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CorSec Logo.png
General Information
Motto "The Corellian Security Force. The very name strikes fear into pirates, smugglers and other scum of the galaxy."
Status Active
Leader Director Walter Watts
Historical Information
Founded Year 0 Day 5
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Industry Mercenaries
Holosite CorSec

The Corellian Security Force, commonly abbreviated CorSec, is a security firm based in/around the Corellian Sector. As one of the oldest Security firms in existence, the group has mainly assisted the Galactic Empire with policing the sector and upholding the Imperial law.



"Our mandate is to keep the Corellian Sector safe. That being said, we will sometimes look and act outside of our sector when necessary for a cause we believe in or for something that will make the galaxy, and therefore by extension the Corellian Sector, a safer and better place."
— Eli LaSalle

CorSec was founded in the early years by Eli LaSalle and is one of the oldest Security groups, that mostly enforced the Imperial Law within the Corellian Sector for the past 16 years. The Security group was build up under the leadership of Grand Marshal Kevin Chambers and his name would be indelibly linked with the collective.

Not much is known about the past of CorSec, except what can be found in the Imperial Archives. CorSec mostly dealt with Smugglers, Pirates, Rebels breaching Imperial Space, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism.


Today, the Corellian Security Force has undergone a transformation from a Police Force within the Corellian Sector to that of a Security Corporation accepting contracts outside of the Imperial Core. Therefore, CorSec is unable to accept contracts from individuals, governments or companies listed on the Imperial Blacklist.

The new leader Neria Derycke reformed the majority of branches mainly for defensive missions, military advisement and combat training of sovereign and corporate forces.


"An Corporation with the ambition to storm and control the galactic markets, and at the same time. ensure security, welfare and wealth-fare for the citizens of the Corellian and Duros Sectors."
— Neria Derycke

The Corsec is comprised of two mains branches - MillDirect and CivDirect. MillDirect represents CorSec's military force and CivDirect represents the industry and production of the firm. Each division is led by an officer who hold a position within the Directionate.

High Command

The Directionate consist of CorSec officers that lead the groups, divisions and other departments of CorSec with a leading functioning.

They look after the day to day tasks ensuring that CorSec remains a well functioning entity. The structure is set up that in the event that a Leading Officer or manager becomes absent, the person can be replaced immediately, temporary or permanent.


Security Fleet

The Corellian Security Fleet, also known as the CSF, is the main military force of CorSec and make up the bulk of its membership. These are the hard-working men and women tasked with keeping the peace among their fractious, headstrong fellow Corellians. They spend their days patrolling and monitoring the Corellian and Duro System, both in space, atmosphere and ground.

The Fleet consists of several components specialized and equipped for various tasks, ranging from ground operations in infantry and AT/AF support. To providing air support for the ground forces and to secure space with Fighters, Corvettes, Frigates and Capital ships.

Tactical Response Team

The Tactical Response Team, or TRT, is a sub branch under the CSF and falls under the command of the CSF group Commander. Better trained and better paid than the average officer, they mainly conduct high risk operations such as room to room combat on ground facilities, stations and ships. During the course of their work, they often develop wide networks of criminal, law enforcement, civilian and and military contacts and are the elite forces of the CSF.

Special Operations

CorSec Special Operations, or CSO in short, is an elite paramilitary unit formed from the best and brightest members of CorSec. A combination of pilot, commando and investigator, CSO officers are trained in both police and military tactics and can also exist out of CorSec Force Users. They carry out the most dangerous missions undertaken by CorSec, such as infiltrating crime syndicates or hunting pirates that haunt the Corellian System's far flung asteroid fields. CSO officers are hand picked by the Chief Marshal himself and have earned the Directionates trust to perform cover operations for the firm.

Sentinent Resources Project

Beside the regular structure and standard assignments, CorSec also has a division called Sentient Resources Project. Every new officer that joins the corporation, will first pass via SRP and they will receive platoon, base and assets assignments. Once that is done, officers will move on to the chosen branch.The division will only be temporary be placed under CSF, as the purpose of this group is to function as an introductions group into the corporation.


Civilian Engineering

CorSec Civilian Engineering, abbreviated CCE, is currently the sole division of the civilian branch. Their first task is to provide support the military and security operations. Second task is to expand civilian services CorSec will be offering in the near and far future.

StarWays Deluxe

The StarWays Deluxe, or SD, will be focusing on production, final details are still in the works.

Derycke Enterprises

The Derycke Enterprises will be fully owned by CorSec and will also focus on production but will mainly prepare for R&D release, providing CorSec the needed high tech to survive on the long run.

Directionate CorSec LowRes.png CSF CorSec LowRes.png CCE CorSec LowRes.png CSO CorSec LowRes.png TRT CorSec LowRes.png
Directionate CSF CCE CSO TRT


  • CorSec Horizontal Holographic Year 1.gif (Year 1)
  • Corsechq-banner2.gif (Year 9)
  • Banner2 zpsnvrrqmd6.gif (Year 17)


  • Y 00 D 005: The CorSec is founded by Eli LaSalle and 'Moose' was named as leader.
  • Y 02 D UNK: 'Death' was elected as the leader of CorSec.
  • Y 04 D UNK: Kevin Chambers was elected as the Grand Marshal and the leader of CorSec.
  • Y UNK D UNK: Vencenti Malcuro was elected as the new leader of CorSec.
  • Y 16 D 190: Neria Derycke was named as the Grand Marshal and the new leader of CorSec.
  • Y 16 D 193: Vencenti Malcuro resigns.
  • Y 16 D 203: New wage structure and rank system were introduced.
  • Y 16 D 268: Kina Su was apointed as Chief Marshal and Wulk Aggrakk was promoted to Commodore.
  • Y 17 D UNK: Wulk Aggrakk was named as the Chief Marshal.
  • Y 17 D 097: Myattjat Feska was promoted to Fleet Marshal.

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