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System Dantooine
Sector Raioballo
Galactic Coordinates (-53, 402)
System Coordinates (14, 6)
Astrographic Entry
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: ocean, jungle, forest, volcanic
Rotational Period 25 standard hours[1]
Orbital Period 378 local days[1]
Population 1,365,871 inhabitants
Controlled By Jedi Order
Governor Master Hawwi Joshe
Magistrate Master Thragg Craghorn


An olive blue and brown planet located on the edge of the galaxy. Its surface is covered with empty steppes, savannahs of lavender grass and spiky blba trees. It has two moons and the planet is full of animal life such as mace flies, many species of bantha-like creatures and the primitive Dantari.

It hosted a small population spread amongst single-family settlements and small communities with large land holdings. Its sentient population consisted primarily of simple Human farmers, though Dantooine was also home to the primitive Dantari race. Native wildlife included the kath hound, the iriaz, the kinrath, and the graul. The planet had no industrial settlements or advanced technology by the time of the Galactic Civil War[1].

Separated by forests of spiky blba trees, colonists maintained individual family estates largely isolated from each other[1].


The planet was one of the subject worlds of the Rakata, of the Infinite Empire. The Rakata built several structures on its surface; at least one of which housed a Star Map and several Rakata-made droids, were still standing by the time of the Jedi Civil War[1].

A theory persisted that the native Dantari were descended from a colonization attempt during the earliest days of the Old Republic, but no studies bore this supposition out, and the Dantari were recorded as being present since the beginning of more recent settlements[1].

Around four thousand years ago, Jedi training enclave was established here, although ruins of an even older Jedi structure could be found on the planet[1].