Dark Empire

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Dark Empire
Dark Empire Emblem Small Round.png
General Information
Motto "A Dark Tide Is Rising"[1]
Status Defunct (dissolved Year 3 Day 290)
Leader Vodo Bonias (Year 3)
2IC Adric Simms (Year 3)
Historical Information
Formed from Imperial Core (predecessor)
Founded Year 3 Day 94
Dissolved Year 3 Day 290
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire (splinter group)
Industry Government
Holosite Dark Empire (Year 3) (Archived),

Dark Empire (Year 3) (Archived)

"The Dark Empire was formed by Masters of the Sith and the elite of the Empire to use superior Imperial technology, expert leadership, and the power of the dark side to rule this galaxy with an iron fist..."
— Imperial Communique from the Dark Empire[1]

The Dark Empire was an independent Imperial government headquartered on Bastion in the Outer Rim Territories and was the spiritual successor of the Imperial Core. The Core was a separatist movement led by Fleet Admiral Adric Simms, also known as Darth Knyte, and composed of Imperial officers who objected to the rule of Emperor Trey Connel. These officers believed that Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom was the true leader of the Galactic Empire and that Connel had usurped the Imperial throne. After two years, The Core unified with the Sith Order to form the Dark Empire.

The regime briefly existed from Year 3 Day 94 until Year 3 Day 290 when it was reunited with the Galactic Empire. This event would lead to the downfall of Emperor Charon and, following an intermediary autocracy under Greyson Uebles, the return of Vodo Bonias as Emperor of the Galaxy.



For nearly a year, Emperor Piett led the Galactic Empire through one of its most prosperous eras. However, tiring of the burden of his reign, Emperor Piett abdicated the Imperial throne on Year 1 Day 212. Following his abdication, the Empire was left without an apparent heir and, as a result, the Second Imperial Civil War quickly erupted. Two candidates struggled for dominance during this conflict: Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom of the Imperial Navy and Executor Trey Connel, Piett's former Chief of Staff. In the end, Connel arose victorious. Veynom retreated into the core of the galaxy. Desperate, the Grand Admiral took a personal ship and left to the vast unexplored part of space known as the Unknown Regions.


Main article: Imperial Core

Despite Veynom's departure, his staunch adherents soon rebelled against Connel's rule and, on Year 1 Day 214, formed a separatist government known as the Imperial Core. When the Core was first born, the titular position of emperor was reserved for Grand Admiral Veynom. However, Veynom never returned from the Unknown Regions to lead the movement. In his absence, he appointed Fleet Admiral Simms in charge of the fleet with orders to seek out a suitable system for colonization. In the passing months, the fleet explored many systems and established a fortified city on a temperate planet. Deciding that they did not wish to be associated with Connel's Empire, they chose to call themselves the Imperial Core in the belief that they were the vital nucleus of the once mighty Galactic Empire.

The Core drew support from pro-Imperial systems which had been discarded by Emperor Connel. Shortly thereafter, Connel abdicated the throne and gave his support to a new Emperor, Mccarthur. Before he could make his abdication public, he was purportedly killed when his shuttle exploded en-route to the Imperial palace. Unfortunately, Mccarthur was able to accomplish little more than Connel and resigned. Mccarthur's heir, Charon, ascended to the Imperial throne. Asynchronously, Fleet Admiral Simms of The Core realized that was attuned to the Force, and Jennifer Dreighton was then chosen to act as steward of The Core so that Simms could focus on honing his new abilities.

Dark Tide Rising

Several months later, the Order of the Sith returned under the leadership of former emperors Piett and Vodo Bonias. Piett and Bonias arranged for the Sith Order to join with the Imperial Core in a new government: The Dark Empire. Shortly after this unification occurred, Piett returned to the Outer Rim Territories and Bonias assumed the mantle of Dark Emperor.[2] Simms returned to serve as second-in-command and as Bonias' Dark Lord of the Sith. During this period, Princess Gabriella Storm briefly served as Minister of State of their new regime,[3] but later defected to the Galactic Empire.

A year later, Bonias and Simms arranged the return of the Dark Empire to the Galactic Empire. Charon reluctantly agreed to the merger and remained on the throne. Greyson Uebles, previously the Minister of Defense for Bonias' Dark Empire, was chosen to serve as Charon's new Executor. Many Dark Empire officers were hereafter integrated into Charon's Empire in a variety of positions. However, Warlord Vodo formed a secretive fleet outside the chain-of-command consisting of his loyal officers. This fleet would become known as the Order of the Dark Hand.

Around this time, the often used terms "Charonist" and "Vodoist" arose to describe those who remained loyal to Charon, and those who supported Vodo in his bid for the Imperial throne. Several months after the reunification, Charon ordered ISB General Matrel Byden to arrest Vice Admiral Dreighton of the Dark Hand fleet. This action outraged Vodo's supporters who rose up against Charon. Uebles seized the opportunity and ascended the throne, and offered former Emperor Charon a position in the Imperial High Command. However, Charon disappeared. Many Imperial personnel throughout the many branches of the Empire left. In the wake of this catastrophic event, Emperor Uebles reorganized the government of the Empire. Ultimately Uebles was unable to achieve much success in reviving the Empire. When he finally stepped down, Executor Vodo once again assumed the mantle of Emperor.[4]

Command Staff

The executive high command of the Dark Empire was comprised of the following personnel:[5]

Other personnel in this regime included Gunther Von Esling, Miles Invictus, Maximus Archer, Svairca, Tybo, and Duran Filewn.


  • Dark Empire Banner Year 3.gif (Year 3)

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