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HomeworldMillius Prime, Moons of Iego
Average Height2-3 meters
Skin colorGlowing White
DistinctionsSix wings, Yellow aura
Known MembersList of known Diathim

Biology and appearance

For the galactic community the Diathim are mostly a mystery, and are commonly nicknamed angels. In tales they are often described as the most beautiful species. Pilots that have encountered them even claimed them to be beautiful member of their own species, even if they weren't humanoid themselves. In appearance the Diathim have an elegant humanoid form, but are very tall and slender to the point of appearing fragile compared to humans. Their average height is between two and three metres. A Diathim's skin always radiates pale glow of bright colour, making it difficult for species with low vision to make out features through their luminous skin tone. They have no apparent body hair aside from the hair growing on their heads.

One of their most prominent features is six blade-like wings adoring their backs which makes the Diathim capable of flight, and with their ability to survive in vacuum they can also travel in space where their wings are more effective. In their home system they have been observed to travel between the many moons of Iego. By the standards of current galactic governments they are considered a primitive culture.

Society and culture

There is no known Diathim government or technology, and it is speculated this is due to their lack of need for such developments. With their ability to survive in vacuum and travel in space without ships, albeit very slowly, the Diathim have little need for industrial or technological advancement like other species. As they do not require food as most species do, the culture did not develop a system for commerce or trade. Very little is known about their society, and while many Diathim remain secretive and do not learn the languages of other races, their voices are known for being soothing and harmonious. It is commonly believed that they communicate among themselves via some form of telepathic connection.


Since their discovery by explorers, rumours have spread regarding the nature of the Diathim and their physiology, and scientific studies have been conducted on specimens. One such study released through the NOVAcom media company suggests that their skin consists of billions of microscopic organisms that share a parasitic relationship with the Diathim host organism and emit the luminescence for which the species is known.



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