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A datapad was a small, usually low-cost, electronic device used for storing information. Taking the place of the more primitive book, a datapad could store textual, graphic, and holographic data. They were commonly used as notebooks, day planners, calculators, and sketchpads. Some models could interface with and download information from larger computer networks. Most datapads came standard equipped with a touch-sensitive color screen, audio pickups, headphone ports, and power paks. [1]

Datacards with specific information stored on them (for example, star charts, encyclopedias, tour guides, law books, works of fiction) were widely available. These datacards could then be loaded into the datapad for easy access. Many planetary governments were legally obligated to provide such materials (especially regarding local laws) to all offworlders.

Datapads also varied in size, from palm-sized devices to larger units designed for two hands. [1]

Datapads were essential as notebooks. They were frequently used to take notes and store information concerning the missions and tasks of an individual. Other uses of datapads included their employment by beings such as bounty hunters. Bounty hunters often used datapads to store mission information on their targets, locations, or other vital pieces of information. Personal Datapads of this kind were designed to erase all stored information if not handled correctly. [1]

Some datapads could be rather sensitive; any datacards that had dirt on their surface stood a good chance of ruining a datapad's electronics completely. [1]

Some datapads were manufactured with oversized keys for use in colder climates to ease key manipulation while wearing thermal gloves.[1]


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