Darasuum dralshy'a - Eternally stronger

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Darasuum dralshy'a - Eternally stronger (Hacked by Tyr DeMeer on Year 12 Day 76)

Mandalore, Abrion (Te Verd Ca'narase) - A military commander indicated today that Mandalore has lost all communication with Chancellor Vong Gin`aal and that he is now considered as killed in action. The last transmission recieved from the Chancellor stated that during captivity he had resisted at least six attempts to subdue him led by known Eidolans such as Diabolus`ut Persolvo, Syn and Era`ut Nex, some even rumored to be force users.

Vong Gin`aal will be remembered as one of the most veteran and skilled Mandalorian warriors, someone who was not afraid to lead from the frontlines and a firm believer that the only way is the way forward. A ceremony will be held at the Hall of Heroes within the Klath`mor Monolith complex on Mandalore to honor the will and spirit of Be`Mando`ade Cabur Gin`aal.


Mand`alor DeMeer announced that Be`Mando`ade Cabur Gin`aal will always be a part of the Mandalorian soul and spirit, serving on the front lines even after his death - as the newest ship of the line of the Mandalorian navy will be named MSS Vong Gin`aal. "This vessel will specifically be part of a fleet whose prime objective is to search out and destroy criminal elements such as the Eidolan pirates and their affiliates who pretend to be true warriors but instead disgrace real Mandalorians by betrayal of their friends, allegiance to those who worship credits, and by claiming there is honor in kidnapping, robbery, and assassinations. We know the destiny of those groups claiming themselves as Mandalorians, like that emerged in the past under Derek Shado. We know that similar groups exist now, also under command of Eidola. And we know that just like those in the past, they will all perish and wither away."