Dark Star Hellions

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Dark Star Hellions
Dark Star Hellion Logo.jpg
General Information
Motto Most anyone can be made to disappear, for a price
Status Active
Leader Hondo Walker
2IC Dekard Thorpe
Owner Ximaro Jix
Headquarters Scums' Hideaway
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 53
Political Information
Affiliation Void Wolves
Vax Mining Corporation
Zann Consortium
Crimson Dawn
Industry Bounty Hunters


Pre-Year 13

Dark Star Hellions started as a small gang on Falleen Prime to counter the ruling Falleen noble houses. Created by Ximaro Jix, a rogue Falleen of his own species beliefs and culture, Ximaro recruited many other impoverished Falleen as well several relatives among them his brothers, and even his cousin Ximo Jobal. In prison, Hellions numbers would drastically increase from all races willing to join the volatile gang of miscreants. Through ryll distribution, theft, enforcing and murder and blackmail Hellions began to develop into a significant organization slowly. The expansion eventually allowed Ximaro to bring the gang out to an intergalactic level once he was released from chains. Having a reputation as violent enforcers, Ximaro began to subcontract bounty hunting and mercenary services to crime syndicate Black Sun and eventually anyone willing to pay their fees.

Year 13

  • Roots in Bounty

Ximaro Jix a high ranked member of the Granse Confederacy, left the mysterious bounty hunting group. Not long later Ximaro admitted he was the founding father of the interplanetary Dark Star Hellions swoop gang which had slowly begun gaining underground popularity, which he then assumed public control over. The decision to identify his true identity came with the capture of a famous transporter female named Tiali Bixa-Loca. Shortly after various organizations and individuals made numerous threats and vowed revenge for Ximaro's decision to hunt the young Twi`lek whom he turned over to Black Sun. Soon a Kel-Dor named Konorro Morroeez vowed revenge against the new intergalactic swoop gang Dark Star Hellions. Ximaro, Hellions Enforcer Toa Aotearoa, then prospect Robert Reynolds, Secretary Kyota Navic, and a rebel named Aladron Scordonian launched a plan against Moroeez which ended in the Kel-Dor dying, quelling an uprising against Hellions for a brief time.

Ximaro further gained more galactic attention being noticed as a contract agent for the Galactic Empire Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations in which he captured New Republic Flight Marshal Juraki Takeda which was broadcast publicly across the galaxy. In that same time Hellion Juan Vargez would venture out and capture a ruthless scammer at the time Jonas Simvaca, and both Juan and Ximaro along with Kyota would capture a rogue pirate named Luke Deveraux. Numerous other bounties would begin to be collected by various Hellions creating Hellions reputation for being efficient.

As time moved on Dark Star Hellions continued their bounty work for various organizations and individuals exerting their brand of Outlaw Justice carving a place into the galaxy.

  • Robbing Outback

The leader of the nationalized group for the government Anzat Commonwealth makes the grim mistake of allowing a young Kiffar trader into her organization to help run the business as 2nd in Command. The individual known as Keleo Kiffiax turns out to be a Dark Star Hellions prospect and soon robs the national company for several hundred million in assets which are later ransomed back to the government at half the cost. The success of the robbery goes on to prove to all Hellions just how reliable the Kiffar force sensitive Keleo is and he appears to be well on his way into the brotherhood.

  • The End of The Smugglers Alliance

Hellions Founding 13 member Dracon Cor lead the organization The Smugglers Alliance for many standard years before joining up with the Hellions. This leadership allowed Dark Star Hellions to enjoy the benefits of a robust logistical crew at their backing. Having brought Ximaro himself into the smuggling group fold Dracon became familiar with the gang's efficient ways. Dracon helped Hellions become an intergalactic identity and leave the organization Granse Confederacy which they were serving. Eventually, Cor himself would become the Hellions first known Secretary of the gang. Cor also participated in the attack on Falleen Federation providing evacuation ships for Ximaro and Xek`ail Saverem as well as Ximo Jobal before Dark Star's rise.

After a short time, Ma’at Seshet a suspected Black Sun operative inside TSA was assassinated by Dracon. Following this murder Dracon entered into a disagreement with an individual named Mark Hornet whom he felt was pursuing his wife Crislyn Anessa Waryn, leader of Athakam MedTech. Dracon created a plan with members of Tresario Star Kingdom to capture Hornet and honor his wife. Despite warnings from many Hellions including Ximaro himself Dracon continued with the plan. Shortly after that news began to spread of Dracon having been caught by members of TSK and Hornet himself, it was not long later Dracon fell into a fatal coma.

In the aftermath of the death of Dracon, Hellions patches begin to search for answers to what happened to suspect foul play from Smugglers Alliance members and even Dracon's widow Crisyln. These suspicions would lead to the several deaths of TSA members including Konir Pickett. Mutus Nox who took on the role of leader in Dracon's absence. Dracon's sister Sera Cor a force sensitive and the 2nd in Command of Athakam MedTech was also killed in retaliation against Crisyln for what Hellions suspected was her involvement in Dracon's demise from the beginning.

Stephanie Barefoot a young smuggler working for The Smugglers Alliance at the time narrowly escaped her demise by the Dark Star Hellions until she was given a pass by Ximaro, who felt she was not involved in the messy affairs of the smuggling operation. Kadivi Cruithne a fellow smuggler and Stephanie's close friend was not as fortunate as she was killed along with Id Jukt a Mindabaal League member by Hellions Enforcers. While Id's capture was a Black Sun bounty, Kadivi became an extra prize due to her membership TSA.

Despite extensive DSH efforts by members Ximaro Jix, Vinz Zer, Ximo Jobal, Kyota Navic, Toa Aotearoa, Kiran Malestrom, Graphicvs Maximvs, the mystery of what happened to Dracon was never revealed. The Smugglers Alliance eventually was burned out of existence by the Hellions.

  • The Pale Riders of Celegia

Four outlaws defied the odds when they managed to not only attack but also halt the best military forces the New Republic and Triumvirate Coalition could muster on the heavily fortified planet of Celegia.

Hellions Juan Vargez, Xank Cro`lok, Toa Aotearoa and Knox Luvisi faced off against such staggering odds that many would have thought twice about standing against them. These four, despite numerous warnings by both allies and enemies alike, never wavered once and resisted the joint forces for three standard weeks. No prisoners were taken by either side, and the Hellions not only emerged unscathed but caused the opposing forces many casualties both military and civilian alike.

After the events, the odds were calculated at thirty-six rebel personnel to four Hellions. To many observers it was the actions of these men that handed the victory to the Galactic Empire, this theory was given more credence when they were dubbed "Imperial Commandos."

Upon their return, Hellion President Ximaro Jix bestowed upon them honorary titles to reflect their deeds.

  • Juan Vargez became "The Ripper of Celegia"
  • Xank Cro`lok became "The Ghost of Celegia"
  • Toa Aotearoa became "The Wraith of Celegia"
  • Knox Luvisi became "The Scourge of Celegia"

  • The Conquering of Axxila

On Day 198, Dark Star Hellions would receive public praise from intergalactic crime syndicate Black Sun for its role in the taking over of the planet Axxila in the system of Axxila. Having already been known for being enforcers by the public for capturing bounties for the sizeable criminal entity by Ximaro Jix among other Hellions, founding member, and gang Secretary Kyota Navic was sent to Axxila to secure the planet with a small detachment of swoop gang members. During the conflict, Kyota Navic captured the leader of United Rebel Front, Haga Kure thus leaving the URF to the wisdom of their second in command. United Rebel Front would soon further be unable to keep its foothold on the planet however when a Black Sun agent captured their second in command Talia Kraken successfully destroying their leadership. With the combined effort of both organizations eliminating all additional rebel insurgents for several days, the planet would eventually fall to Black Sun's rightful hands rendering the URF and all additional invading enemies useless against the combined military strength of Black Sun and Dark Star Hellions. The conflict would go on to spread the Hellions name throughout the galaxy as a capable fighting force.

  • A Bounty Becomes a War

Not long after the successful attack on Axxila, Dark Star Hellions would attack the planet of Shownar II, chasing a bounty issued by Black Sun on their exile Esu Kyoto as well as other individuals affiliated with the recycling outfit known as Nomads. With a strong Hellions presence on the planet, Esu contracted the Wraiths mercenaries to provide protection of civilians and himself to avoid capture by Dark Star Hellions. A very bloody battle would soon follow for over a standard month as Hellions and Wraiths would continue to exchange fire. Veritas Press would be observed warning the general public to avoid going onto the planet of Shownar II as it was heavily attacked by Dark Star Hellions. During the war, Esu would escape to safety off world and begin to spread anti-Hellion propaganda across the galaxy from his secure position. Pleice O'Watanabe, a Nomad and third in command of the Nomads, and Han Rensarus, a Wraith mercenary, however, were not so fortunate as they were killed by Hellions ground teams lead by Kyota Navic Hellions Secretary. Many other Nomads employees would go and join the land of the dead as Dark Star would continue to spread its message of violence to the Nomads. While the primary objective of capturing Esu would not be successful, the conflict itself would continue to create a legacy of brutality for the Dark Star Hellions. The event on Shownar II also marked the last time Hellions would accept an official contract from Black Sun as their business relationship slowly began to crumble.

  • Chiss Ascendancy Assassinations

Taking of advantage of the fact that Chiss are an insular race, Ximaro Jix contacted Drak`ora Sabosen to tell him that Chiss political party member and friend Rachel Keiko-sho was being targeted by Vito Royan. During this time Royan who shared an equal disdain for Sabosen was also contacted by Ximaro, who stated he would help Vito reclaim the Chiss Ascendancy with Sabosen's life. During the days that followed Ximaro would continue to pit both Chiss against each other making them believe each would eventually kill each other. Eventually, Ximaro convinced both to board the same Dark Star Hellions vessel believing each was there to assassinate one another. Instead, Vito would be killed by Ximaro Jix himself and Drak`ora by Hellions Enforcer Robert Reynolds.

Following the assassinations, Rachel Keiko-sho would inherit the Chiss Ascendancy and her house would rule, under the speculation she had hired the known bounty hunters of Hellions to remove both Vito and Sabosen who stood in her way. No evidence would ever come to support the rumor. However, Rachel's reign would go on to be short-lived and eventually she disappeared from the galactic spotlight spawning many different theories of her fate. With Rachel gone Reius Rothschild would assume control of the Ascendancy.

Year 14

  • Prospect Treachery

A prospect of Dark Star Hellions named Jace Orikan brother to reputable Imperial Zhaff Orikan robbed the Corellian Merchants Guild for an undeclared amount of credits and assets. Jace then reported back to Hellions he was able to succeed in robbing the organization fully and reported a much lower amount of wealth. Jace then fled to take refuge in Guild Bank. Unknown to Jace, Xanxus Drol served as a personal agent to Ximaro, not just the CEO of Guild Bank. Jace believed he was safe taking refuge in one of Drol's ships to avoid capture by Hellions who began hunting for him. Jace paid Xanxus several million credits for his silence. Accepting the payment, Xanxus later perished Jace from the galaxy. The event went on to confirm rumors that Xanxus and Hellions were indeed working together.

  • The Oshara War

Having just succeeded in planning another devastating attack which was carried out mainly by Hellions Xalitus Swindler who was infiltrating Breviin a Mandalorian Sect and Seth Haze capturing Luther Nightwish former New Republic Senator, Ximaro was approached by an individual named Kieth Stryker. Keith proposed a contract to be formed between his organization and Dark Star Hellions and requested the infamous Hellions mercenaries be utilized to fight any resistance.

Accepting the offer Ximaro with the voter approval of the entire gang, Hellions would combine a plan that had already been in motion for another objective utilizing Pravus Malum and Draco Cannis to attack Infinite Empire from within causing several deaths. Pravus Malum despite being a member of Dark Star Hellions was also an Imperial Intelligence operative who amassed much in his career in the Infinite Empire attaining the title of Lord Regent which would prove fruitful as he appointed fellow Hellion Draco Cannis as Colonel over the Infinite Empire's ground forces. Once the bloodshed began within, the Infinite requested aid from the Galactic Alliance. Many Dark Star Hellions patches and prospects attacked all rebel forces on the ground lead by Nomad Hellion Seth Haze, while Keith Stryker, Simkin Dragoneel and others of Faerytail disabled power generators on various planets and begin to colonize.

The entire operation of both parties proved a success. The Dark Star Hellions once again reminded the galaxy of their legacy of violence as they executed six Infinite Empire members. One Krath Dynasty member. A New Republic governor named Ace Rose who was killed by the only female Hellion, Xalitus. A Rogue Squadron Master Pathfinder named Taelas Taal was captured by Seth Haze who faked a surrender to the overzealous rebel. Hi`kush Royan the brother and replacement leader of a smuggling outfit known as Ni`Lyahin Smugglers would also go on to be murdered in the conflict by Hellion founding 13 members Xank Cro`lok. Hi`kush's brother Vito Royan had been killed just weeks prior by Ximaro himself. Hellions also massacred many civilian contractors hired by the rebels to continue reclamation efforts against Faerytail Medical. Even freelancers attempting to make a few simple credits were captured and killed by Hellions as a warning to all to avoid the war zone. These merciless executions were performed personally by Ximo Jobal and Xi`lo Scivelli as well as Zane Apex.

In the aftermath, the Galactic Alliance learned the Oshara power generators were shut off so Dark Star Hellions could be given the upper hand in attacking the incoming rebels. Xakic Jix along with the assistance of Hondo Walker would claim the planet of Krmar as Hellions territory while other Hellions would fight. The Galactic Alliance which responded in the force of as many five governments proved unsuccessful repelling the criminal attacks as the war would rage on and the body count would stack up with rebel corpses. While no losses to Faerytail employees nor Dark Star gang members would be taken, a planetary dispute soon formed between the two controversial contractual allies.

While Faerytail laid claim to Krmar II as per the agreement with Dark Star Hellions, some Hellions would become driven by greed and attempt to commit a hostile takeover. Despite a directive to not take over the planet from Ximaro Jix, many Hellions would vote against him to expand territory. The Faeries showed they could repel the Hellions hostile take over, however not stop the Hellions from attempting. This test of futility would plunge Krmar II into a constant state of warfare between innocent civilians and the raiding Hellions.

  • Slave Trading

Trandoshan Hellion Original Hondo Walker known for his House Skull lineage related to Blackscale Clan and his unconventional views and Jedi hunting skills would become vilified by the legal side of the public. Accompanied by Trandoshan's and other races both Hellion and non-Hellion they would gain attention for their slave trading of female sentients. The slavers also sold slave laborers and even Wookies across the galaxy which began to stimulate both personal wealth and even Dark Star revenue. These vile practices would further Dark Star's reputation for wicked deeds, but despite criticism from various sources about Hellions unlawful practices business would remain constant from the public.

Year 15

  • Turmoil in the Hellions and the Aftermath

Following Ximaro's retirement as a patch of good standing various individuals would attempt to take on the mantle of President of Dark Star Hellions causing a series of disagreements and even violent uprisings among the gang. Despite increased bounty hunting presence and capturing of several known sentients by Hellions Andy Longshot, Seth Haze, Xi`lo Scivelli and Lilitu Ningaz. Hellions period of turmoil would not subside until Xakic Jix assumed control of the gang following Andy's eventual assassination by members of Hellions and Zann Consortium while he leads the gang Pressure Pirates. Xakic's reign was short lived as he would often fight with various Dark Star members about the direction of the gang until his eventual decision along with several others to rogue from Zann Umbrella.

A shroud of darkness fell over Hellions as the remaining living, and nontreacherous members would take refuge in other Zann affiliated organizations, and the gang would become a known medical equipment supplier while it gathered strength, watched over by one of the founding 13 Hellions members Ximo Jobal.

After taking everything that DSH had built their gang upon, he created the new organization Alliance Special Operations in late Year 15. Xakic all but crushed what remained of Hellions. With many Hellions dead by enemy hands thanks to Xakic's treachery along with other Hellions rogues assisting, the swoop gang appeared to be a shadow of its former existence. Violent retaliation from Zann Consortium with Defilers hunting down Hellions rogues mercilessly caused demoralization among ASO personnel. This lead to its subsequent closure, the death of a known rogue and the ultimate disappearance of Xakic, Hellions the gang itself and what remained would seemingly be unable to revive itself from the attacks sustained as it drifted deep into solitude.

Hellions rogues Seth Haze, Xank Cro`lok and Xi`lo Scivelli would continue to fight against the Zann Umbrella creating the mercenary group Red Moon Horizon.

Dark Star Hellions Bounties, Captures, and Murders

By Members

Ximaro Jix

  • Tiali Bixa Loca - Bounty
  • Juraki Takeda - New Republic Flight Marshal bounty.
  • Luke Deveraux - Pirate bounty.
  • Konorro Morroeez- Assassination.
  • Cody Maverick - Bounty Hunter targetting Dark Star Hellions.
  • Curt Conners - Smuggler - Bounty.
  • Kyber Nights - Alleged Falleen Force Sensitive assisted by Hellion Enforcer Twanko Vann.
  • Kornya Kila - The Infinite Empire Mining Director.
  • Kyber Nights - Veritas Press

Xek'ail Saverem

  • Avalon Endocott - 1st Lieutenant Falleen Federation assisted by Hellions President Ximaro Jix.
  • Ayres Argetlam - Former patched Dark Star Hellions member turned traitor.
  • Desar Keratyne - 2nd Lieutenant of the Infinite Empire.

Kyota Navic

  • Pleice O'Watanabe - Nomads member.
  • Chaakar`naast Tal`darasuum - Mandalorian.

Ximo Jobal

  • Drazz Milligan - Kubaz Spy
  • Yotam Qel-Sato - Freelancer.

KeLeo Kiffiax

  • Melissa Con - Bounty.

Juan Vargez

  • Jonas Simvaca - Bounty.

Jaster Skira

  • Ne'tra Kaal - former Sector Rangers hired to hunt Dark Star Hellions members.

Toa Aotearoa

  • Sol Marzom - Imperial Union spy.
  • Sienna Sutek - Unknown.

Zane Apex

  • Drakonus Sinculon - Unknown.
  • Fafhred F`Leiber - Unknown.
  • Alex Karn - Unknown.
  • Roland Maximus - Unknown.
  • Valkyrie Rulz - Unknown.
  • Gamba Jaboli - Leader of The Octagon League murdered by Zane Apex, captured by Ximaro Jix.

Wayne Knight

  • Eros Argetlam - Former Prospect turned traitor.

Shane Harley

  • Josat Yggzil AKA Orc - Gamorrean Thug

Robert Reynolds

Vinz Zer

  • Mutus Nox - Leader of Smugglers Alliance
  • Eddie Sevilla - Excommunicated Dark Star Hellions Original Looter assisted by Hellion Secretary Kyota Navic.

Nexus Luvisi

  • Ishikar Shinoto - Infinite Empire Recruiting Director

Pravus Malum

Responsible for the downfall of the Infinite Empire [citation needed]

Former Minister and 3IC

  • Tian Xavez - Infinite Empire Navy Commander.

Xalitus Swindler

  • Ace Rose - New Republic Governor of Savareen.
  • Salvator Navaar - Smuggler assisted by Andy Longshot.

Hondo Walker

  • Jamis Argetlam - Master Jedi.
  • Vladimir Stukov - Force Guardians.
  • Onity Queste - Spy.
  • Mardom Delnose - Force Guardians.
  • Flyte Queste - Spy.
  • Calowk Preench - Guardian Security Force.
  • Bastian Silva - Force Guardians.
  • Ann Aola - Spy.

Draco Cannis

  • Desar Keratyne - 2nd Lieutenant of Infinite Empire.
  • Khalib Simaril - Major of Infinite Empire.
  • Ran Pavan - Field Sergeant of Infinite Empire.

Additional Bounties, Captures, and Murders

  • Luvveh Tyhlan - Freelancer.
  • Kali Starduster - Freelancer.
  • Sera Cor - Athakam Medtech Second-in-Command and Dark Jedi.
  • Volm Harenguard - Unknown spy.
  • Casis Derycke - Krath Dynasty intelligence agent.
  • Vatari Helkosh - Spy.
  • Kraak Ak-Xaiva - Citizen of New Republic.
  • Rico Dorchadas - Spying and plotting to murder Dark Star Hellions' affiliates.
  • Jane Blushing - Bounty.
  • Hi`kush Royan - Nil'yahin Smugglers Replacement Leader.
  • Davian Rahad - Bounty.
  • Luther Nightwish - Former New Republic Senator assisted by Xalitus Swindler and planned by Ximaro Jix.
  • Oromis Shadesbane - Former Leader of Dark Waters privateers.
  • Andy Longshot- Former Patched Member turned Traitor.
  • Rho Karn - Mandalorian Bounty.

Zann Consortium

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