Derrik Thynite

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Derrik Thynite
Derrik Thynite.png1437622-100-100.pngDerriksnake.png Cookiemonstrosity.pngMidmutation.png
Biographical Information
Race Diathim (formerly Mutated Yuzzum, then Sluissi)
Homeworld Endor
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse N/A
Siblings Unknown
Children N/A
Born Year -13 Day 40
Died Year 14 Day 258
Quote No one knows what it's like.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.20 meters
Coloring Softly Glowing White Skin
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Ellipsis
Title Lord of House Thynite
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Positions Director of Research

Director of Production

Prior Affiliation Black Stars



Derrik was born on his homeworld of Endor. Shortly after his birth, his family was captured and enslaved by the Hutts, primarily for their musical talent. As Derrik grew up, he picked up a number of skills from his captors' guards, such as the correct handling of blasters and bladed weaponry. When he reached the age of 20, he was sent on a job by the Hutts to capture a Coruscanti ambassadorial vessel. When he got on board, his boarding party was immediately slain. In a fit of rage, he threw the two thermal detonators he had with him into the cockpit, and immediately abandoned ship. As he exited, the cockpit of the ship was blown to pieces, opening it to the vacuum of space. He watched on as the ambassadors were sucked out of the ship and burned by the system's sun.

Realising that his supervisor had been killed in the firefight, he took control of the ship he had arrived on and left the Hutts' service and his parents behind.


Early Years

Derrik was born on the Yuzzum homeworld of Endor, also the homeworld of the Ewok species, a delicacy amongst Yuzzums. When Derrik was roughly 3 standard year old, a acquisitions party was sent to Endor by the Hutt crimelord, H'aek Diu Tisjuic. Derrik and his family were captured due to their race's great musical ability. However, given Derrik's age at the time, he was separated from his parents, and placed in the care of H'aek's most trusted soldiers. These men, known as the Dark Hand, were some of the most elite combatants in the galaxy, with many members who had survived firefights with hundreds of Imperial and Rebel soldiers. As such, they had an extremely rough nature, which Derrik acquired quickly. By the age of 20, Derrik had been trained in the use of all blaster weaponry, and had a good understanding of non-projectile weaponry, demonstrating a high proficiency in both areas, and due to this, was appointed as a member of the Hand. However, he was still enslaved to the Hutts. One fateful day, Derrik was given a mission to intercept a Coruscanti ambassadorial ship, breach the hull and capture the ambassadors with a squad of troopers who had been assigned to him. However, when they breached the ship, they discovered it to be a trap. Derrik's squad was immediately cut down by heavy blaster fire, and Derrik was only saved by the fact that he was leading from behind. Taking cover behind his airlock, Derrik threw a pair of thermal detonators through the airlock, before shutting it and detaching immediately. Within seconds, the ship was engulfed in a ball of flame, and Derrik watched on as the ambassadors were ripped from their ship and cooked in the light of the system's sun. As he was the only survivor, and seeing as how his slave beacon had taken severe damage during the firefight, Derrik chose to leave the service of the Hutts forever, and moved on to be a freelance mercenary. However, he required extensive cybernetic implants before he could begin to function properly once more.

Battle of Kashyyyk

Shortly after attaining his freedom, Derrik was present for the Battle of Kashyyyk, flying in his personal ship, the Serpent. Many reports were made of a large, blue furred creature attacking both Imperial and Republic forces, all of which were attributed to Derrik. He was also rumored to have eaten numerous juvenile Wookiees, a habit comparable to that of Derrik's consumption of woklings and the children of numerous other races. While serving as a mercenary on Kashyyyk, Derrik was tasked with the destruction of a rogue bio-weapon operation, originally created by unknown officials before being abandoned to the imagination of the chief scientist of the program. After destroying many of the laboratories supporting the project, Derrik discovered the location of the primary research site, and stormed the lab with a platoon of mercenaries. While the taskforce was successful in destroying the lab and effectively ending the operation, Derrik was injected with an experimental mutagen by the head scientist, who he immediately killed afterwards. Following his exposure to the mutagen, he was placed in solitary confinement under constant observation. Due to the experimental nature of the mutagen, Derrik only mutated slightly from his original physical form, though the mutagen had a far greater effect on his mental state, turning him into an absolute psychopath.

The Black Stars

After the Battle of Kashyyyk, Derrik hooked up with a terrorist group known as the Black Stars, led by Fuikai Mutmai. The group carried out numerous attacks, both against governments and private organizations, with numerous murders attributed to them. However, when Fuikai Mutmai and many of the gang members were killed during a strategic attack coordinated by Spectral Services Unlimited and the Granse Confederacy, Derrik was once again out on his own. He is the only known surviving member of the gang.

Imperial Record

Throughout his life, Derrik has racked up a number of criminal offenses, primarily under Imperial law, although he has also broken many Republic laws as well. Following is a list of all crimes committed in Imperial Space:

  • 1 count of Treason.

  • 7 counts of Terrorism, with 2 unknown cases associated.

  • 2 counts of Assassination of Imperial officials.

  • 12 counts of Murder.

  • 3 counts of Kidnapping.

  • 2 counts of Theft (Total established value ~1,500,000 credits).

  • 58 counts of Transportation of Contraband within Imperial Space.

    Recent Misadventures

    Derrik's most recent crime was the kidnapping and ransom of one Credence Malafar (deceased as of Y13 D66), for which he gained 30 million credits. Whilst holding Malafar hostage aboard his ship, he repeatedly escaped from Spectral Services Unlimited forces, sustaining light damage. Due to his own weapons being temporarily disabled, he was unable to fire upon the enemy ships, and was forced to retreat into deep space. However, he shortly returned to the system and hid out upon a moon within the system, right under the noses of pursuing forces. In the end, Malafar was released back to his ship and the ransom was paid.

    The Serpent

    Derrik happens to be the proud owner of the Cloakshape/H fighter known as 'the Serpent'. He manage to acquire it using the funds he received from ransoming a random member of the public, and now highly covets the ship, refusing to allow any others to touch it, lest they damage it. The Serpent was later confiscated by Imperial officials, and was later apparently cleared of suspicion after an accomplice of Thynite's payed to have the ship removed from and Imperial impound station. Following this, Derrik sold the ship in late Year 13 due to suspicions that the ship's systems had been tampered with.


    While working under contract on an Kashyyyk, Derrik was tasked with the destruction of a lab producing biological weaponry, particularly water- and air-born pathogens, as well as mutagens. While the mission was a success in that the lab and its contents was destroyed, the chief scientist in charge of the project managed to inject a small amount of the mutative serum into Derrik, immediately mutating him. Below is an image taken shortly after the conflict, while Derrik was being held in a solitary confinement cell under observation.

    Appearance as of Y13 D187

    Metamorphosis Virus


    In early Year 14, the galaxy experienced a re-emergence of the long-dead Metamorphosis Virus, initially spreading from the world of Derra IV. Derrik contracted the virus, which proceeded to a highly advanced stage of infection when it combined with a dormant mutative biological weapon which he had been previously exposed to, transforming Derrik into a serpentine monstrosity genetically similar to a Sluissi, though with a far more defined serpentine appearance.


    He contracted the Metamorphosis Virus again later in Year 14, and over a number of weeks was mutated into the form of a Diathim. Having embraced his new species, he is now a well respected member of the Diathim Dominion, and was moved to begin his own Noble House, which is now pushing for recognition. Despite his now angelic appearance, he has still been seen in various taverns around the galaxy, and has now seen active deployment on Derra as a Viral Control Officer preventing the spread of disease by the planet's native creatures.

    Scientific Research

    Considering his numerous mutations over the years, Derrik was selected as a prime research subject to identify more highly reactive DNA in several species, to help combat the spread of the virus. Prior to being re-approved for active duty, his employer had him fitted with a cybernetic device designed to provide information on his DNA, with the intent to identify any substantial changes.


    On Year 14 Day 258, the body of Derrik Thynite was reportedly discovered on board the YV-666 he had been piloting, not long after he allegedly transferred the majority of his personal belongings to one Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson. Whether this was a suicide or he fell victim to Eidola remains unclear.