Cyber Technology

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Cyber Technology
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader None
Owner Rebel Alliance
Headquarters Corellia[1]
Historical Information
Founder Chan[1]
Founded Year 1 Day 142 (hypothetical)
Year 1 Day 211[1]
Dissolved Year 7 Day 60
Political Information
Affiliation Rebel Alliance
Industry Item Manufacturer
Holosite Cyber Technology (Year 1)

Cyber Technology was one of the galaxy's older Item Manufacturing companies, owned by the former Rebel Alliance. It was run by prominent galactic figures such as Chan and Lucus Parahopper, before its dissolution in Year 7.

Previous Ownership

Previously the faction was owned by Davpa Bolom who later had his faction and assets stolen in Year 3 Day 192. Keibak Aruu was able to bring the criminal Yurok Kin'ailo to justice for his crime of theft and the business and all assets had returned to it's rightful owner.


  • Cyber Technology Holographic Year 2.jpg (Year 2)
  • CyberTechBanner.jpg