CryoMed Laboratories

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CryoMed Laboratories
General Information
Motto "Medical Care served Ice Cold"
Status Active
Leader Tholin Dur'aak
2IC Xynkro Velocio
Owner Falleen Federation Crown Corporation
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 271
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Industry Medical Service
Holosite CryoMed Laboratories

CryoMed Laboratories (CML) is a medical corporation formed by Anakin Aikinar and Obi Wan Soares in Year 10 that merged with Falleen Medical Contracts in Year 17. The corporation was created to provide medical care to all sentients and to provide construction of space stations to all sentients at affordable price.

The Crown is represented on the board by Prince Tholin Dur'aak. CryoMed operations are overseen by the Chief Executive Officer Xynkro Velocio.

CryoMed Laboratories History

CryoMed Laboratories was founded by Dr Obi-Wan Soares and a number of his close associates. Following a number of successful business transactions, Dr Obi-Wan Soares and likeminded scientists including Anakin Aikinar from across the galaxy secured the site of the first CryoMed Headquarters.

The Original CryoMed Logo

Their revolutionary idea was to combine contemporary Bacta based treatments with innovated Cryogenics.

The original Cryo trials were precarious, and many of the original scientists became disillusioned with their work.

A tragic power generator failure at a Bacta refinery resulted in a significant breakthrough for the team, where it was identified that by first radiating the Bacta, the process of Cryogenically altering it was more successful - innovating a new more effective treatment solution.

The Falleen Medical Contracts Logo

Concurrently, the Surgeon-General of the Falleen Federation Dame Tihany Chrome, P.R., established Falleen Medical Contracts on the forest moon in the Klaymor system. Falleen Medical Contracts was merged with the modern day Cryomed Laboratories in Year 17 bringing in a wealth of experience in the medical field and strengthening both groups under the flag of the Falleen Federation.


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