DEEPCORE Mining Corporation

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DEEPCORE Mining Corporation
Dcm logo.png
General Information
Motto "Whatever it takes, we'll mine it."
Status Active
Leader Musashi Kensen
Owner Musashi Kensen
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 10
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mining company
Holosite DEEPCORE Mining Corporation

DEEPCORE Mining Corporation (DCM) is a mining company presently owned by Musashi Kensen.


DEEPCORE Mining Corporation strives to exceed expectations and deliver maximum efficiency to surpass the needs of our clients through advanced training and the will to go to the deepest depth where no other corporation will go. Where others wont go we will, this allows us to pass on our deepest darkest and perfect materials on to you the customer. To achieve this we dedicate ourselves to going to depths to improve our technology and training.


DEEPCORE Mining Corporation was formed on Y12D10 of the Galactic Calendar originally as The Freemasons by Grand Duke Michael Elden Turner II and Prince Stefan Corleone, on the planet Ithilibogoth.

Formed under a joint effort between House Turner and House Corleone, to try and improve the quality of mining operations within the galaxy, also trying to fight against 'closed mining operations' that only sold privately to the government bodies they served, they did this by keeping their business open to all walks of life' and neutral within the Galactic 'Civil' War.

After a year of operating out of the Weemell Sector, Stefan decided it was time to re-brand, eventually deciding on DEEPCORE Mining Corporation, which was agreed that it is a far more fitting name for a mining company.

Shortly after the re-branding Stefan Corleone was struck down with the sometimes deadly disease known as Jenotitus (A sexually transmitted disease that can be caught from having many sentient partners). His death caused a major event on the planet Loedorvia. He passed while piloting his CR 90A, under staffed as it was, crash landed in the city of Knights Stand destroying many high rises and offices in its wake.

With the sad passing of Stefan Corleone, Jennavecia Corleone came to the spot light as the new leader of DEEPCORE, with her reorganization of the company it saw it's highest profits ever. With her unexpected departure from DEEPCORE it left a wide gap that needed to be filled.

Taking her place, Eugene Delmarco took over the operations of the company. He worked hard to make DEEPCORE the best public materials organization in the galaxy.

In Year 18, DEEPCORE reemerged under Jeff Kronn as the rebranded face of the former CorEx mining subsidiary, MinEx.

Late in Year 18, Musashi Kensen was given leadership of the company and shortly there after, became owner of it.

Past Leaders


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