Derra IV

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Derra IV
System Derra
Sector Kira CW
Galactic Coordinates (71, -166)
System Coordinates (13, 7)
Astrographic Entry Derra IV
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: Grassland/Forest
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 2,755,345
Controlled By Darkness

For most of its recorded history, Derra IV has been a peaceful, if remote, world known for its fertile grasslands and pleasant climate. Its nearly perfect circular orbit and gentle wobble give it a consistently warm and predictable climate throughout the year. Much of its surface is covered by rolling hills and grassy plains, sprinkled throughout with small farms, ranches, and villages that give way in the west to an expansive taiga as the elevations creep upward toward the planet's modest mountain range. Derra IV's only ocean near its northern pole is fed by a large freshwater river that flows from the dense, unexplored equatorial jungle.

All of this changed in Year 14 when two global pandemics threw the planet into chaos and catapulted the humble world into galactic headlines. Outbreaks of the Great Animosity Plague (sometimes called the Derra Virus) and the Metamorphosis Virus overwhelmed the ability of planetary officials to contain them and the planet spiraled into violent anarchy. Several galactic governments and mercenary groups attempted to restore order to Derra IV, but this only resulted in further devastation, and their eventual withdrawal left the planet destabilized and vulnerable to pillage.

To this day, order has not been able to be restored and the viruses have not been contained. Potential visitors to the planet are advised to avoid contact with others, including nonsentient creatures that demonstrate heightened aggression. Foreign governments are forbidden to execute arrest warrants or interfere in any way with the planetary government's efforts to regain control of their world.

Outbreak Response
Outbreak Housing