Darce Lee

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Darce Lee
Biographical Information
Race Kuati
Homeworld Kuat
Father Unknown / Deceased
Born Unknown
Died Y.13 / D.107
Reanimated Y.13 / D.108
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 0"
Coloring Gray
Eye Color White
Galactic Status
Social Status Outlaw
Political Status Anarchist
Affiliation The Starblade Regime

Little is known about Darce Lee except that he was inspired to become a scientist by his father, who died in a tragic ship accident when Darce was 15. That was the catalyst for Darce devoting his life to the development of science and technology to save lives.

Darce was found by the galactic adventurer, Captain Jax Starblade in a Sprint-class Rescue Craft he bought. It was clear Darce was a zombie also known as Lost Soul, however he didn't display the typical violent, brain thirsty behavior. In fact, aside from the fact his speech had been reduced to a series of grunts and moans, he seemed to have most of his faculties about him. Scattered papers in the ship's main medical bay suggest that Darce was working on a possible cure for the Derra Plague when something went tragically wrong. Darce had limited recollection of what happened before his death, and was unable to give any explanation of his prior research.

Darce took a shine to Captain Starblade, and Jax felt sorry for the poor Lost Soul. Seeing how there was nowhere to drop his newly found acquaintance, and wouldn't be for an extended hyperspace trip, Captain Jax Starblade welcomed Darce into his private military as his very own Henchman. Now serving in The Starblade Regime, Darce once again has a sense of purpose. Not the purpose that he once knew. His new purpose was to protect and serve the man that saved him from drifting aimlessly throughout the galaxy.