Cryspin Nailo

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Cryspin Nailo
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Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Drusilla Nailo [Deceased]
Father Neros Nailo [Deceased]
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Born Year -10 Day 65 [age 24]
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Political Information

The Beginning

Cryspin Nailo was born among the sands of Tatooine, actually he was born in orbit of it but his parents' ship had suffered a critical failure and crash landed on the outskirts of Mos Espa. His father died in the crash having done his best to pilot the ship to land the way it did. After eighteen years of fighting for survival and living amongst the wreckage. Cryspin had grown up being a salvager of all things. One day while he was selling his good he ventured into a cantina for a drink. While there he met someone by the name of the Qard Sharq who offered him a new line of work within a mercenary government known as the Aurodium Legion. Sadly his mother had died a year before he left by a gang of skiff pirates.

Life within the Legion

When Cryspin joined Aurodium Legion he saw an opportunity to get away from his life as a salvager and achieve much more. He was then soon off to help his new friend Sharq build the legion up. He did a little bit of everything from grabbing ships to building up cities. He would move back and forth between the Legion and Tapani Starship Cooperative to help build ships. Life was okay for him. Problem was he was so hard pressed working he hardly had any free time to venture out and see what else the vast galaxy had to offer. He eventually worked himself hard enough to where he managed to acquire his very first ship. A Delta 12 Skysprite he name The Outlaw Star.

Finally he was able to see more of what the galaxy had to offer. After saving up some credits he was able to purchase some items and armour and such, he knew the galaxy was rough and thought they would help. He still did his usual grunt work for the Legion. However it started to bore him, especially when he met a jawa by the name of Heek Jikjawa. A trader that seemed to have joined the legion from tatooine as well. With talking to Heek and learning the art of trading it started to intrigue him more and more.

Heek had opened a small shop of his own during his time within the Legion, called Jikjawa Traders Emporium (JTE). Cryspin had heard that it was expanding and that the little jawa needed help. With his Legion life getting boring, Cryspin was more than happy to help. Which he then became Heek's right hand man within the Emporium.

Venturing Amongst the Stars

Cryspin, having grown tired of the rules of the Aurodium Legion, deserted the mercenary government with Heek and took to the stars and learned the art of trading through his new friend. While JTE was becoming a successful business, it for the most part remained small enough to not be recognized as an established corporation. That quickly changed as new employees joined and the clients piled up. It was truly maddening how much it had grown so fast. Cryspin and Heek then discussed making a small company to make things much easier for everyone. With that idea the two went to work quickly. Heek being the veteran trader did the talking. Cryspin loaded the ships for the pilots to deliver. He even did a few of them himself making sure they got to their destination to insure customer satisfaction. With the business finally getting what they needed Cryspin and Heek were swift to make their new organization: The Sons of Tatoo.

The Sons of Tatoo

Cryspin took the position of the second-in-command within the organization. However he and Heek led with equal power. The pilots from JTE quickly jumped on board and they quickly became a band of smugglers. Still having the same business as JTE. Cryspin and the others also made and sold drugs. Doing this attracted some shady characters, well shady in others eyes. Cryspin quickly made new friends with the client base that the organization.

He worked very hard to make The Sons of Tatoo as good as it could get. He made mass amount of profit for them along with honing his own skills by hunting bandits throughout the galaxy, as well as making special custom paint jobs for the company. With a lot of the members having vanished and gone AWOL, the company was then shut down, and Cryspin and Heek decided to go their own ways. They however remain the best of friends to this day. Cryspin decided to find his own fortune and work as a freelancer in his own right, he still considers himself as a Sons of Tatoo member and plans to one day resurrect it.

Soldier of Sand

Cryspin can now be seen around the Malicar System working odd jobs for Alexander von Ismay, a former client and supporter of JTE, who had became a dear friend to Cryspin. While he isn't doing any work he hones his combat skill on bandits and creatures alike. Having invested heavily into his gear which he now stores within his droid controlled CR-90, the Mother of Invention. His standard fit out is his custom desert painted corellian power-suit with built in wrist caster and his Stouker Concussion Rifle which he found during one of his hunts. He plans to keep to his current activities till one day when The Sons of Tatoo will rise again.

Not All Suns Burn Bright

After many months of working alone doing errands for Lex, he eventually earned respect with the Ismay family which earned him the title of Retainer within it. After a few months the honour was bestowed upon him, he then is asked to join the Black Sun community. Cryspin was happy to accept and continues to keep working for Lex and his family.