Cor Family

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Cor Family
CorFamily Crest - alpha.png
Founder Nathan Cor
Current Head Nathan Cor II
Homeworld Corellia
Members Nathan Cor II
Former Members Nathan Cor ✞,
Dracon Cor ✞ ,
Jay`Den Cor ✞,
Sera Cor ✞,
Rennek Cor ✞,
Cyan Cor ✞,
I'belle Morgan ✞
Species Corellian, Kuati
Languages Galactic Basic,
Olys Corellisi
Political Status
Allegiance Neutral
Affiliation The Scholars Guild,
Cor Research And Development Concepts
Former Affiliations Black Sun,
The B`omarr Order,
The Smugglers Alliance

The Cor Family is conformed mostly by Corellian humans who were born and raised in Corellia. The head of the family was Dracon Cor for a long period, in which the name of the family was associated to smuggling businesses due to Dracon's leadership of the renown organization The Smugglers Alliance. The former man's later inclusion into the schemes of Dark Star Hellions brought a dark era for the family. Dracon himself was arrested and executed for his alliance to the starting criminal organization, and Sera Cor who was second in command of Athakam MedTech at the time, was murdered by the Hellions in retaliation. Both Cyan and Jay`Den went missing in action shortly before the passing of their siblings.

At the time Dracon's death, the only member still in the public eye was their uncle Rennek Cor who has since then heightened the Cor name through his medical corporation Cor Research And Development Concepts (abbreviated CRDC), as well as his founding of The Scholars Guild.

Family Relics

The Cor Family relics were accessories that every father or mother inherited to their childs. Wether it was on their deathbeds or at the wedding of one of their child, it was their choice. Males within the family carried the Ring with the family crest engraved on it, females carried a Pendant that was forged to reflect the crest. It began with the ring for males as symbol of their new duty as head of the family. It was mainly inherited to the firstborn son. However tradition had been changed since then, and it's a representation of their belong to the new generation of adult members of the family.

After this change of the tradition, the females started wearing pendants passed mainly from mother to daughter before their wedding ceremony as sign of their best wishes for them. The tradition soon stopped being treated as heirloom and changed to a recognise of their bond to their families.

The Ring


It is a golden ring with a silver border. two trims runs along the gold circumference and the crest is engraved on one side (or many sides depending on how the carrier wanted it to look. It was a symbolic representation of maturity within the family, it's a highly honoured tradition to wear the ring at all times to display status and respect among relatives.

The Pendant


It is a silver round frame with a silver crest shape mounted in a spinning rest.

It stands as a symbolic representation of the best wishes from a mother for a daughter for their marriage, the first generation of the Cor women used to adress this pendant in ther daughter's wedding day, tradition that has been modified however and nowadays it's conceded on special ocassions (up to the mother's judgement) which can even include the birthday.

It's believed to bear the soul of their predecessors to watch over the carrier and bring good luck.

Family Tree

Nathan Cor ✞
Auren Law ✞
Layla Iblis ✞
Jarek Cor ✞
Rennek Cor
I'belle Morgan ✞
Jay`Den Cor
Dracon Cor
Ma`at Seshet
Sera Cor
Sean Patrick ✞
Cyan Cor
Nathan Cor II
Valen Andric Cor
Sera Layla Cor
Duncan Leiv Patrick ✞