D`Este Realty

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D`Este Realty
D`Este Realty Logo Year 12.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Qard Sharq
2IC Harad Treiraxu
Owner Dorn Zeke
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 281
Political Information
Affiliation Aurodium Legion (post-Year 11)
Industry Mining company
Holosite D`Este Realty

D`Este Realty is a company owned and managed by the House of Este. The company is dedicated to urban development and real estate trading. Being an exception to most of the mining companies of the galaxy, D`Este Realty does not sell raw materials to the public. Instead, it uses its own production to ensure the perfect design of income facilities. The origins of the company go back to Mexxion, Falleen. Here, Ercole D`Este founded the Bank D`Este which quickly became the most prominent bank in the city and the planet. With the Bank growing rapidly in both wealth and influence, Ercole thought it was appropriate to settle a family. He married Brassia Maculata, a Falleen noblewoman. They had twins, Isabella and Dylan, who became heirs to their father's company and nobility. The twins used the wealth of the bank to develop various building projects throughout the galaxy, including Kooriva and Aldarhunien. The fame of the quality of the facilities spread quickly, and soon enough Isabella and Dylan restructured the bank and turned it into a real estate company. With many contacts across the galaxy, D`Este Realty is now the prime supplier of income facilities and one of the most trusted urban developers in the galaxy. Providing beautiful and profitable buildings to its clients, the company looks forward to fulfilling the extravagant caprice of anyone regarding real estate ownership.


D`Este Realty was founded on Year 8 Day 281 by entrepreneur Isabella D`Este, the titular head of the House of Este. Isabella was also the operator of the popular Javyar's Cantina owned by Talon Xor. As the director of D`Este Realty, Isabella amassed a vast fortune in Imperial credits. Upon her retirement, her brother Dylan assumed control over her wealth and real estate enterprise. Following Dylan's death, Dylan was foully murdered. In the wake of Dylan's untimely demise, Riax Tardes, his partner, became the new owner of the real estate company. Riax appointed Sheng-ji Yang as its new director.

When Sheng-ji Yang died in Year 10, Dorn Zeke became the director of D`Este Realty. Over the next few years, Dorn would amass a vast fortune and, on Year 11 Day 130, Dorn Zeke and Helseth Hlaalu would form the Aurodium Legion. The Legion soon absorbed D`Este Realty as a nationalized subsidiary. On Year 11 Day 315, Elden Payne was promoted to director of D`Este Realty due to his hard work and loyalty.

List of Known Directors


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Leadership Changes


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