Deadman Lines

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Deadman Lines
Deadman Lines Logo.png
General Information
Motto "The centre of trading in the galaxy."
Status Active
Leader Exanthium Kerensky
2IC Tik Nkik
Owner Togan Jano
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 221
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Trading
Holosite Deadman Lines

Deadman Lines is a trading and transportation company.


Deadman Lines was incepted on the last day of the Eriadu Trade Summit, year 33 BBY, just hours before the tragic moment when most of the members of the Trade Federation Directorate were assassinated.

Many participants of the summit foretold the increase of pressure against commercial ventures and alliances by the Galactic Senate, which was growing more tumultuous. The premonition was true: a year later The Senate passed the Resolution BR-0371, that resulted in increased taxation of hyperspace trade routes in order to pay off the growing Republic debt crisis. The Trade Federation, on behalf of its allied members, submitted the Free Trade Petition to The Senate, asking to lift the Resolution. The Republic and the Jedi, in their best tradition, ignored the petition. It was a very bad time for honest merchants: smaller organizations and alliances busted like bubbles smashed against a brick wall, medium-sized ones had to go underground and resort to smuggling, and the Trade Federation was forced to begin the blockade of Naboo, which resulted in the beginning of the Galactic Civil War.

At that time, numerous experienced persnnel of dissolved trading companies united under the unofficial title of the Smuggling Alliance, later renamed to Deadman Lines, proposed by a founding member, a Jawa by the name of Tik Nkik. The goal of this union was to make profit from providing transports for people and goods to the remote worlds avoiding taxation station. Smuggling, in other words. During the Clone Wars, the group thrived, as conventional trading routes became too dangerous, but the economy of distant worlds still required supplies from the galactic centers. Odd, sparse smuggling jobs transformed into framework agreements, with whole worlds depending on the mastery and skills of smuggler pilots of Deadman Lines. The company managed to maintain neutrality in the war by avoiding being contracted by either quarreling parties.

Upon the end of the war and total annihilation of the Old Republic, the Galactic Empire gained control of the galaxy and further increased the taxation of trade routes, for all non-affiliated organizations (or, should we say - non GE-controlled?). Even more organizations dissolved and their former pilots sought alternative employment. Some continued to fly freelance, but outside of the trade routes to avoid checkpoints. The Empire declared these pilots smugglers, put bounties on their heads, and exterminated them rather quickly and mercilessly. The wiser ones joined the already powerful Deadman Lines, where each smuggler was free to fly as they wished and were often responsible for creating their own contacts with clients.[1]


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