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LanguageDevaronese, Basic
Average Height1.9 meters [1]
Skin colorRed, pink, brown, white, or green [1]
Hair colorNone (males), brown to white (females) [1]; calico fur on females
DistinctionsHorns (males), thick fur (females)
Average lifespan70 standard years
Known MembersList of known Devaronians

Biology and Appearance

The Devaronian are one of the most unique races in the galaxy, as their male and female sexes are so vastly different in appearance and temperament. Devaronians are carnivores and generally have an efficient metabolism, consuming nearly every bit of food they eat. This means that they don't go to the toilet as often as other races. Devaronians were one of the first races to discover the secrets to space travel and develop stardrives.

Their bodies are denser than most humanoids' and as a result they're heavier than their appearance would tend to indicate. Perhaps as a result, they have multiple livers. Their blood is silver based. [1]


The males are hairless and dark skinned. Their skin colour ranges from red tints to pink, brown, white and even green. Males also grow short horns on their heads. They take great pride in them and wax and groom them regularly. Devaronian males also sport a very long tongue by comparison to other humanoids. Their tongue easily matches the length of their lower arm. Their teeth are generaly made up of sharp incisors, making them well-equiped for their carnivorous nature. One in fifty [1] sport two sets of teeth however, one inner set of incisors and an outer set of molars and canines, giving them an advantage when it comes to the choice of food.

Devaronian males share another kind of look at the world compared to their female counterparts. Most of the men are 'carefree' to say the least and when they approach their middle age often get the urge to wander out into the galaxy. The males encountered are often described as bold, rash, unscrupulous, even irresponsible. They don't care as long as they're free to go where they please.


Devaronian females tend to be covered in fur. The face, hands and feet are not so heavily haired. Sometimes the hairline recedes enough to reveal small circular bulges (some say two dark circles) [1] where the males usualy have their horns. The females tend to be slightly slimmer but also somewhat taller then the males. Their teeth are more suitable to an omnivore, sporting prominent canines and molars. If their tongues are as long as the males is unkown.

A popular saying among Devaronians is: It's not the length (of the tongue) but how you use it.

This is certainly true for Devaronian females: not as carefree as the males, they are considered wiser. They're not bold or rash but when they speak, every word can land like the cut of a blade and do twice as much damage. This is not to say they are agressive though. Devaronian females are rather dominant. Someone has to hold the family together when the man has gone and the women of Devaron have perfected the way they govern the household and, by expansion, their culture and planet. Only women gain a place in the government and political offices.

Society and culture

As hinted at in the biology section, Devaronians have a strong matriarchal culture. The female plays the dominant part in the upbringing of the young and even the only part in local, planetary and inter-planetary politics. Males are considered to be too disruptive to homelife because of their whimsical nature, so the fact that they leave to wander the stars is generaly welcomed by their wives. It does not mean males do not care for their offspring though; they do all they can to support their families back home by sending them as much credits as they can earn. On the rare occasions they re-visit their homeworld it's a time for all-out celebration and much 'disruption' for the family as the males will do their best to have fun times with their relatives. Eating, drinking, giving presents and playing games are some of the key events during those times. Anthropologists have found habits like these to exist within many more cultures galaxy-wide, often on an annual basis.

There is also a darker side to Devaronian society: Crime is punished hard and the worst capital offenses are sentenced with the death penalty. Many other species have laws that condemn someone to death but the way one is executed on Devaron is galaxy-wide considered to be the most cruel of all. The accused and convicted criminal will be led into a small ceremonial arena. Then a pack of Quarra, a savage predatory species native to Devaron, is set loose to rip him or her apart. The expression Look to the skies is the last thing the criminal will hear before this gruesome death. By doing so the victim exposes the throat and other soft tissue inviting the Quarra to make the kill fast and, hopefully, less painful. These words also found their way into everyday Devaronian language. 'Looking to the skies' has become synonymous for resigning oneself to a certain fate or decission that can't be influenced anymore.

Many species feel uncomfortable in the presence of Devarionian males, for they resemble the devils of a thousand different myths. [1]

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