Cornelius vi Cron

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Cornelius vi Cron
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Mother Nora Vox
Father Joseph vi Cron
Siblings House of Cron
Born Year -8 Day 27
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
Positions Vicar
Awards Kcpius.png

Cornelius was born in the desert city of Dellalt on the planet Argai within the Cronese Mandate. His father, Joseph Vi Cron, was a Captain in the Tionse military and his mother a doctor of medicine at the Ascaron Academy. He is a descendant of Xim the Despot and a member in the House of Cron.


The Ascaron Academy on Argai

After his 17th birthday Cornelius enrolled in the medical program at the Ascaron Academy with his primary focus on cybernetic operations. During his 4th year he was expelled from the program after it was discovered he was performing unauthorized operations and conducting experiments without the authority of the Ascaron medical board.

His expulsion lasted for 2 months, after which he was reinstated and allowed to complete his doctorate. No official reason was given for his reinstatement but many assume his Grandfather, a Tionese noble, used his influence to expunge the charges and clear his record.

First a follower

Cornelius was raised to believe in The Goddess, he was a follower of Light and was taught knowledge was the ultimate weapon. After completing his studies he travelled the Galaxy, visiting some of the most technologically advanced planets and some of the most remote, meeting the people, studying their culture and gaining knowledge for himself.

It was during these travels he received his calling during a dream, a tall woman with flowing gold hair dressed in a silver robe walked through an endless wall of fire. She told him he was her voice, he was the one to reunite her children, he needed to cleanse the galaxy of the dark plague and restore the Zhell. As the women slowly faded he could hear her whisper, her voice was soft and angelic but the words were clear… Pius Dea.

Reinventing an Order

It took a considerable amount of time and financial backing but Cornelius had laid the ground work to bring back Pius Dea. The order once ruled the Republic but were nearly wiped out when the Jedi sided against them, only a few survived and in the time since then their numbers had dwindled and their descendants were spread across the galaxy.

Cornelius reached out to those still alive, he had identified himself as the Vicar of Risma and had taken a new name, Contispex XX.

A home on Taris

The order needed a home, Cornelius had chosen Taris. Its Human population controlled the Upper City and its government, aliens were confined to the lower levels and only allowed very minor roles within city institutions. The planets Human populace was becoming uneasy, gangs had flooded the Undercity, crime was rampant and had begun spilling into the Middle City, many considered it only a matter of time before the Upper City would be overrun.

The people were disillusioned by their political leaders, believing they were corrupted by their Eidolan overlords, they needed something to believe in. He sent his followers to the streets where they began spreading the idea of Pius Dea, their name had started to spread. At first it was muttered around dinner tables, then it crept into the workplace and spread even further. Cornelius began giving speeches under his assumed name, small at first but even they grew and lecture halls began to fill.

Many in the Upper and Middle Cities converted, their numbers grew dramatically and this allowed Cornelius could turn his attention to another issue, the Pirate Quartermaster of Taris.

The Eidolon quartermaster Dralor Lo`Raine firmly controlled the Undercity and had leverage over many in the Uppercity government, allowing him to operate with impunity from the Tarisian security forces.

Skirmishes took place between the order and the pirates thugs, most were kept within the confines of the Undercity but spilled over when the pirate overstepped and tried to kill Cornelius during a speech in the Middle City. The building was razed to the ground and cost Cornelius an arm which was subsequently replaced by a cybernetic implant.

An end

After the event in Middle City, Cornelius arranged a meet with Dralor under the guise of ending the conflict. An abandoned mine on the planets surface was chosen, it was there Cornelius lead his most skilled fanatical followers against the pirate Lord, ultimately leading to his demise.


Vicar of Risma (Year 15 Day 75 - Current)

Knight-Commander of the Order of Pius Dea (Year 15 Day 75 - Current)