Coruscant (Sector)

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General information
RegionCore Worlds
Controlled ByGalactic Empire
Astrographic EntryCoruscant

The Coruscant sector is in the Core Worlds region of the galaxy.

Notable Systems

System Position Planets Population Controller
Coruscant (-15, 88) 12 91,696,621,537 Galactic Empire
Metellos (-29, 86) 9 811,280,540,685 Galactic Empire
  • population accurate as of Year 13 Day 313

Notable Planets

Coruscant, homeworld to the Coruscanti and capitol of the Galactic Empire, are located in this sector.

Mores, in the Metellos system, is one of the most populous planets in the galaxy. With a population higher than Coruscant, Mores is also one of the most heavily defended planets in the Empire.


Coruscant Sector - Further Data