Deric Adams

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Deric Adams
Biographical Information
Race Human
Mother Samantha Adams
Father Dominic Adams
Spouse Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss
Born Tatooine
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Coloring light skin
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Eidola, Aliit Chitose
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire, Terra Stryker Industries

Early Life

Deric Adams was born and raised on the planet of Tatooine by his mother, Samantha, and his father, Dominic. As Dominic served in the Imperial Army, Deric was accustomed to the military lifestyle. Luckily, for most of Deric's younger childhood, Dominic was stationed on Tatooine and the Adams family had to do very little moving around. When Deric was 13, his father was killed in combat, although as the cause of death was classified, Deric never learned the details. From that point forward, he vowed to enlist in the Imperial Army, just as his father had done before him.

Galactic Empire

Immediately on his 18th birthday, Deric upheld his vow to his father and enrolled in the Imperial Academy. Upon graduating with a basic degree, he enlisted into the Imperial Army. He was placed in the 1st Legion for a short while before being transferred to the 2nd Legion, and there he took up the position of Adjutant. After a year of service, he was promoted to the Executive Officer of the Legion. This was his first real command opportunity, although it would not be his last. Now a Second Lieutenant, he took the opportunity to prove that he was suitable for command. After the Army went through a reform, Deric was given the opportunity to be the Commanding Officer of his own Brigade.

Now a Captain in the Imperial Army, Deric had passed his old man in rank, and felt that he had been successful in upholding his vow. The new Commanding Officer of the 3rd Brigade was soon promoted to the rank of Major and the fun began. Deric led his troops on a number of important missions, most of which remain classified, and he continued to impress Army High Command with his ability to inspire his men. After Brigadier General Mintaka Kyuzo defected to the New Republic, Deric was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and was given the position of Army Adjutant, thereby becoming third in command of the Army. Soon he was promoted to Army Executive Officer, but it was short lived as he grew weary of the Imperial lifestyle, so he decided to retire and seek out work at Terra Stryker Industries, under his old friend Adam Diggins.

TSI & Return to Galactic Empire

Deric worked at TSI for two years and began to miss the Empire. He had begun to wonder if things had improved under the leadership of Emperor Cherokee. On Year 12 Day 10, Deric was accepted back into the Empire to serve the new Emperor. This was short-lived as his old feelings about the Empire began to resurface, and he soon found himself opposing the Empire and what it stood for.

Eidola Pirates

Deric's Imperial warrant

Deric had secretly been friends with the new leader of the Eidola Pirates, Warlord Squall Chitose, for some time. Aware of Deric's growing discontent with the Empire, Squall approached him with a proposal that he could not refuse. As a result, Deric collected as much intelligence from the Empire as he could and made his way over to Eidola where he started a new life as a pirate, free from the strict regulations of Imperial military life. Due to this defection, the Empire placed a bounty on his head.

Within Eidola, Deric assisted in the day to day operations of the pirate group, coordinated and managed a number of their projects and missions, and took some of the newer pirates under his wing.

Deric had wanted to do something that would cement his name as an Eidolon. He decided to plot a large scam using Centrepoint Marketplace, the prime location where beings of the universe assembled to buy anything from ships to stun cuffs. In the matter of a single hour, he managed to convince enough traders to send him credits for falsified goods that he earned 300 million credits before someone caught on and revealed his scam. This was a successful plot due to his perfect trading record that amounted to over a billion credits, but he did not mind tarnishing it for profit and piracy.

On Year 13 Day 86, Deric was adopted by Squall Chitose into the Chitose Mandalorian Clan.

Marriage to Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

After a long day of hunting vornskrs on Nal Hutta, Deric had sustained some minor wounds over the course of the day. He stopped by the Super Star Destroyer Ragnarok, which was owned by fellow Eidola pirate, Syn, where she had made medical supplies available to him. Under normal circumstances the ship was relatively deserted, but this day was different. This day would change Deric's life forever. As Deric unboarded his ship in the docking bay, he smelled the most heavenly scent he had ever smelled. He made his way through the hallways and the smell of perfume got stronger. As he turned a corner, he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen working on a blast door. She had short hair in deep shades of blue and black, and skin that glowed like the moon. This woman was Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss and she had been contracted by Syn to secure and upgrade all of the doors on board the Ragnarok. Deric approached Ulrike and attempted to pick her up but failed miserably.

However, he was not discouraged; he returned the following day and she gave in. One thing led to another and soon they were dating. Months went by and Deric asked for Ulrike's hand in marriage, to which she agreed. Due to Deric being a pirate and having a bounty on his head by the Galactic Empire, the wedding couldn't take place on Ulrike's homeworld of Thyferra. As a result, the decision was made to have the wedding on the planet Ylesia, which was controlled by Eidola, and in the orbit of which the two had first met. The wedding took place on Year 16 Day 40. In attendance were close friends and family of Ulrike and Deric, particularly Squall Chitose, Syn, and Era`ut Nex.