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System Denhui
Sector Lostar II
Galactic Coordinates (50, 180)
System Coordinates (15, 16)
Astrographic Entry Denhui-Eight
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: River, Swamp, Grassland, Forest
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 1,279,592
Controlled By Darkness
Sentient Races Baragwin Homeworld

The adoptive homeworld of the Baragwin. They immigrated to the world prior to recorded history from their old homeworld of Old Barag which was in Old Barag System of the Epsi Collective Sector. The exact reason of their migration is not well known and perhaps lost to the annuals of time. The Baragwin of Denhui-Eight tend to be cautious individuals though friendly.

As the location of Old Barag seems lost currently in the annuals of time, many galactic scholars have suggested that perhaps the world befell some sort of E.L.E. which necessitated the immigration of the Baragwin to the Denhui System. With recent new exploration events perhaps someday someone will rediscover the system and put to rest the mystery.

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