Creshaldyne Industries

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Creshaldyne Industries
General Information
Status Merged with Baktoid Armour Workshop
Leader Elm Aran
2IC Allana Aran
Owner Elm Aran
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 33
Dissolved Year 11 Day 202 (see: Baktoid Armour Workshop)
Political Information
Affiliation Drax Industries, Uukaablis Trans-Systems, Nakesh Alliance Extractions
Industry Item Manufacturer

Creshaldyne Industries was a small corporation, specializing in camouflage suits used by scouts and paramilitary organizations. The company was owned and operated by Elm Aran for many years. Purchased by Viceroy Jacob Jansen for a very large sum of credits on Year 11 Day 202, Creshaldyne Industries was merged into Baktoid Armour Workshop the same day.


Creshaldyne Industries was started out as a small corporation during the reign of the Old Republic, specializing in camouflage and other military use equipment. After the fall of the Republic, the company began to fail under the rule of Galactic Empire as fell into the wayside as far as armour producers go. Ownership of the company changed hands many times.

The company was reformed by Senator Malakai Brooks on Year 8 Day 33 with the intention of serving the Kathol Republic and the greater galaxy with sound products. By forming the item production company, he was giving the Republic a long term production capacity of items that will help his people thrive and survive in such a turbulent galaxy. Further, he stated that he fully believed that the galaxy will require the products and services that Creshaldyne will and can provide. Senator Brooks pushed his vision of growing the industrial production capacity of the Kathol Republic into the company. Partnered with the vehicle manufacturer Uukaablis Trans-Systems, Creshaldyne was part of the second phase of a project with the intent of putting Kathol on the map economically and improve its efficiency.

After the demise of Senator Brooks, the leadership of Crechaldybe fall into the hands of a former Senator of Kathol Republic Elm Aran. Elm, the former major stock holder and CEO Of Drax Industries, had a good reputation galaxy wide and was known as a overall good guy. Creshaldyne continued it`s close Association with the M-inc Group of company comprising of Drax Industries, Uukaablis Trans-Systems and Nakesh Alliance Extractions. After a massive change in policy by the Kaloth Dynasty, M-Inc declared that they would work independently, having no formal association with the Kathol Republic or the Krath Dynasty. Creshaldyne worked independently out of the Storthus System for almost 5 years until it started to struggle with membership levels.

After a few months of struggling, negotiations were opened with many governments regarding the sale of the company. In the end, Creshaldyne Industries was purchased by the Trade Federation for a very large sum of credits on Year 11 Day 202 and was merged into Baktoid Armour Workshop the same day.