Dargon Yotam

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Dargon Yotam
Dargon Yotam Avatar Year 3.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.72 meters
Coloring Gray hair
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation United Trade Federation
Hutt Council
Title Supreme Chancellor
Prior Affiliation Bounty Hunter Alliance (Year 1)
Sarin Incorporated (Year 1)
Outrider Trading (Year 2) (co-founder)
Galactic Transportation Services (owner)

Dargon Yotam is Human male and the former Supreme Chancellor of the United Trade Federation, a commerce bloc that dominated the shipping hyper-lanes of the galaxy for many years. As a young star-pilot, Yotam dutifully served as a nondescript employee in Sarin Incorporated before co-founding the infamous Outrider Trading with his partner Bar Cochba. He was the owner of Galactic Transportation Services (GTS) circa Year 3.

A key ally of the Hutt Council, Dargon Yotam was an honorary adviser to Angobba Desilijic Lucar and clandestinely served as his policy strategist. Due to his unwavering support of the Council, Yotam was kidnapped by Serj Seinwill at the behest of Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire and held for ransom in the Galactic Hostage Crisis. He was later rescued by the Rebel Alliance. Shortly thereafter, the influence of Yotam's United Trade Federation and Angobba's Hutt Council on interstellar commerce triggered the counter-formation of the League of Trade.[1]


Surviving records of Yotam's early years are scarce. Some historians believe he may have once served in the Bounty Hunter Alliance.

Sarin Incorporated

Dargon Yotam's first appears in the dusty annals of galactic history as an employee of Sarin Incorporated circa Year 1.[2] Led by the cantankerous Bothan entrepreneur Sarin Boda, the company stocked and traded starships, droids, and sundry items.[3] However, Sarin Inc. soon experienced inner turmoil due to Boda's quarrelsome personality and the majority of its disgruntled personnel departed to form a rival company known as Arakyd Industries.[4] For undetermined reasons, Dargon Yotam chose not to matriculate with the other employees to Arakyd Industries, but instead founded a new organization with his partner and confidant Bar Cochba.

On Year 2 Day 129, Dargon Yotam and Bar Cochba founded Outrider Trading,[2] later widely identified by Eidolan historians to be the first organized network of thieves. The organization floundered for several months and its profits stagnated. Eventually, Outrider Trading became a formal subsidiary of the Hapes Consortium and Yotam departed for other ventures.

Supreme Chancellor

Circa Year 3, Dargon Yotam was the owner of Galactic Transportation Services and founded the United Trade Federation, a monopolistic association of trading companies that dominated the shipping hyperlanes. He appointed himself Supreme Chancellor of the latter organization and set about finding powerful dignitaries to support him. In an attempt to procure allies, Yotam struck a partnership with Angobba Desilijic Lucar and his nefarious Hutt Council. This association with the Hutt Council would draw Yotam into Angobba's ongoing war against Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire.

During that same year, Yotam became allegedly involved in an assassination plot against Eldrik Kuraine, the despised leader of Astralwerks Engineering and the heir apparent to Lord Tholin Dur'aak of the Falleen kingdom. The alleged plot entailed murdering Kuraine, hijacking Kuraine's ship Nakatu and — with the assistance of Zechs Darius — seizing the Astralwerks Engineering's fleet of Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruisers and Carrack/S-class Light Cruisers. In order to carry out this alleged scheme, the conspirators employed the talents of Serj Seinwill, a black-haired wookiee with ties to the StarVengers. A former employee of Dargon Yotam's United Trade Federation, Seinwill had become a merciless brigand-for-hire.[5]


Angobba the Hutt was a confidant and ally of Yotam throughout his career.

On Year 3 Day 184, Dargon Yotam and four other conspirators boarded Serj Seinwill's battered YT-1300 freighter. They were immediately captured by Seinwill and his band of cutthroats. Thus the StarVengers captured Luddo Nadd, ForceFlow, Frollo the White of the Jedi Praxium, Dargon Yotam of the United Trade Federation, and Ethan Stone. The prisoners were bound to chairs and guarded by three Gamorreans equipped with vibro-axes, as well as a Trandoshan with a crossbow pointed at three men. Luddo was released as a sign of good faith, but Dargon was held captive until the StarVengers received substantial funds from the United Trade Federation. Likewise, Ethan and ForceFlow remained captive.[6] Frollo was released by the StarVengers as a sign of their disgust with the Galactic Empire.[7]

On Year 3 Day 185, Angobba the Hutt assumed Seinwill was on the payroll of the Dark Empire and publicly denounced the hostage situation. He called for the galaxy to unite against "the disgusting criminals" known as the StarVengers. Angobba learned the terrorists were bankrolled by the Dark Empire. As a federate of the United Trade Federation, the Hutt Council rejected the ransom demands of the terrorists for Dargon Yotam.[8]

On Year 3 Day 186, Serj Seinwill reiterated the ransom demands. Vowing his support for the Dark Empire, the StarVengers demanded 100 million credits for Dargon, 75 million credits for Ethan Stone, 10 million credits for ForceFlow.[9] In response, Torent Puma — the president of Outrider Trading and a spokesperson for the United Trade Federation — refused to pay the ransom for Dargon, the leader of United Trade Federation: "It is the policy of the United Trade Federation to not negotiate with terrorists. Dargon is prepared to die for the United Trade Federation."[10]

Shocked at the unified response of the galaxy against terrorism and fearing a massive retaliation, the military council of the StarVengers held an emergency meeting. They decided to banish Serj Seinwill and pretend his actions were beyond their control. They authorized a spokesman Admiral Larien Notarri, the head of Nebular Enterprises, to publicly denounce Serj Seinwill as a rogue operative who carried out the ransom operation "using his own resources and personnel."[11] While galactic bureaucrats debated what course of action should be taken to rescue the hostages, Ethan Stone conned Seinwill into releasing his employee Luddo Nadd. In repayment for this treachery, Seinwill turned Stone over to the Dark Empire.[12]

Escape and Revenge

Serj Seinwill was a brigand responsible for sparking the infamous Galactic Hostage Crisis.

By chance, the captured Dargon managed to communicate using a home-made comlink that was wired into the ship's hull. He was able to send the coordinates of his captor's ship to the Hutt Council and the Rebel Alliance. Immediately, multiple rescue teams were separately assembled by the Hutts and the Alliance. On Year 3 Day 201, Dargon escaped Seinwill's captivity with the aid of the Rebel Alliance. Intriguingly, the rescue team of rebels extracted an encrypted ships log from the databanks of Seinwill's dungeon ship. The log revealed that Seinwill had landed on Bastion, the headquarters of the Dark Empire, in order to allegedly receive further instructions from Vodo Bonias. Rumors swirled that debated whether the Dark Empire was financing Seinwill's activities.[13]

After Yotam was rescued by rebel operatives and his safety assured, the United Trade Federation declared Seinwill an "enemy of the people." Bounty hunters were dispatched to hunt him down and kill him. Speaking at the Great Summit of the United Trade Federation, Yotam forgave Seinwill and called for compassion, understanding and peace. However, Serj continued his terrorist activities, murdering both Rebels and Imperials alike. In light of Seinwill's continued violence, Dargon declared him to be a public menace and signed Seinwill's death warrant. During this period, Seinwill became the most wanted criminal in the galaxy. Shortly thereafter, Seinwill fled to Coruscant and attempted to recruit disillusioned Imperial personnel to join his motley crew of brigands. On a dark night in the lower levels, Seinwill was cornered in an alley by a death squad sent by the United Trade Federation. After a tense stand-off, Seinwill was captured, although he killed two of his captors in the process.

Later that week, Seinwill was transported to an unknown location. On Year 3 Day 357, by order of Supreme Chancellor Dargon Yotam, Seinwill was condemned to death and became the first individual to be executed in the history of the United Trade Federation.[14] He was strangled by hanging but released while he was still alive, eviscerated, his bowels burnt before him, and then beheaded. His preserved head — dipped in tar — was briefly displayed in the Arcadia Museum. Weeks later, Yotam presented Seinwill's head as a birthday gift to Angobba the Hutt and, for months thereafter, Seinwill's head graced Angobba's throne-room on Nal Hutta.