Corbin Esco

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Corbin Esco
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Born Year -20
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Brown hair
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Positions Former Viceroy

Corbin Esco is a Hapan male and was the first true Viceroy of the Trade Federation.


Early Life

Corbin Esco was born on the planet Hapes in the Hapes Cluster to two wealthy Hapan parents. Not much else is known about Corbin's past, but Corbin knew from an early age that he was destined for greatness.

Upon reaching the age of maturity, Corbin left Hapes and made his way to the nearest Imperial Recruitment Center. It was there that he joined the Galactic Empire and enlisted into the ranks of the Imperial Navy. After serving in the Navy for quite some time Corbin resigned his commission and left the Empire.

Hapes Consortium

After leaving the Galactic Empire, Corbin made his way over to the Hapes Consortium. There he worked in one of its nationalized subsidiaries. During his service with Hapes, Corbin became a prominent figure both in the government and the galaxy at large. Corbin used his fame and Hapan contacts in order to purchase the Trade Federation from the Hapes Consortium and become its new leader.

Trade Federation

Circa Year 4 Day 1, Corbin Esco purchased the Trade Federation from the Hapes Consortium. This purchase marked the transition of the Federation from a mere nationalized subsidiary of the Hapes Consortium into an separate, autonomous entity. Corbin then assumed the position of Viceroy of the Trade Federation and began to revolutionize the organization.

Viceroy Corbin Esco did away with the greedy ways of the old Nemoidian rulers and instilled a new leadership directive. Under his auspices, the Trade Federation acquired what many came to call "a family-feel." It was this feel that prompted many aspiring sentients to join the Trade Federation and help it blossom.

Under Corbin's rule, the Trade Federation discovered, took control of, and settled in the Glythe Sector. The Vinsoth System was developed and the city of Forsetti was declared the capital city of the Trade Federation. With an established foothold in the Glythe Sector the Trade Federation advanced to its rightful place as a government.

Leave of Absence

The pressure and stress of the duties associated with being Viceroy are plenty to say the least. With the Trade Federation doing well and set for the future Viceroy Corbin Esco decided to step down from the position of Viceroy in order to take a well needed vacation. Corbin however did not leave his successor without any work to do. As his last act before going on leave Corbin drew up plans for a grand Confederacy of Independent Systems that would work together to benefit and better one another. In his absence Magistrate Toran Slisik assumed the leadership of the Trade Federation before a Horley Cyan is elected as the new Viceroy.

Second Term

With the retirement of Viceroy Horely Cyan, Corbin saw it fit to return from his leave of absence and resume his position as Viceroy of the Trade Federation. It was during this time that tensions between the Galactic Empire and the Trade Federation escalated. Despite Viceroy Esco's best attempts to obtain a swift resolution, an agreement between the two parties could not be established. Corbin's continued efforts to reach a peaceful resolve were continually declined and the pressure continued to rise especially with the issuance of an arrest warrant by the Empire for Corbin Esco on Year 4 Day 4. The Empire eventually pardoned Viceroy Esco on Year 4 Day 60 but, by then, the pressure associated with leading the Trade Federation and trying to avoid an all-out war with the Empire were beginning to take their toll on Corbin. After several consultations with trusted physicians, Corbin Esco decided to step down as Viceroy and retire to a life of peace.

Today, Corbin Esco is enjoying the wonderful life of retirement. He can be seen traveling around the galaxy visiting many of his old friends and touring the vast territories of the Trade Federation.

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