Corvis Orion

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Corvis Orion
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Trillian Vailis
Father Jaken Orion
Spouse Sylesta Orion
Siblings None
Children Nagase Orion, Illyria Orion, Irving Orion
Born Year -16 Day 97
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Rank Vigo
Prior Affiliation New Republic
SoroSuub Corporation
Awards SoroSuub Medal of Valor
Several Operational Ribbons

Corvis Orion is the former Dark Prince of Black Sun, currently sitting as a Vigo on its Family Council. He was formerly a senior military and intelligence officer with the SoroSuub Corporation and New Republic.

Early life

Born on Corellia on Year -16 Day 97, Corvis Orion was the only child of a Jaken Orion and Trillian Vailis. His childhood home was a few blocks off Treasure Ship Row in Coronet City. This kept him near both CorSec HQ, which was his father's workplace, and the Imperial Citadel. However, his proximity to the seediest place on Corellia, and his love of piloting, led him to participate in many of the illegal races. His father, being a prominent officer in CorSec, often told Orion when a raid was planned, unknowingly keeping Orion from ever getting caught in any sting operations. When Orion was fifteen, his family was invited to Emperor Day Ball at the Imperial Citadel, where he met the daughter of a Corellian oligarch, Ailyn LeFaye. After their meeting here, Corvis and Ailyn began sneaking away from their parents, and meeting secretly in the more shady locals on Corellia, usually at the swoop and speeder races in the slums.

Unfortunately, this infatuation could not last. A month before Orion’s sixteenth birthday, he was caught in the bed chambers of the young Miss LeFaye. Orion, relying on the skills his father had ingrained in him, managed to incapacitate the pair of guards that had walked in on the couple. Taking the guards weapons, he stole a state of the art s-swoop from Lord LeFaye's hangar, and took off for the slums of Coronet City. For the first time in his life, Orion was a murderer and a fugitive, but it would not be the last.

Smuggler Days

For the next few months, Orion lived in the slums of Coronet, working as a courier in a minor swoop gang. After a bar fight, Orion was "debriefing" a member of a rival gang and discovered Ailyn's father had put a contract out on his father, and the rival gang was planning to make the hit tonight. He rushed out of the bar to his swoop bike and blared across the city to the cantina his father visited every night and waited for the hitmen to enter the cantina. As the swoop gang entered the bar, Orion fired up the engines on his swoop bike and drove it through of the wall to ambush the swoopers. By the time the dust had settled, Corvis found his father with a vibroblade lodged in his chest. Knowing that his life on Corellia was over, he took one of the entry codes of a PLY-3000 from one of the dead hitmen and fled the planet with the help of his father’s partner. Unfortunately, he received word while on a Nar Shaddaa that his mother had been killed in a “kitchen fire”, and that Ailyn had vanished soon after.

And so, Captain Orion of the PLY-3000 Exile of Love took off to travel the stars. During this time, he met his adoptive daughter, Nagase Orion, on Alderaan while making a run to the Caasmi refugee settlement. Though barely seven when Orion found her, she quickly learned to be a very capable first mate. Orion and his adoptive daughter began to cross the galaxy, becoming well known smugglers in the midst of a galactic civil war.

A Return to Legitimacy

Seven years later, Orion’s life took a drastic turn. After ending up on the bad end of a sabacc game left him stranded in Taroon, Orion began working under the alias Beauba Fettt and joined Riviera Medical as a transport pilot. Hoping that the new name would keep the authorities off his back while he got back on his feet, he began smuggling medical supplies out of the hospital, for profit and personal use. He greatly enjoyed his job, but the SoroSuub/Riviera merger made him take another career change. Conscripted into the Army by SoroSuubian leadership, Orion moved up the ranks and began to enjoy his new identity as Fettt. He was quickly transferred over to the Beta Barracks, under the direction of Ed Fel. It was here that Orion's career in crime came to a temporary halt. He decided he would stay legit, and finally be able to give his daughter a stable upbringing.

Serving in the SoroSuub army with distinction, Orion quickly promoted to head the SoroSuub Department of Public Construction, when its former head, Jeb'el Ras, moved to take over Csilla Excavations. After repeated shows of initiative in this new position, including SoroSuub's first sector conquest over Mayagil, he was given command of the budding weapons company, BlasTech Industries. It his here that Orion used his experiences to create some of the most reliable and potent weapons in the known galaxy. It was while in BlasTech that Orion stumbled across the Acclamator Assault Ship GRW Kriegdrache, formerly under the command of Republic Captain Koran Rotaron, who passed it to his son, Shiva Rotaron. After it was hauled back to Sullust, the ship was repaired, and became Orion’s new home.

Military career

SNV Polierenden Kriegdrache

BlasTech was not to be Orion's final call. After a few months of leadership, a subordinate robbed the company, leaving it to dissolve. Not letting adversity affect him, Orion returned to his military calling, taking command of the Sullustan Home Guard. From his flagship, Commodore Orion took this battle-group into a new age of military excellence. He also played a major hand in helping Omir`Morte Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar restructure the SoroSuub miltia into the SoroSuubian Legionary Defence Force. During one of his routine physicals, Orion met a young medic by the name of Sylesta Orion, who would become an increasingly important figure in his life.

Depsite his successes in the military, Orion grew curious about the darker aspects of war. Because of this, he retired from the public limelight, leaving his trusted Executive Officer, Commander Vestri Carnifex, in command. With the Sullustan Home Guard in good hands, Commodore Orion was able to retire to the comforts of his Acclamator Assault Ship. It is from here that he commanded his personal fleet and directs projects to further his personal wealth, all while raising his adoptive daughter, Nagase Orion and running the SoroSuubian Intelligence Department. At this time he owned two of Sluis Sector's major tourist cities: One on the industrial planet of Lovsal, and another on the exotic paradise of Bpfassh.

The Birth of the New Republic

However, these days of ease did not last Orion long. Soon, he was called upon to take command Raivor Battlegroup, after its previous Commodore Knightcrawler has betrayed the Corporation. Resuming his place as Executive Officer of SLDF, he helped the group go into the merge between the Rebel Alliance and Sorosuub Corporation. Almost immediately upon the formation of the New Republic, Orion began to feel the unrest fostering in the group. Because of this, he ran for Senator, and was subsequently elected.

It was also about this time that Orion began to grow weary of war again, compelling him to transfer to the newly formed New Republic Security Forces, in order to continue serving his people. He took over as Executive Officer of the group and Commanding Officer of the Southern Defence Fleets, and was promoted to Vice Marshal. It was in leading this police force that he met a young Nautolan by the name of Matt Cauthon. The two became fast friends, often being spotted together at various taverns when off duty. Using his newfound connections, power, and resources within the group, Orion began to lay the groundwork for his return to the world of crime.

Politics and Conspiracies

After being elected to the New Republic Senate, Orion began to notice a growing number of former Rebel Alliance leaders within the fledgling New Republic pushing to constrict the freedoms of the people, by consolidating power into the secretive Centre of Republic Intelligence. Fighting in the Sent against the Rebel cabal's attempts to further turn the New Republic bureaucracy into a cudgel against those who opposed them, he was soon targeted to be removed by the conspirators. The man tasked with silencing Corvis was Jedi Master Thies Windu.

However, Master Windu was unable to complete his mission. In order to trap Orion, the Jedi Master ordered all NRSF command personnel to report to the Home One Cruiser NRS Nautilus for a "Christening Ceremony". Having learned of the trap through his contacts aboard the Home One Cruiser, but not wanting his men to suffer the after effects of the "Jedi"'s anger, he went as ordered, knowing full well he'd never be able to return the life he'd once known. In order to protect his friends in the New Republic, the Corvis prepared to trap the Jedi Master and spirit him away from Republic space. To do this, he enlisted the help of his friend, Matt Cauthon.


At the time the ceremony began, Matt and Orion set off the explosives the had planted across the room, incapacitating the security personnel who were present. In the confusion, they stormed the partially stunned Jedi. In the short but violent battle, Matt Cauthon was permanently paralyzed, and Orion lost his eye to a lightsaber graze. While fleeing the New Republic military forces pursing him, he had landed on a deserted planet and had this message sent to Courier Communications to be posted on the GNS.

The usual news anchor appears on your screen. From his slumped shoulders and sad expression, it is quite obvious that he is the bearer of bad news. “As many of you may have noticed, New Republic Commanding Military Officer Thies Windu and Senator Corvis Orion have not made any public appearances in the last week. This has been due to a falling out within the New Republic military. At approximately 435 hours last night, Hapan Time, we received this holo-recording from the Senator, of supposed traitor himself”.

The screen changes and you see Corvis Orion, still in his uniform with the addition of an eyepatch, pacing through a forest at night. The leafless trees and silence lend to the sadness of the message. “Sentients of the Galaxy, citizens of the New Republic, I come to you to give an explanation which the New Republic leadership has long owed you. Last week, Commanding Military Officer, and Jedi Master, Thies Windu, along a few co-conspirators, were attempting to blackmail me into retirement, on grounds that I had supposedly lied to the Senate about being Force Sensitive and had disobeyed a direct order. In order to stop this obvious abuse of power, Lt. Cauthon and myself stormed the Home One Mon Calamari Cruiser NRS Nautilus, and captured Master Windu.”

Orion’s hand absently moves to his eyepatch “During the battle on the bridge, I lost my eye to a lightsaber wound and Lt. Cauthon was permanently paralyzed by Windu’s supposedly “light” powers. However, we did manage to subdue and capture the Jedi Master. After fleeing the ship, we offered the New Republic a ransom his life, in order to see if the life of a New Republic citizen was truly worth as much to them as the claimed it was. The New Republic leadership did not even bother negotiating with us. Two days after we had fled, the search party was scaled back to a token gesture, and Military High Command began scrambling to fill the power vacuum.”

The tired Corellian stops walking and turns to face the camera at full attention. “And throughout this all, the New Republic Senate Advisory Council and Senate have kept you in the dark about the details. This is simply unacceptable for a democracy. Though I may no longer be able to act as your senator, I would like to continue to urge you, as citizens of the New Republic, to push for change and to push for removal of corrupt leaders. It is your privilege and your duty. Don’t let the once roaring fire of freedom be snuffed by corruption and greed. This is my final wish.” With that, Corvis Orion snaps a salute to the holo-recorder and holds until it fades back to the anchorman.

After taking a moment to regain his composure, the anchor begins to speak gain.“We also received information that Orion will be retiring from the public eye for a month of mediation within the Unknown Regions. We also have reason to believe that Thies Windu is still in Corvis Orion's custody. More will be coming on this, as the case develops.”

A Bump in the Road

After he had returned from his hiatus, Orion began to work with new vigor. He promptly took the command of the Hawkbats and linked up with Chiss Ascendancy. It was during this time that Orion met up with a skilled bounty hunter and slaver, Lance Hawke. After loaning his men to Hawke for several raids, Orion began to suspect that Hawke had plans that went beyond simple collaboration. In order to be sure of this, Orion took Lance aside for a private meeting before a mission. It was during this time that Orion was able to discern that Hawke was going to attempt to assassinate a highly placed member of the Chiss Ascendancy.

However, Orion's true allegiance had never been to the Chiss, but rather he was a member of the nascent Black Sun following his flight from the New Republic. Taking this as a golden opportunity to sow chaos in the galaxy whilst his allies within Republic consolidated power. In order to help the young bounty hunter, Orion ordered all of his men to assist the bounty hunter in any way possible if they were to encounter them. Roughly a week later, Hawke boarded Sith Lord Isoldor Storm's private vessel. With the help of Orion's men, who happened to be on security detail that month, Hawke captured and killed the Sith Lord. Upon hearing the news, Orion is said to have cracked open a bottle of Whyren's Reserve, boarded his ship, and flown out of the Unknown Regions to rendezvous with his flagship. Rumors also point to Corvis receiving a summons back to Republic space.

Black Horizon

Orion was next seen as part of a strike force which temporarily took control the New Republic, claiming a massive portion of its navy. During this time, Orion killed Republic Diplomat and Chief of State Candidate David Kellar, Jedi Knight Brengo Evabri, 17 officers of Centurion Battle Group, and an undisclosed amount of New Republic Officers and Crewmen. While details of the battle aboard the Centurion ships are still sketchy, it is believed that Orion secured access into the battle group by remotely deactivating the ships. The majority of the crewmen were killed saber wounds, with the secondary causes of death being to asphyxiation and electrocution. It was later discovered that Corvis' uncle Ingo R. Vailis had begun to tutor him in the ways of the Force alongside Jedi Master and future Chief of State of the New Republic, Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar.

Once he had sated his blood lust onboard the Centurion cruisers, Orion boarded his personal shuttle and set course for Kiffex, in order to walk the halls of the Palace of the Dark Prince. He began a long meditation within the ancient halls, and came to peace with his true self. His purpose in life assured, Orion rejoined the Black Sun Fleet at Thyferra, and donned the mantle of Vigo. Orion returned to the galactic underworld not as a simple smuggler, but a crime lord whose rise to power was anointed by the blood of those who had been his enemies. He would spend his time as Vigo growing a network of informants, saboteurs, and assassins, with which he would strike out at targets within the Republic for vengeance, and those outside it for profit.

He also courted Sylesta Orion (no relation), and before he knew it had married her. He welcomed their twin children into the galaxy soon after.

A Dark Throne

Over the next two years Orion worked tirelessly as a Vigo to help restore Black Sun to his former glory, despite several setbacks. After the capture of Dark Prince Flynn, Dark Prince Ingo R. Vailis, felt that it was time for a new Prince to be crowned. Deep in the bowels of the Darkstar, Orion was summoned to Golgotha to take up his new mantle. After a very successful first year as Prince, with high points such as the take over of The Antarian Rangers, Orion decided that it was time to drop the alias of Beauba Fettt and return to using his true name again. Orion's reign saw the integration of several company's into the Black Sun umbrella as the criminal enterprise became a government in it's own right, separating it's more shadowy elements from it's former facade. After successful two year reign, Corvis passed the throne to his second in command Tar Alaks and retired from the galaxy at large in order to travel the galaxy and investigate lesser known Force traditions.

From the Shadows

Orion disappeared from the galactic stage for nearly a decade, having entrusted the entirety of his fortune to friends in his absence. However, in late year 19, Orion returned to known space. Seeking out his old master and dear friend, Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar. They spent nearly a year traveling together as they discussed what Corvis had learned in sojourn, the deep study deepening Orion's understanding of the Force immensely. Upon completion of this period of reflection, Edhrikhor returned Orion's flagship, the MC-80b Cruiser BSS Nhar'qual to Corvis, and he began to rebuild his power base. By early 21, Orion had reclaimed the title of Vigo, taking over leadership of the Máurari Blackguard from his former master. Now he works alongside the rest of the Family Council in fostering the advancement and dominance of the Family, whilst using his connections to seek out Force artifacts and lost lore to be preserved in Máurari temple. In his personal time, he's taken to bounty hunting along side his pet Corellian Sand Panthers to keep his martial prowess in form. His personal transport, the modified YT-2000 Zarathustra, can often be seen slipping into the seedier spaceports of the galaxy as he tracks his targets.


  • Personal Life

After assuming the position of Vigo, Orion finally began to pursue a personal life once again. After the death of her husband, Corvis met Sylesta Orion (no prior relation) once again Thyferra. This chance meeting would lead to a whirlwind romance, which would lead to Corvis Orion and Sylesta Orion married on board the Nhar'qual on Year 9 Day 150, in a private exchange of vows between the pair. The pair lived onboard the BSS Nhar'qual until Orion's ascension to Dark Prince. During this time, He and Sylesta had two children, (Irving Jaken Orion) and a daughter (Illyria Trillian Orion). The royal family moved onboard the Ill Gotten Gains upon Orion's coronation.

Corvis and Sylesta dancing
  • Flagship

Orion's flagship was the BSS Ill Gotten Gains during his tenure as Dark Prince. A ship of unique design, the Ill Gotten Gains, or Darkstar-class Battleship, is a symbol of the power and influence the Dark Prince commands. The lower levels contain a large section of the ancient city of Golgotha. According to legend, this was the city in which Black Sun originated.

BSS Quietus

After his return to the known galaxy, Orion returned his flag to the MC-80b Nhar'qual, which he had claimed during Black Sun New Republic coup. While this ship is the head of his personal fleet, he also is known to command the Imperial-I Class Star Destroyer BSS Quietus when on official business as Vigo of the Màurari Blackguard.

  • Weapons and Gear

Orion is usually never seen without his lightsaber. He is also known to carry one of several sniper rifles and a wristcaster, as well as a variety of explosives and infiltration equipment. When dressed for combat, Orion is known to wear customized heavy battle armor and a jetpack. He is usually accompanied by several Corellian Sand Panthers, a modified R3 (it is able to carry 3 bottles within it, and expel them towards Orion at his request), and a varying number of Black Sun soldiers and assassin droids.

Dark Prince of Black Sun
Preceded By:
Ingo R. Vailis
Corvis Orion
Year 9Year 12 Day 150?
Succeeded By:
Tar Alaks