Danae de Chatillon

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Danae de Chatillon
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Clan de Chatillon
Mother Diana de Chatillon
Father Ajax de Chatillon
Siblings Harmonia de Chatillon
Born Year -6, Day 313
Languages Kiffu, Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 173cm
Weight 58kg
Coloring Pale
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Cantrell Conglomerate
Title President
Prior Affiliation Shadolan Authority

Danae de Chatillon is a Kiffar who currently serves as Second-in-Command of Cantrell Consulting. She was born on the planet Kiffex during the years of civil unrest and is the oldest child of Diana and Ajax de Chatillon. The woman left her homeworld at age 18 and has been travelling and working throughout the galaxy, often consulting with her older cousin Artemis de Chatillon. At present Danae is an influential and active member of the Clan de Chatillon. Danae currently spends most of her time travelling for business associated with Cantrell Consulting. The Kiffar believes in balancing work and family obligations, and often returns home to Ord Cantrell where she now maintains a residence on the beautiful Chatillon Estate.



As a youth Danae was a free spirit, always on the move and constantly seeking out enjoyment and adventure. The girl could be characterized as extremely curious, and even at a young age, was quick witted. Being a member of the Chatillon family was trying for the young Kiffar who, as a child and teenager, felt stifled by the rules and expectations placed upon her by her mother. Danae would conform as much as possible to her parents wishes and tried to do what was best for the family. Luckily, her parents were able to recognize their daughter’s need for freedom and they helped focus her abundant energy in two ways, painting and tracking.

Her mother, Diana, fostered Danae’s artistic development and encouraged the girl to express herself through painting. From the age of 13 to 18 Danae studied with a masterful local artist, exploring various painting techniques and styles, eventually finding her own unique flair. By the time she was 18, Danae was becoming proficient in portraiture, already having painted her immediate family and many of her close friends. Her natural curiosity, and interest in people in general, made this genre particularly appealing. Bold Kiffar elements and themes were always present in Danae’s art pieces.

Young Danae on a tracking excursion, age 17.

Her father, Ajax, hoped to harness some of Danae’s energy by teaching her the skill of tracking. The two often spent days out tracking in the wilderness, away from the rules of high society and fighting which plagued Kiffex. As Danae matured these treks evolved into hunting expeditions. She learned the art of the hunt and how to be knowledgeable and respectful of everything she did in nature. Father and daughter formed a strong bond during this time and Danae absorbed much about weapons, surveillance technology, and even how to move through different terrain and function as part of a team. These skills would serve her well in the future.

Though she was busy, Danae still managed to be a typical rebellious teenager. During her youth Danae would often find herself in situations and places which were unbecoming to a girl raised in high society. The young Kiffar craved excitement and often attended various private parties and hidden clubs to satiate that desire. At the age of 18 she met and fell in love with a slightly older DJ and singer, Trafinna ‘Finn’ Rexan, during an all night gathering on the western grasslands of Kiffex. Finn would spur Danae into leaving Kiffex and she became intricately woven into Danae’s life.