Damyo Kruder

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Damyo Kruder
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Biographical Information
Race Duros
Homeworld Duro
Mother Nulainai Maala †
Father Honaal Har Kruder †
Spouse Na`aen Kruder (divorced)
Siblings Rana Kruder
Children Jota`ene Kruder, Thyss Kruder, Xiri Kruder
Born Year -21 Day 238
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.96 meters
Coloring Grey/Blue
Eye Color Orange/Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Menagerie
Jabiim Consortium
Duros Union
Kruder Family
Rank Governor of Jabiim
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation
Falleen Resource Contracts
Order of Krath
Keer Nation
The Var Kelen
Kelen Syndicate

Damyo Kruder, also known by his holonet-id 'DK', is a well-known Duros, born Year -21 Day 238 on the extinguished City 91 of planet Duro. Leader of the Jabiim Consortium and Governor of Phelleem.(...). Damyo is a known representative of his species, founder of the first Duros movement known as Duros Union, 'Swap Meet' event organizer and creator of the Speeder Time Trials.

DK smoking a fine Ryll Cigar.
"Corruption and Oppression creates terrorism."
— Damyo Kruder


DK in full armor suit



Early Years

Life on Duro

Imperial Forces strike Duro

Damyo Kruder was hatched on the planet of Duro. He was left alone in the galaxy quite in a early age, his mother died after she gave birth to Damyo and his father being a worker on one of the many orbital shipyards just like many other male Duros didn't had the time or credits to take care of a little larvae. He was then left with a foster family of Sullustan refugees, who were rescued by his mother while she was aiding the Sullust rebellion at that time.

Although being absent, his father never neglected his son and made sure the Nalto family would be able to give him a Durese traditional education and be raised according to cultural standards. A wish that the Nalto family, having a debt with his defunct wife have honored since then.

The Naltos where the only persons Damyo would consider family besides his mother as for his father he had never seen him and cared about. From an early age he started questioning how the Imperial Education system was affecting the traditional and cultural teachings and was overthrowing the Durese method, how the CorSec enforced Imperial law on non-human sentient and how could people and cities vanish by night. All these questions were driven by the many stories his foster family told him, most of them about the Sullust Rebellion and how the Sullustans fought against the Imperial invasion. He would always imagine the same for his planet, but the Duros were pacific by nature and would care more about getting work done than fighting for anything.

A chain of events would change the life of young Damyo. While leaving the academy, Dalen Nalto told him the news about the Shipyard his dad was working had been destroyed by a unknown terrorist organization,the news stated that the emergency pods were been jammed while the station stock of tibanna gas was detonated with explosives. These events would set paranoia all over the planet, with martial law declared by Imperials, some people tried to flee and revolt against CorSec officer, which led on a take over by Imperial raiding parties. During the mass hysteria Imperial Navy bombarded several cities, including City 91 which would take the lifes of the Nalto family.

Being left alone and with the urge to flee the combat zones and heavily populated areas, he headed to the northern forests in order to cross the sea and get to the neutral glacier outpost and flee the planet. Before even sighting the northern sea he was intersected by two mysterious sentient's who offered him safe passage through the planetary blockade, without hesitation boarded the vessel with the two strangers who would later release sleeping gas on the room Damyo felt asleep, leaving him unconscious the whole voyage.

Inconvenient Truth

Damyo plays the holo-recording

When Damyo regained consciousness he left his room tumbling dizzily through the halls just to find the ship empty drifting away at uncharted territories of the Unknown Regions with no signs of combat. Entering the cockpit he could just find a holo-recorder on top of a folded robe in the pilot seat. He tried playing the recording but it seemed damaged and poorly recorded, he could only hear a mix words of basic and other unknown language:

""S'nalesh var Kruder ka ... we don't have much time ... tosh spak s'no! ... you mother would have want this ... d'nosh taki ohm ... when you feel ready you'll know where to find us... b'ab thy gnok, ... you're welcome! .. var'Kelen! .. ""
— Unknown Holo-recording

He rushed to the ship central computer to find out any evidence of what is going on, but everything from captain logs to factory ship records were missing, the only thing it could be found was the last input which were coordinates to the Falleen planet. With haste he engaged the ship hyperdrive to selected location and would reclaim this as his personal ship under the name of The Kruder Spear honoring his family.

Desperate Times

Mindano Navy Fleet

After months traveling from system to system to reach Falleen Prime he was unable to find anyone who could translate the unknown language, some experts considered it dead and ancient language used in the time of old empires. After reaching the planet and spending countless of days in search for the two mysterious beings or any information regarding the language was in vain, he had lost hope, had no money and nowhere to go.
Damyo ended up joining the Falleen Federation Academy, where he would master in Space and Naval command reunite with Dalen Nalto wich was also working within the Federation, Dalen explained he had looked everywhere for him after the bombardments and believing Damyo had died he fled in the last rescue shuttles. He would graduate with merit from the academy and later on achieve the rank of Mindano Fleet Commander within the Federation navy.

The sign

Ancient Relic

The work in the navy had turned profitable for Damyo and the quest for decoding the message and gathering info was nearly forgotten. The Federation was passing through a time of leadership and royalty crisis, friends where choosing sides considering their politic views and turning against each other, Dalen Nalto left the academy and so Damyo preferred to step down from the military career and accept the proposal to join the Federation Minister of Interior to work on new project by the name of Falleen Resource Contracts alongside a Duros friend he had met in the Navy by the name of Jax Karrde, here he hoped to find peace and be far away from politics as possible.

Few years later during one of the many casual mining operations in a Hibridium mine at theIkotch system, upon investigating the reason why the mine had suddenly stopped extracting bellow surface, Damyo found an unusual and strange artifact. Fearing that the Federation might claim this unusual item, he kept it a secret from everyone until paranoia had driven him into madness. He would later leave the federation and flee to the Outer Rims seeking knowledge about the artifact.

Discovering his true self

The Order

Ancient Order of Krath

He had been searching all over the southern outer rims for clues about the cult or the artifact he had found with no luck. During a stop on the remote planet of Karideph in the Minos Cluster he stumbled upon and old and wise man by the name of Mystiel Raleigh who explained to him all the mystical forces who governed the universe and how they could be manipulated by mere objects and even sentient beings. For weeks Damyo listened to the wise teachings of the old man, he knew this man could be the answer for all his problems and help him decipher the artifact, the old man had a vast amount of knowledge from the old empires.

When the old man had nothing more to teach Damyo handed the artifact, the expression of the man would change instantly. He dind't know what it was but he knew the amount of power it had attached to it, he requested that Damyo would transport him and the artifact to the world of Shesharile so we could analyse it further. During the hypertravel the old man revealed his true self, he was a Krath Lord from the ancient Order of Krath, who had in these dark times stepped back into the shadows and trade old teachings for acts of piracy. Upon arrival on the planet Damyo entered the initiation rituals and joined the Order a few weeks later.

"Perhaps it was destiny that made our paths cross in this desolate world."
— Damyo Kruder

Thirst for Knowledge

During these last years the 'young' Duros as devoted himself to the teachings and wisdom of the dark arts of Krath. Being part of the Cult gave him access to study many ancient literature and relics in the Minos Cluster and Outer Rims, he was able to find clues of other extinct dark orders who had used similar languages to the ones he had heard on the holo-recording, although one word would appear in quite often in other library records: "..var'Kelen" which translates as "the divine" due to other cult teachings or knowledge was forbidden in Krath territory there was no much info he could have gather besides a word, as for the artifact is have been in the old man hands since he handed it over and joined the cult.

He was by this time working for the academy archives and passing most of the knowledge he had retain from the old man and the order, he would later drop out of this position to start his first pilgrimage, wondering if he could find more clues and find himself with 'krath'.

DK in trainning robes during his pilgrimage




One pilgrimage ends, another begins...

As the remnants of the old traditions and teachings were disappearing and the supporters of the 'Syndicate' falling into anarchy, Damyo felt the need to announce galactic wide for the dissolution of the Kelen Syndicate and a final pilgrimage honoring the ancient cult traditions and fallen comrades.

On the 170th day of the 12th year the pilgrimage begun with a massive flotilla of all kinds of ships departing from Stic embarking on the month long journey their ancients have done long ago.


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After the last events Damyo would have been passing most of his time roaming around the many cities of Nal Hutta, helping Eidola on routine slave whippings, unpacking crates of narcotics. It was during a Krayt hunt with Squall Chitose that he revealed he would go to exile on a remote and desolate planet of Jabiim, away from the Hutt Space and at the frontier of Eidolan space.


At this time Damyo resides at Jabiim as Governor of the Jabiim Consortium, occasionally doing a few business related trips a year to the Hutt Space. Being focused on the development of the Phelleem sector and the politics regarding the Duros Union and the Jabiim Consortium, he can be encountered between capital city of Jabiimi and the Luxuary Space Colony Mezerel, The Pearl of Phelleem when not away for business or occasional social hunts with guests.

Damyo Kruder giving a speech to the populace of Jabiim

Family Tree

Suli Mis †
Onssunssen Kruder †
Anssor Kruder †
Moohimme Moobba †
Nulainai Maala †
Honaal Har Kruder †
Zodwa Trid †
Na`aen Kruder
Damyo Kruder
Rana Kruder
Jarwen`faar Kruder
Jota`ene Kruder
Thyss Kruder
Xiri Kruder




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