Cygnus Spaceworks

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Cygnus Spaceworks
General Information
Status Active
Leader John Green
Owner Tresario Star Kingdom
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 77
Dissolved Year 16 Day 344
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Cygnus Spaceworks


Cygnus Spaceworks, a shipbuilding Crowned Corporation of the Tresario Star Kingdom, takes the brightest and most dedicated people to keep it in prime condition. From raw material haulers who bring much needed supplies, to employee logistics bringing construction workers critical to Cygnus' projects, all of its employees are the top in their fields.

Risen from the ashes of the past, Cygnus Spaceworks is a prime example of Tresarian spirit to never give up. Long ago dissolved, Cygnus has risen again to provide a steady supply of ships coming for the people of Tresario to use, from mighty capital ships, to versatile freighters, and speedy star fighters. Cygnus Spaceworks produces all of these to better the lives of Tresarians everywhere.

Like all Tresario Star Kingdom Crowned Corporations, Cygnus Spaceworks is dedicated to protecting liberty and freedom of all, making Tresario and all of her people brighter than the constellations in the stars.

Tresario Star Kingdom
Subsidiaries Cerberus Corporation · Tresario Mining Authority · Tresario Salvage Yards
Allies Imperial Union Black Sun · Galactic Empire
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