Aliit Dael'mor

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Status Active
Leader Jevon Lambright
Headquarters Woldona
Language Mando'a
Political Information
Standing Neutral
Affiliation Blue Star Dominion
Type Mandalorian Clan

The secretive Aliit Dael'mor, led by Aliit'buir Jevon Lambright, and is one of the oldest and arguably well-known of the Mandalorian clans. Dael'mor has existed both on its own and within other organizations for over a decade; the clan's power and influence has fluctuated over the years, with its members having controlled notable organizations such as Black Sun, the Gree Trade Authority, and the Sevetta Conglomerate. It is estimated that Aliit Dael'mor is one of the wealthiest clans in the galaxy, with several of its members being reputed billionaires. Dael'mor is also unusual among the clans in that it extends membership for close friends, family, and allies that are not Mandalorian. The clan recognizes Kaze Zill as Mand'alor and maintains a close relationship with Mando'ade.

Dael'mor is affiliated with the Blue Star Dominion and Mando'ade.

Mandalorian members of the clan include:

Associates and non-Mandalorian members of the clan include:

  • Allendi Solvan
  • Caius Thorne
  • Grozryyhn Wrrlurra
  • Pursh Greene