Coordinates (128, 19)
System Coordinates (16, 10)
Astrographic Entry
Type Temperate/Breathable
Primary Terrain: Desert / Forest / Jungle
Rotational Period 28 standard hours
Orbital Period 298 local days
Population 10,174,511 inhabitants
Controlled By Tenloss Syndicate
Governor None
Magistrate None
Sentient Races Arcona


Cona is the largest planet within the Teke Ro system. Its relatively hot temperatures and somewhat odd atmosphere make it an uncomfortable place for any except for the indigenous species. Cona`s atmosphere is composed mostly of a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen. Ammonia vapour results from the high concentration of the two elements, a usually deadly characteristic for non-Arcona. The lack of oxygen in the air is supplemented by an extraordinary amount of it within the ground.

The plant life of Cona is unique as the high temperatures of the planet should cause the planets to die from lack of moisture. Interestingly, the plants have evolved to draw in the ammonia vapour from the air, extract out the hydrogen and mix it with the oxygen under ground to form water. These underground water sources are valuable to the Arcona as there is actually little free water on the planet. The forests that have survived on the planet are home to several species of animals that the Arcona hunt out of necessity. Such areas are considered unsafe for younger members of the race as everything from hunter traps to carnivorous plants await any who wander aimlessly through them.

Cona is the homeworld of the Arcona, a reptilian race with some humanoid characteristics. They have evolved to easily survive and even depend upon the atmosphere of their world as they can take in and easily assimilate the ammonia vapour within the atmosphere. After the discovery of Cona by Old Republic ships an interesting problem arose for the inhabitants, salt. It seems that the Arcona are highly addicted to salt and in return it is detrimental to their biology. Salt is considered an illegal substance on the planet of Cona and any nearby Arcona colonies and as a result all ships bearing foodstuff are search diligently in order to stop salt smuggling.