Cynthea Jacobson

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Cynthea Jacobson was the daughter of Zepher and Amber Moneter. At a young age Cynthea's mother passed away. Cynthea grew up happy and care free. Being daddy's little girl she learned to fly his ships and how to gamble. Growing up on a ship she meet many different types of people from all walks of life. Cynthea does not talk much about this time period for it is quit upsetting for her. Like all little girls she grew up.

At the age of 16 she meet Zachariah Jacobson. There was an instant attraction between the two. They soon realized it was love. After a short court ship she left home to be by his side. Zach with his angel by his side taught her to fly the YT-1300 . Which has become her favorite ship. At the age of 16 Cynthea and Zachariah became engaged.

After her 18th birthday they got married. As a wedding present Zach bought her a YT-1300 . That he named it Cyn's Paradise. Over the years they have became quit a pair. Buying , selling , trading and delivering goods. Everything was going good until the day she became ill with Encephalitis due to contracting a viral infection form one of the many planets they have visited. Encephalitis caused Cyn to go into a coma like state and was suffering. Do to this Zach not knowing how to handle this had her frozen to preserve her with the hope of finding a cure . With being distraught Zachariah made a shrine on her ship to visit often. With some malfunction her frozen tomb thawed and a merical she actually woke. After under going extreme medical test they found her to be completely cured of all symptoms. Over joyed with this turn of events Zachariah swore to protect her with all of his being. As a big surprise to his beloved he bought her a faction to over see and run.

As of the Year 18 Day 37 Cyn became the leader of Car'Das Smugglers . Not liking the name much they changed the name to Apex Productions. With much work and time Apex Productions is becoming a strong company. Through her new endeavors Cynthea has made many new friends.