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System Coruscant
Sector Coruscant
Galactic Coordinates (-15, 88)
System Coordinates (5, 8)
Astrographic Entry Coruscant
Type Temperate/Breathable
Primary Terrain: Rock
Rotational Period 24 standard hours
Orbital Period 368 standard days
Population 91,374,165,407 inhabitants
Controlled By Galactic Empire
Sentient Races Coruscanti

Coruscant is a planet covered in one, massive city and is the galactic capital.


Coruscant has been considered the center since the beginning of interstellar travel. In fact, there are still several widely-accepted navigation charting formats that places the Coruscant System at the coordinates (0, 0, 0), noting it as the standard point of all location references.

The space in the Coruscant System has never had a day of rest for many centuries now. The Coruscant Traffic Control division of the Coruscant System Transportation Department employees more manpower than some planets’ entire populations merely to guide the incoming and outgoing traffic volumes to this system. People foreign to this system often say that a if one expects a trip to Coruscant to take three days, expect to spend up to six days by factoring in traffic volumes, random boardings for security purposes, and landing bay availability if you are heading into the Coruscant city-planet.

The outer edges of the Coruscant System is lined with many defense platforms, acting both as bases for the customs agents performing the random boardings, as well as powerful defense platforms in the occasion that the system is to be invaded by foreign powers. The Galactic Empire is known to place its military’s top academy graduates at these platforms, both for their talent and efficiency as well as for their hands-on training. Many graduates who acquire positions as station officers go on to eventually hold important positions such as captains to Star Destroyers.

Besides these defense platforms, one will also find that space mines are emplaced throughout the edges of the system. At the frequency of one mine about every click, these mines with wide orbits around the Coruscant Sun add an additional layer of security, slowing down potential invaders, therefore giving the defense fleets additional time to deploy defensive formations. These space mines are equipped with heavy laser turrets, turbo laser turrets, or concussion missile launchers, depending on the type. The different types of mines are randomly deployed in terms of sequence, and is purposely manufactured to have very small differences in appearance, so to force the potential invaders to take the time to find out which mines they must take down first depending on the invader’s fleet component.

Coruscant is also considered the center of trade, among others. With millions of merchants visiting this system on a monthly basis, the Coruscant System is often considered an independent market segment, with thousands of subcategories under it, by the premier marketing firms of the galaxy.


Notable Locations