David Salohah

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David Salohah is a former President of the Rebel Alliance.


David Salohah, or Fro, as he was known by many of the older members of the Alliance, started out in the SFC. He began his career in the A-Wing fighter group. Over time through his tireless work he moved up the chain of command. During this time he developed a special group within the SFC. It was a group which had one member from each fighter group. It helped with the administration of the command. He was the chairperson of this group and SFC increased it productivity through his leadership. Eventually, David moved out of the SFC and moved over to the Intelligence division. He helped to make this command become a strong component of the Alliance. He changed the name to Center of Rebel Intelligence, or CRI as it is commonly known. He helped increase it's numbers and he also contributed to many different project on the High Command level. When Shae Briston stepped down as Supreme Commander, the rest of High Command decided to allow the rest of the Alliance to decide on the new leader of the Alliance and David became the first President of the Alliance on Year 2 Day 164. During his Presidency, an alliance was signed by the Rebel Alliance and Hapes Consortium, under which the Rebel Alliance provided economic assistance to the Hapans. This assistance is thought to have been as much as 50 million credits a month. Some more organizational changes took place under his leadership for the betterment of the Alliance.

President of the Rebel Alliance
Preceded By:
Shae Briston
Davvyk Lysander (Acting)
(Both as Supreme Commander)
David Salohah
Year 2
Succeeded By:
Cyrus Cloudwalker