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LanguageGalactic Basic
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This race of humans inhabit the grand planet of Coruscant. Due to the whole planet being one large city, they lack knowledge of farming or other rural activities. Over time they have developed an extreme skill in being able to read people. They have tremendous social skills, reflecting how most of them grow up to be politicians.



Coruscant is also the standard for the galaxy. Coruscant date and time systems, for instance, are used as a galactic standard. Throughout the stars, one can often hear people referring to time as 1700 standard time; or perhaps referring to the amount of time it requires to complete a job as four standard hours. Language, too, is standard based on Coruscant, setting the Coruscani tongue as the Galactic Basic language, a language that is commonly agreed as the universal language that every school teaches. Other Coruscani units of measure that are ruled as galactic standard include, but not limited to, distance and weight units, seasonal references, and luminosity level of stars. Coruscant, being the seat of power for such a long span of time, is also the symbol of galactic control. Every rising government, whether the Old Republic, the Galactic Empire, or any rebellious group, wishes to hold Coruscant as their capital. The controller of this planet is often viewed as the legitimate ruler of the galaxy, asserting a powerful psychological effect to the countless number of sentient beings in the entire galaxy.

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