Dark Skies Gearworks

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Dark Skies Gearworks
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General Information
Motto Wrecker is a death ray with a smaller power supply!
Status Dissolved
Leader Lilith Delcroix
Owner Lilith Delcroix
Headquarters The Masterforge, Vorsia Companion
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 185
Dissolved Year 14 Day 282
Political Information
Industry Recycling
Holosite Dark Skies Gearworks

Dark Skies Gearworks was a recycling company operating from Vorsia Companion in the Neshig Sector. The independent operation was brought to the galaxy on Year 13 Day 185 of the Combine Galactic Time with the simple intention of providing reliable services and keeping a small family orientated workplace. The relaxed environment and upmost integrity helped keep employees and family members at ease, while giving prospective and existing clients the comfort in knowing they were getting an honest quote and assessment for their needs, without the bureaucratic bias other companies might try to push.

With control of their destiny, and a 'who cares' stance towards the Galactic Civil War, Dark Skies Gearworks was a recycling company that got things done. Without the need to lie or cheat, all they wanted to do was take a job and blow things up, embracing the inner pyromaniac inside them all. The company officially closed on Year 14 Day 282, Forgemaster Delcroix was no longer able to lead it and had nobody available to take over. Its spiritual successor was Vorsia Gearworks company, nationalized by the Trade Federation.


Dark Skies Gearworks wasn't shaped by the Galactic Civil War. Political elections and changed ideologies had no part in its inception. The recycling operations under the guise of Countess Lilith Delcroix and the Catra family commenced on Vorsia to simply operate without oversight or agenda, to benefit employees and customers alike.


Gearworks advertisement

Lilith Delcroix had the unique opportunity in her past to be raised outside of any galactic society. She was born in the Unknown Regions into a noble family which was part of coalition that settled in a system far from borders of the known galaxy. Only child and heir of House Delcroix, Lilith was offered the best education and high expectations were placed upon her since young age. As a teenager she was introduced to politics and business first hand, quickly making a name for herself with several successful project and somewhat controversial behaviour. However what seemed to be like the perfect life for a young ambitious noble turned into nightmare after several events took place because of internal politics and power plays. With her first love taken away, the desire and motivation for work were in pieces like her broken heart.

With help from her father, Lilith left her home in a dangerous journey across uncharted space. Her first contact with the known was galaxy was when she met young Mandalorian warrior Harlynn Kinn. The two travelled together to the Core Worlds where they remained for some time. It didn’t take long for Lilith to get herself involved in the corporate life and trading. Thirst for wealth and thrill for something more led Lilith down a path towards smuggling. The underworld showed her a new path that was amplified by service in the Family of Black Sun. Though as it often happens the history had the need to repeat itself and Lilith was struck down by lies and betrayal again. Fortunately during her time in the Family she grew closer to Cait Catra, a Black Sun Vigo, and other members of the illusive Catra family who helped her through the hard times that included another relationship dissolution and several deaths of close associates. Despite retiring from the Family for personal reasons, a friendship was forged that was as close to blood relations as anyone could comprehend.

Gearworks forging

Foundations for what would become Dark Skies Gearworks were laid down when Catra family and other Mandalorians of the Dael’mor clan started their first operation known as Dael`mor Logistics. It wasn’t an extension of the clan but a functioning small, private transportation business with funding from the clan. Its beginning was slow and only after Cait persuaded Lilith to join the administration board it began to see more profit. Rather quickly Lilith went to second in command and later took on the mantle of the Director and the company saw increase in profits after only few weeks, which kept the business afloat in a privatised sense. Operating throughout various corners of the galaxy, it allowed sentients from all walks of life the chance to hire their services, without the worry of political alignment or law enforcement interference.

Even though the profits were coming in, the logistics operation was a very niche endeavour in the growing galaxy, and something that needed to change. If she was to truly come out of retirement for a long term Lilith desired something with more options and saw an opportunity that would help her privately as well as provide opportunity for the company to grow. Lilith’s private moon needed its reconstruction to be finished and the galaxy lacked more independent recycling companies. After some discussions and planning the Dael`mor Logistics was dissolved and its assets, along with several loyal pilots, were used to create the Dark Skies Gearworks. Opened to the galaxy and operated with the intention of providing recycling and transportation to the galaxy, it gave sentients the opportunity to undertake required operations without bureaucratic interference or government oversight.

Despite the previous endeavours or affiliations of the Catra family or co-owner and operator Lilith Delcroix, employee integrity and wellbeing was of the highest importance. Positive trading operations and honesty were emphasised, with harsh penalties to employees who tested the policy. The small operation highlighted the importance of a family environment, encouraging understanding and input from all participants to shape the direction of the company. These ideals helped to ensure Dark Skies Gearworks was be able to gain solid future in the galactic recycling.

Sole Ownership

Gearworks co-founders.

At Year 13 Day 341 ownership was fully transferred to Lilith Delcroix. The co-founders issued following comments:

"After short negations with Cait Catra we have decided that it would be in the best interest of the company to have singular ownership to maximise the efficiency in which we can operate. The transfer to full ownership went smoothly; Gearworks should not expect to be affected in anyway. Cait was well compensated for her stake in the company. Despite the dissolution of our partnership agreement, I’ll be always grateful to the opportunity and support Cait offered when we decided to start Gearworks."
— Countess Lilith of Vorsia
"I can't think of anyone better suited or more respected in my eyes than Lilith Delcroix to fully take the reigns of ownership from me. Her dedication and drive are second to none, and I trust that my namesake group will continue to expand and extend itself among the stars and beyond."
— Vigo Cait Catra

Government Association

Act of Vorsia, Y14 D26.

The business relationship between Dark Skies Gearworks and the Trade Federation began not long after the company was established with headquarters close to the government’s borders. After several highly successful operations, the Act of Vorsia was signed on Year 14 Day 26 to pursue a path of mutual diplomatic understanding between Gearworks and the Trade Federation to further peace and the foundations of the Vorsia system.

"Living in the federation space has always been pleasurable. I had no fears about establishing Gearworks there and the Federation was helpful whenever we needed help. When Duceroy Froon extended an invitation to join the Federation's community I was happy to enter negotiations."
— Countess Lilith of Vorsia
"The Trade Federation is always seeking a friendly relationship with their neighbors, especially if there's a commercial aspect, too. The Vorsia Act is a most pleasing endeavour for both the Trade Federation and myself. Vorsia is my home as well, after all."
— Duceroy Olwin Froon

Later in the same year, Dark Skies Gearworks was one of the founding companies that sold various products through Trade Federation’s Department of Trade. It mainly supplied blueprints for recycling equipment and junk-fighter starships, such as the Y-TIE. The company was also in negotiations with Avance Coalition as it planned to expand its base of operations in the far South of the galaxy. However, only the Agreement of Goodwill of signed between them before the company closed.


The closure of Dark Skies Gearworks company on galactic scale came as a surprise to business analysts and employees alike. Only two months after the company reached its first year of active operations. There were no indications of financial struggle or shortage of workers and the company continued to expand in membership and services. Forgemaster Lilith Delcroix revealed in her public statement that her reasons were not based on the status of the company, but her own inability to continue its management.

"Gearworks has been a home to me and many others for over a year. From the very start we kept expanding and improving our services, I consider myself lucky that not once we had to deal with theft attempt or struggles of similar kind that seem to plague many companies and groups in the galaxy. In the beginning there was only handful of us and over time we saw many people come and go, some of which left a lasting memory in Gearworks. Quite few stayed for a very long time, some even from the very start. It wasn't always easy to keep our community active, but as a leader I was grateful for honest and reliable employees. My gratitude also goes to the Trade Federation for their continued support and help, Gearworks wouldn't be as successful without them. It is because of the success that I have decided to close down; I did not wish to see Gearworks become unreliable and struggle to maintain itself. We could not continue without changing too much or putting the burden of leadership onto someone not ready for it. After my personal life took a severe blow when my wife disappeared, I soon knew that my ability to lead Gearworks was fading. I could not continue to affect and be responsible so many people with clear continence. Some see it as sad news, but I am happy. I am happy to see our members being able to move on without resenting my decision. It brings joy to see members of the Gearworks family be successful elsewhere in the galaxy. I would like to thank the Avance Coalition for taking in some members already and giving them opportunities. In the end, Gearworks will always be remembered fondly as a successful company, as a leader in retirement I couldn't ask for more."
— Forgemaster Delcroix

Notable Assets of the Dark Skies Gearworks

The Masterforge

The Orbital Forge.

The primary hub and headquarters of Dark Skies Gearworks, The Masterforge, acted as an administrative hub where the leadership of the recycling company could plan its future, while also working together to inspire others about its vision and plan for society on Vorsia. Designed in part by Forgemaster Lilith Delcroix, The Masterforge had state of the art offices for the officers of Dark Skies Gearworks, while promoting technologically advanced research laboratories to help create and advance recycling and construction tools to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

Surrounded by various ornaments and plaques created from the relics and scraps of the first recycling operations undertaken by Dark Skies, they each pay tribute to various individuals and organisations that helped shape Dark Skies Gearworks, and helped it become the company that it was. In the main atrium of the facility stood a large ornate statue of Lilith Delcroix, one of the founders and at the time Forgemaster of Dark Skies Gearworks which was donated by the citizens of Vorsia for their appreciation for all the company has done for local employment opportunities and the economy at large. The Masterforge building was demolished during farewell party when the company closed.

The Orbital Forge

The Orbital Forge is the orbit facility of Vorsia and was the second home of Dark Skies Gearworks. The crowning achievement in manufacturing and design allowsed Dark Skies to control recycling operations and resources through the grand Recycling IV station. Often frequented by members of the company, it allowed for a constant inventory of all assets and personnel that are on assignment, while also managing all incoming orders for the company as managed by an assortment of pristine protocol droids.

The station, while managing all primary tasks and assignments of the company, also houseed the majority of all raw materials the company acquire through operations. While regularly traded and delivered to local business on Vorsia, they're also used for administrative upkeep on the planet when not being farmed into the adjacent production station, The Orbital Foundry, to help the increased production of Dark Skies Gearworks.

The Orbital Foundry

The constantly working X7 Factory Station was responsible for the majority of all vessels produced by Dark Skies Gearworks. While some production of recycling implements and ugly series fighters was outsourced to local merchants to improve the local, robust economy, primary sales production and internal needs are produced through the majestic station.

Using materials from the adjacent station, The Orbital Forge, the station was constantly amass with materials, personnel and production droids to help maintain the highest levels of production. While sometimes producing vessels for public sale, majority were either acquired by the Trade Federation’s Department of Trade, or used to help improve Dark Skies operations either through training operations or general efficiency in logistics and recycling tasks. Along with The Orbital Forge, both stations remained in Vorsia system and are used for their original purposes.


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