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General Information
Status Active
Leader Kilian Delmarco
2IC Euna Miriel
Owner Kilian Delmarco
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 45
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Information

Crepan started out as a small information business, wanting nothing more than to bring better news to the galaxy. From there, the idea diverged and blossomed into something new. Spearheaded by the vision and drive of Kilian Delmarco, the small group decided that it was time to change direction and begin again. While having a very small part role in the news aspect of the galaxy, Crepan switched gears and decided to become more entertainment oriented. It started with an initial radio interview and exploded from there.

Crepan still provides services like article editing and is looking to start building it's own brand of sysats as well as datapads in the future. They remain a neutral force in the galaxy and would also consider themselves good will ambassadors toward the galaxy as a whole, looking only to provide services and entertainment that can bring people together instead of keeping them apart.

Crepan, The creative spark of the galaxy.

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