Corellia (System)

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This article is about the system Corellia. For the planet Corellia, see Corellia (Planet)
General information
Sector Corellian
Galactic Coordinates (70, -32)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 7
Suns 1
Moons 1
Asteroid Fields 3
Controlled By Galactic Empire
Astrographic Entry Corellia


Home of the Five Brothers (Corellia, Selonia, Drall, Crollia and Seronia)[1] and the Corellian Twins (Talus and Tralus)[1], the star system of Corellia is a system rich in history and is one of the civilized centers of the galaxy. With the Corellian Security Force, commonly known as CorSec, supplementing the defense of this system, this system is surprisingly safe to travel to despite its reputation of having an extensive population that act among the fringe of law. The Corellian System is the seat of government of the Imperial Corellian Sector, the home and administrative center of the Moff that is assigned to govern this system. Heavy capital ships frequent this system since the early days of the Galactic Republic, including the Star Destroyers of today.[2]

Some astrophysicists and other scientists hypothesize that this star system as one sees today is not of natural phenomenon, basing upon the observation that the orbits of the planets are simply too complicated. They insist that there must have had human or other sentient beings purposeful design for the star system to appear as so. Both the Five Brothers and the Corellian Twins planets occupy a narrow band of area around the Corellian sun that allows habitable climates, whereas no natural phenomenon usually allows this type of occurrence. During the birth years of planets, space dust from an area this narrow usually are collected to form one or two larger planets as opposed to so many as observed in this system. The Corellian Twins are especially of scientific interest, as the two similarly structured planets orbit each other around a focus without a center of mass in between them, while sharing a same orbit around the sun. Many theorists purpose that an antiquity species of beings moved planets from further reaches of the Corellian System and terraformed them into habitable worlds.[1] Some even propose that these planets were once moved from other star systems, perhaps to escape disaster events such as a sun going into dying stages of its life. This may be a mystery that Corellians may not be able to solve for a long time simply because any potential hints to this hypothesis, even if it indeed had taken place, may have been dissolved away with time.[2]

Today, Corellia is a major attraction for tourism with galactically known resorts and top-ranked gaming preserves. This system perhaps sees more luxury space liners and yachts traffic than even Coruscant. With a strong tourism industry, the Corellian System provides significant resources in terms of tax dollars for its current over-rulers, the Galactic Empire.[2]