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HomeworldCorellia [1]
LanguageGalactic Basic, Olys Corellisi, Ancient Corellian [1]
Average Height1.6 to 2.4 meters [1]
Skin colorPale to dark brown [2]
Hair colorRed, blonde, brown, black (usually turning gray or white with age) [2]
DistinctionsBipedal mammalian primates, variations with ethnic origin [2]
Average lifespanUsually up to 100 standard years; ages up to approximately 800 have been reached among Force-sensitive individuals [2]
Known MembersList of known Corellians

Corellians are a humanoid species native to the planet of Corellia.


Known throughout the galaxy for their luck and shady dealings, Corellians tend to be very cliquish and trust only family and very close friends. Many Corellians tend to suffer from wanderlust and desire to travel the stars but their close family ties keep bringing them back to their homeworld Corellia.[3]

Due to the big separation from the rich and poor and the fact that they suffer from wanderlust, most young poor Corellians tend to go to work for crime organizations, and either end up rich crimelords of their own, or on the bottom of a Tibrin ocean.[3]

Due to their lack of trust of outsiders, Corellians have the tendency to be violent towards any intruders.[3]

Society and Culture

Though Corellian spacers were spread across the galaxy, their culture did have an isolationist streak. Some Corellian sects refused to marry non-Corellians, or "eksters." If members of these sects did marry non-Corellians, they would be banished from their family.[1]

This isolationism also made Corellia well-known as being a rebel world, rising up against every Galactic government or seeking independence several times.[1]

Corellians had a strong military tradition. Many Corellians served in the Corellian Security Force (better known as CorSec), or in galactic-level military organizations. For Corellians, the highest military honor was the Corellian Bloodstripe.[1]


Corellians were among the first Human societies to develop hyperdrive-capable starships, and played an important role in the formation of the Galactic Republic. Perhaps due to their early involvement with space travel, they were well known for their skills as pilots, scouts, and shipbuilders. Corellian spacers were often stereotyped as brash risk-takers, and were often said to have "rocket fuel for blood." This stereotype had a ring of truth, as many well-known pirates, smugglers and gamblers were Corellians.[1]