Dhar`ghul Khrog

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Dhar`ghul Khrog
Dhar 1.png
Biographical Information
Race Nikto
Homeworld Kintan
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Spouse None
Other Family None Known
Born Unknown
Languages Basic and Huttese
Religion ex- Morgukai ex-Cult of M`dweshuu, Jensaarai
Motto Fear will get the worst of the best of us and peddlers of influence count on that. If fear is cultivated, It will become stronger. If faith is cultivated, it will achieve mastery. Fear is whispered in our ears and shouted in our faces. Faith must be fostered by the man or woman you see every day in the mirror. The former forever snaps at our heels and our synapses and delays our course, the latter could spur our boot heels to be wandering, stimulate our creativity and drive us forward. Fear or faith which will be our master.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 1"
Weight 195 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color None
Galactic Status
Social Status Neutral
Political Status Neutral
Affiliation Kerdos Corporation
Title Lord Protectorate and System Lord of Chibias

Dhar`ghul Khrog is a mysterious Nikto, bound to the secretive sect of anti-Force zealots known as the Morgukai. Like the sect he follows, little is known about Dhar`ghul's origins or his early life. If he had any family, they are unknown.

Early Life

Little is known about Dhar`ghul's early life. There is no record of his birth on Kintan, not is there any record of his birth name Naroq Vhol in any official Nikto documentation. Speculation is that he was born on another world, perhaps Vontor or Klatooine . Dhar`ghul himself has little memory of his childhood, not even recollecting his parents. The only real memories he has come from his teenage years, battling with Eidola security forces on Kintan . His friends smuggled him off-world once the planet became too hot for him to stay. It was as an early teen that he took service with the Avancian Coalition. During this brief period, he met a sentient who would help him forge his legacy, Kratos Musashi

Musashi's Man

Dhar`ghul set out with Kratos, intent on learning the best combat techniques he could, to one day return to Kintan and further the mission of the resistance there. Kratos Musashi was an excellent teacher, but was very hard on Dhar`ghul. The Nikto worked extremely hard every day, attempting to please his master and trainer. However, nothing seemed to please the Abyssin. He pushed Dhar`ghul hard, forcing him to come to grips with parts of himself that he had not know existed. It was not until over a year's training had gone by, that Dhar`ghul began to gain trust from his master. Kratos began taking the younger Nikto on conquest missions with him. Soon the Nikto and Abyssin were an inseperable pair, fighting back to back on multiple worlds, assisting resistances, sparking rebellions, putting down insurrections, and dealing with unwanted foes. This went on for close to two years, the two warriors developing a special battlefield bond and an instinctive foreknowledge of the others actions, which lead to some absolutely outstanding military successes. Called in by Mandalore during the revolt of Belsmuth I the two warriors succeeded in pacifying the planet single handed in the space of two weeks, in spectacular style. However, all was not well in Dhar`ghul's mind. He was troubled by his past and origins, only feeling at home on the battlefield. Kratos encouraged him to put those thoughts from his mind, but the Nikto was haunted by them. His path would change forever after a mission to Danadine .

Danadine and Fallout

The mission to Danadine was supposed to be a milk run. It was so straightforward, Kratos nearly rejected it. If it had not been for a dry spell in galactic conflicts, the pair of warriors would never have made their way to the mountainous world. Danadine had a profitable gemstone mining and refining industry. Danadine Gems, the most prosperous of the gemstone companies, had been hit by sabotage and gangs of bandits stealing their shipments. Their board suspected one of their rival companies was behind it and brought in Kratos and Dhar`ghul to put an end to the meddling. The two sentients handled this with ease and ended up shutting down not one but two of Danadine Gem's rival companies for their involvement in the scheme. However, as the pair readied for hyperspace, an ion cannon blast struck the side of their ship. Danadine Gem, while thankful for the end of the interference, did not want to pay for the assistance they had received. The blast threw the duo's ship off course just as they lept into hyperspace, resulting in them drifting aimlessly through space for months, before finally coming out of hyper near Bheriz . Exhausted by their ordeal, the pair touched down and spent some time recovering at the starport. It was at this starport, that Dhar`ghul met someone who would change the course of his life. He was an Aleena named Harveshir Mottley. The aging Aleena had been a warrior in his younger days and had spent much time on Kintan. Conversations with the curious old sentient reignited Dhar`ghul's desire to visit his homeworld and learn about his people and his past. He parted company with Kratos, promising to return, and made his way to Kintan, seeking a place the Aleena had described to him: The Fortress of Kh`aris .

A Warrior's Strength

Morgukai Shadow Scroll

Dhar`ghul returned to Kintan and began seeking for the Fortress of which the Aleena had told him. He discovered that it was in an area classified as restricted by the Eidola Pirates. Coming to Kintan was a risk for Dhar`ghul, as Eidola was still looking for him in connection with his work in the Klatooinian resistance. However, the determined Nikto was not about to back down. He was unsure what secret the fortress contained, but he knew it would help unravel his destiny. In his search for information, he discovered that Eidola had led several archaeological digs inside the fortress, but no one was certain what they were looking for, or if they had found it. Dhar`ghul had little trouble hiring men to assist him breaking into the fortress. His plan went well, and the few Eidola guards were quickly silenced. However, the fortress itself was the enemy. Traps of every description abounded throughout, gradually whittling down the party until Dhar`ghul was the only one left. He too was wounded by a trap, and, struggling onward, reached an inner sanctum door. Despite his wounds, he hurled himself against the locked door, but was unable to break through. After exhausting himself against the door, the Nikto sank to the ground. In so doing, he accidentally triggered the latch to the door. The door slid open, leaving Dhar`ghul in a darkened corridor. He staggered to his feet and walked down the corridor into an inner lit chamber. In the center of the chamber laid a coffin. Dhar`ghul crept up to it and looked in, spectral light streaming down from the ceiling. Against his better judgment, Dhar`ghul eased the coffin lid open. There was no body inside, instead the coffin was loaded down with scrolls and other artifacts. Fearing lest the coffin's occupant might find him, Dhar`ghul quickly took one of the scrolls that looked important and made his way out of the fortress.

Death of a Warrior

Rushing back to Bheriz, Dhar`ghul immediately conferred with Kratos and an old friend from the Klatoonian Resistance, Ses`Ssro Draess, a fellow Nikto. Between the three of them, they spent hours poring over the scroll, seeking to discover its secrets. After a time, they discovered that the scroll referenced the ancient burial ground of Hram'drae Jhrug, an ancient, fabled Nikto who, legend had it, had once ruled Kintan by the strength of his right arm. After his death, a semi-religious cult of his followers called the Disciples of Jhrug, had held control over Kintan for another two hundred years. This cult had suppressed all other religions, and had developed a pathological hatred towards force-users. According to the legend, the Disciples taught that Jhrug would reanimate and, when this happened, the Disciples also would reanimate and rejoin their leader in sweeping Kintan clean. The trio of investigators made their way to the cave described by the scroll. It was completely vacant. No sentient was present. it appeared to have been untouched for millennia. The trio had no difficulty opening the tomb. Once inside, Kratos opened the coffin, while the others searched the tomb. Inside the coffin was an astoundingly healthy looking Nikto corpse. As Kratos pulled back the coffin lid, the corpse reanimated, and threw open the coffin, tossing Kratos to the floor. The trio tried to reason with the reanimated Jhrug, but the ancient warrior had sensed the Force in Kratos and that was all he needed to know. He attacked, severely injuring Dhar`ghul. The others were able to fend off the attacks and Kratos cut off the ancient Nikto's arm, stunning him. In an attempt to keep Dhar`ghul alive, Kratos used the force to transfer Dhar`ghul's consciousness into the body of the Nikto warrior. The attempt was only partially successful, leaving both in a state of suspended animation. Using stasis to keep the two alive, Kratos and Ses`Ssro rushed to a nearby system, where medical professionals from Sienar Pharmaceuticals hurriedly attached a cybernetic arm to the wounded ancient warrior. It took significantly longer to stabilize what was left of Dhar`ghul's body. After some time, the doctors and med-droids were able to transfer Dhar`ghul's brain and the rest of his consciousness into the body of the ancient Nikto warrior. It took months for Dhar`ghul to come out of stasis, but Ses`Ssro never departed. Kratos moved on, performing numerous missions, but Dhar`ghul's fellow Nikto never departed.

A Warrior's Path

Dhar`ghul the Morgukai

Dhar`ghul immediately began to seek a warriors path, in a much stronger, more passionate way than he ever had before. Ses`Ssro came with him. Together, they set out for The Fortress of Kh`aris, seeking to learn from the scrolls left untouched in Dhar`ghul's previous visit. Due to Dhar`ghul's knowledge of the Fortress, they had no difficulty reaching the inner sanctum and looting the coffin of all the scrolls it contained. After months of deciphering these scrolls, the Nikto duo determined that there was a successor group to the Disciples of Jhrug. Some splinter members of the group had formed the Morgukai , a shadowy, secretive group that despised Force users and was one of the most sought after security and assassination organizations on the galaxy. The rumored headquarters of this group, purported to be led by Diabolus`ut Persolvo was on nearby Cyborrea . Undeterred by the fearsome reputation behind that name, the two Nikto set out for Cyborrea to learn more. They quickly learned far more than they had planned, as the Morgukai captured them. It was here that Dhar`ghul's warrior fate would be forged. He did not cower before his captors, even when put to hard labor, instead studying their warriors, attempting to learn as much of them as he could. His attitude impressed Diabolus. The Morgukai master offered Dhar`ghul the opportunity to become a Morgukai warrior. There was a condition. In order to prove his worth as a warrior, Dhar`ghul would have to kill his best friend, Ses`Ssro.

Rite of Passage

Dharghul Cyborrea.jpg
Morgukai Temple on Cyborrea

Torn between his desire to be a Morgukai warrior and his filial love for his best friend, Dhar`ghul asked for a day's respite to consider his choice. Diabolus refused, telling the younger Nikto that warriors often had seconds, not days to make decisions. The old warlord then handed Dhar`ghul a Morgukai glaive, and turned his back, telling Dhar`ghul he had sixty seconds to act. It took the young Nikto thirty-five of those seconds to decide. He drove the weapon into his friend's heart, killing him instantly. He was now a Morgukai apprentice.

The newly minted apprentice impressed his teachers with his combat ability and martial prowess, but struggled mightily with his impatience. Dhar`ghul passed each trial with mixed reviews. Diabolus himself, seeing the untapped potential in the young Nikto, took a hand in his training. What he saw both frustrated and fascinated the older veteran. Dhar`ghul's impatience and bloodlust often got him into difficulty on the battlefield. However, his unparalleled strength and skill would just as easily allow him to escape unscathed in situations where lesser sentients would have died. Sensing that Dhar`ghul had grown cocky, Diabolus had him take a force test. When it came back positive, Diabolus manipulated the results so that they appeared to Dhar`ghul as negative. This frustrated the impatient Nikto and caused his natural anger to boil over. He sought out a shadow force user named Odac Drol. Drol gave him an honest Force test, revealing that Dhar`ghul was in fact Force sensitive. This knowledge Dhar`ghul attempted to conceal, as it would mean the end of his time in the Morgukai. He managed this for a time, but his rashness and impatience eventually was his undoing. During a training operation, Dhar`ghul slipped up and used the Force to complete his mission This broke with all the traditions of the Morgukai and Diabolus immediately expelled Dhar`ghul from the sect.

Though frustrated by his failure, Dhar`ghul formulated a plan to get back in the favor of the Morgukai. He knew Diabolus was partial to hunting, and creatures to use as hunting companions. Therefore, Dhar`ghul went hunting himself, searching for the perfect young creature he could train to present to the Morgukai master. He tried many creatures until finally, he chanced upon a young, wounded Wampa. Dhar`ghul took in the struggling youngster and it became devoted to him, following him into battle and becoming almost as close a friend as any sentient. Dhar`ghul honed the Wampa into a loyal, savage hunting and killing machine, one that Diabolus would be proud to own. After he was certain the Wampa was fully trained, he returned to the Morgukai encampment to present him to Diabolus.

Burning Moon

Dharghul burning moon3.png
The Burning Moon Range

Diabolus was flattered by the gift. Dhar`ghul could have made a sizeable amount of credits by selling the Wampa, but had chosen to gift it to his master instead. However, the ancient rules of the Morgukai could not be broken. Dhar`ghul was a known Force user and could not be readmitted to the sect, no matter how much Diabolus wished it. In fact, the young Nikto had forfeited his life by even entering the Morgukai camp again. The master knew this and also knew he could nothing to prevent his former apprentice from paying the ultimate price. However, Diabolus respected Dhar`ghul enough to give the Nikto a choice as to how he would die. The young Nikto was forced to choose instant death, or a chance at life, by walking the Burning Moon Range, which no one had ever survived. The Range amounted to a death sentence, something that every member of the Morgukai sect knew. Diabolus pronounced the sentence unwillingly. He would have much rather kept Dhar`ghul in the Morgukai, but could do nothing against the long established tradition. Ever willing to gamble, Dhar`ghul chose the Burning Moon Range. The sect obliged, dropping Dhar`ghul off on Kintan, to walk the volcanic range. If the volcanoes failed to kill the young Nikto, the pirates lodged at the end undoubtedly would. It was a long, arduous journey across the burning terrain. However, Dhar`ghul successful navigated the white hot flames and the bone chilling cold of the Range, becoming the first sentient to do so. The nest of pirates at it's end was no problem for the trained Morgukai warrior, even weakened as he was by exposure and travel. Upon arriving at the starport, Dhar`ghul saw signs posted, seeking him, under his birth name. It was at this point, he adopted the name Dhar`ghul Khrog, a pseudonym he would stick with for the rest of his life.


Dhar`ghul in Kerdos

After months of wandering the galaxy, Dhar`ghul developed a plan to restore himself in the galaxy. He took the funds he had accumulated from his time with Kratos and founded Kerdos Company . Reaching out to friends within the Kingdom of Elysia Dhar`ghul aligned his newly founded corporation with them. He quickly built his recycling company into one of the premier recycling outfits in the galaxy. Kerdos became highly sought after by all members of the Galactic Alliance for their recycling needs. While not the warrior path Dhar`ghul had sought, corporate ownership brought with it it's own challenges which inspired the Nikto to keep seeking to better himself and his company in an ever changing galaxy.