Corporate Sector Authority (Years 5-10)

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Corporate Sector Authority
Corporate Sector Authority Logo Year 9.jpg
General Information
Motto "There are some things money can't buy,
but we haven't found them yet."
Status Defunct (Hostile Takeover)
Leader Max Solusar (Year 10)
See below
2IC Dar Batra
Owner Orion Silverhelm
Historical Information
Founded Year 3 (see: Myorzo Corporation)
Year 5 Day 139[1] (formal establishment)
Dissolved Year 10 Day 71 (hostile takeover)
Year 10 Day 102 (dissolution of government)
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Government
Holosite Corporate Sector Authority (Archived)

The Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) was a notable government that ruled a far-flung region of the galaxy known as the Corporate Sector, located at the end of the Tingel Arm. The origins of the government trace back to Year 3 when Mystiel Raleigh, Kam Farlight, Zorran Black and Orion Silverhelm formed the Myorzo Corporation from the ashes of Infinite Dark. Two years later, on Year 5 Day 139, the government was officially established. At its height, the Corporate Sector Authority was composed of several nationalized corporations such as Paradox Resource Exploration, Primus Medical, Silverhelm Entertainment Media, Myorzo Weapon Systems, Magnaguard Manufacturing, and the Universal Network Bank. The government was managed by a Direx Board whose members were high-ranking business executives. The Direx Board was led by the Executive Officer (ExO) and other posts included President (Prex), Viceprex, and Auditor-General. The Pypin system functioned as the administrative center for the Corporate Sector as well as a major trading crossroads. The last democratically elected leader of the government was Max Solusar in Year 9. Following a hostile takeover by the Galactic Empire in Year 10, the old Corporate Sector Authority ceased to exist. The bulk of its surviving members joined the New Republic or other anti-Imperial organizations.


"In a bold experiment meant to free the Republic lawmakers and Corporate moneymakers from their differences, a free-enterprise fiefdom of space was carved out bordering the Aparo and Wyl sectors. This became the Corporate Sector, a section of space governed not by the Republic or the Empire that followed, but instead run by big business. At its start, the Corporate Sector encompassed only several hundred systems, carefully chosen by the Republic for their lack of native, sentient life. But as the profits began to swell, so did the territory. By the time of the Empire, the Corporate Sector ballooned to include nearly 30,000 stars. According to official documentation, none of these worlds contained any sentient life, but in truth, eleven species were discovered, though this fact was expunged from all records. The government of the Corporate Sector is the Corporate Sector Authority (CSA), a private corporation in its own right forged by the industrious Orion Silverhelm. The CSA was granted a charter by the Empire to control that portion of the galaxy. The CSA was afforded independence due to the huge amounts of profits that it funneled into the New Order's coffers. Within its borders, the CSA was hardly better a ruler than the Empire, though many sought refuge there from the Galactic Civil War."



The ruling members of the Direx Board circa Years 8-10.

The seeds of the Corporate Sector Authority began in a smuggling ring known as Infinite Dark led by Kam Farlight. It was one of the largest smuggling operations in the galaxy and Farlight had ambitious plans for its growth. In particular, Farlight wished to build a vast capitalist union in an independent sector of the Outer Rim. This capitalist union would be based on trade and would offer asylum to political refugees. Thus the idea of the Corporate Sector was born. Another member of Infinite Dark, Midge Cellewan, helped Farlight conceptualize this idea along with Orion Silverhelm, Talon Efwam, and Adam Flynn. However, when Farlight retired, an opportunistic Adam Flynn, with the help of pirate Keir Santage, robbed Farlight's second-in-command Talon Efwam of all assets. Stripped of its assets and unable to pay salaries, Infinite Dark collapsed as an organization.

Despite this setback, the idea of a Corporate Sector could not be stopped. Soon Midge Cellewan, Mystiel Raleigh, Orion Silverhelm and Zorran Black formed the Myorzo Corporation from the ashes of Infinite Dark. After much inner turmoil, the Myorzo Corporation launched the Corporate Sector Authority on Year 5 Day 139 under the command of Orion Silverhelm as Executive Officer (ExO) and a Direx Board of talented businessmen. During this period, Max Solusar — a former member of Black Dragons — was the leader of Paradox Resource Exploration, a subsidiary of the Corporate Sector Authority. When the Corporate Sector became an official government, the Direx Board — its ruling body — asked Solusar to return to active duty. He became the new Director General of the Espos and the executive Vice-Prex of Security.


In Year 6, the Third Imperial Civil War erupted in the Core Worlds and a vast exodus of former Imperial personnel fled to the Outer Rim Territories. A shrewd Silverhelm realized these disgruntled veterans could be recruited to serve as the organizational backbone of the Corporate Sector. He broadcast a GNS message in the hopes of persuading them. In his broadcast, Silverhelm promised amnesty and safe haven to all Imperial refugees fleeing Emperor Vodo Bonias' Galactic Empire. As a result, many former Imperial personnel, including Rupert Havok and Luke Sabershaft, accepted Silverhelm's offer of safe haven and joined the Corporate Sector Authority.

When Silverhelm retired on Year 7 Day 221, Cellewan was selected as his replacement to lead the Corporate Sector Authority with Kenda Bovak at his side as second-in-command. In Year 8, Solusar served as a Senior Direx Consultant, a retiree position for veteran members given the privilege of advising the Direx Board. Throughout this time, Solusar continued to serve as the Executive Vice President of the Security Division. In Year 9, Kenda Bovak retired as President of the Direx Board. Shortly thereafter, Midge Cellewan retired as leader of the Corporate Sector Authority on Year 9 Day 108. Following a competitive election against Dar Batra, Max Solusar was elected as the new leader of the government.


Circa Year 10 Day 71, while Solusar was leader of the Corporate Sector Authority, Imperial Moff Orphaea Imperium of Oversector Dolomar orchestrated a hostile takeover of the latter government. Imperium instructed an Imperial agent, Julian Anumia, to secretly board Solusar's Bulk Freighter, Hebi-Hansuo. The Imperial agent steered the freighter with Solusar aboard into a nearby sun. Solusar was killed. Following Solusar's demise, Moff Imperium overthrew the Direx Board and declared the Corporate Sector Authority to be a nationalized subsidiary of the Galactic Empire. With Imperium now in power, the Authority's corporations were stripped, sold off, or incorporated into the Galactic Empire. The territories of the Authority were incorporated into Oversector Dolomar while more permanent arrangements for their governance were decided. Following the seizure of its planets, assets and personnel by the Galactic Empire, the Corporate Sector Authority was dissolved as an official government on Year 10 Day 102.


Following the death of the Corporate Sector Authority at the hands of the Empire, the majority of its surviving members joined the New Republic. With the dissolution of the government, the CSA charter mandates all powers and leadership are to be passed on to an active Senior Direx Board (SDB) member whose job would be to reconstruct the government and hold leadership until a new election process can take place. Paparrin was alleged to be the active SDB member at the time of the Empire's takeover. A year later, on Year 11 Day 357, Azrakh Raleep and Dakha Rednax reformed the Corporate Sector Authority as an independent corporation located in the Ptera System.

Known Leaders


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  • Year 5 Day 325: Midge Cellewan of the Corporate Sector Authority hosts "the second Kessel Run."
  • Year 5 Day 360: Drax Industries becomes a nationalized subsidiary of the Corporate Sector Authority.
  • Year 7 Day 221: Orion Silverhelm, leader of the Corporate Sector Authority, is replaced by Midge Cellewan.
  • Year 6 Day 318: The Corporate Sector Authority creates a Department of Diplomatic Affairs led by Rupert Havok.
  • Year 9 Day 108: Midge Cellewan, leader of the Corporate Sector Authority, is replaced by Max Solusar.
  • Year 10 Day 72: Moff Orphaea Imperium of the Galactic Empire seizes control of the Corporate Sector Authority.
  • Year 10 Day 102: The Corporate Sector Authority dissolves after the seizure of its territories and assets by the Empire.


  • Myorzo Corporation Banner Year 5.jpg (Year 5)
  • Corporate Sector Authority Banner Year 9.gif (Year 9)


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