Diji Spiritstalker

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Diji Spiritstalker
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Tralus
Mother Kath Spiritstalker (née Tothar)
Father Jomak Spiritstalker
Spouse Wanu Spiritstalker (née Daraay)
Siblings Cur'en Spiritstalker (adopted), Lyly Spiritstalker (adopted)
Children None at this time
Born Year XX Day XX
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters
Weight ≈ 90 Kilograms
Hair Color Lt. Brown
Eye Color Lt. Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Medical, Pacnorval Defense Systems, Andromeda Starforge, Andromeda Salvage Group
Rank Captain
Positions Founder / Board of Directors
Prior Affiliation Kalsi-Creed Trading Alliance, Subduco Syndicate, Ailon Nova Guard


Diji Hangar.jpg

Personality & Appearance

Diji is pretty mild as Bounty Hunters come, though he can be ruthless when pushed. This is partly because he really doesn't consider himself a Bounty Hunter. He considers himself a Smuggler, and takes Bounties as a convenience. He became a smuggler as a way to support his friends as their Trade services were no longer profitable. He developed friendships with a small group of beings early in his freelance career. These beings eventually became more like an extended family to Diji. Diji is extremely loyal to his family, immediate or "extended". He will defend them with his dying breath and many of them will, in turn, give their lives for Diji. In his travels he has learned many things and has developed into a shrewd businessman and accomplished artist.

Diji Spiritstalker could easily blend into any crowd. While his abilities and skills are very adept, he tries to stay humble as to not draw needless attention to himself. His eyes are a very light blue, and his hair is a light brown. He prefers to maintain a groomed goatee. Most times he prefers ordinary clothes to uniforms or armor. It is not unheard of to find him in a simple flightsuit or a pair of durable pants, simple shirt, and rugged suede-leather jacket ( augmented with armored pauldrons.) Diji has earned both classes of Corellian Bloodstripe, though he refused to divulge how he earned them, and due to a shuttle accident early in his career he no longer remembers how they were earned. He also wears an unofficial class of white stripe (black worn on lighter fabric).

That same shuttle accident a few years back, left him with weakened arms and wrists. To augment this, Diji wears a custom form of cybernetic armor on his forearms that makes up for his weakness. He also uses these cybernetic pieces to house various bits of useful technology (Integrated Datapad, Starship Recall Circuit, Comlink, and other various "features"). He has been known to carry a DL-44 on his hip and a Hold-out blaster in his coat, but can be considered very armed and very dangerous when the situation calls for it.

Early Life

Diji was born on Tralus to a Shipwright and a homemaker. His father worked for a company contracted with Corellian Engineering Corporation as a Designer and Engineer. His work was instrumental in developing some of the early YT model design features. When Diji was just a boy, his parents adopted a Twi’Lek boy, named Cur’en, and a Qiraash girl names Lyly. The two were slave children. Because of the Spiritstalker's views on slavery these children were raised as their own. The three grew up together and developed a bond as strong as blood relatives could ever have. When Diji reached adulthood he took his father’s Byblos G-1A and struck out to explore the galaxy. His first stop was Corellia. Here he learned the way of a scout, working on his own living off the land, spending his days hunting the local wildlife and camping on the golden beaches near Coronet. When hunting no longer satisfied him, he ventured out to other places.

Diji ventured out to the Outer Rim where he was traveling via commercial shuttle as his father required the use of his Byblos G1-A. Diji's shuttle was attacked by pirates and the passengers were left for dead. He and the other passengers were rescued by a passing military vessel. The wounded were treated on a hospital station. Diji was among these wounded. He spent nearly two weeks in a Bacta tank to heal his wounds. When he regained consiousness, the 2-1B medical droid tending the patients informed Diji of his condition. It stated that Diji made a complete recovery with the exception of some accute amnesia and his arm and wrist muscles. The Bacta could not reverse the damage and resulting atrophy, and as a result, Diji would need to wear arm wraps to reinforce his weakened muscles. These wraps while cumbersome were necessary for Diji to perform many day-to-day functions.

The military organization that healed Diji and the other passengers provided them with clothing and other items to assist their transition back to civilization. The organization also made arrangements to provide transportation for the passengers of Diji's shuttle to their intended destination. Diji remembered hearing spacers talk about the exotic life on Tatooine. He decided he would go there next. This is where he met the first of many life long friends. He arrived at Bestine and quickly realized he needed a trade as hunters didn’t fare well in the harsh deserts. He thought about what he liked doing as a child and the things his father taught him. This lead to a few available options his skills provided him with.

Freelance Career

He sought out a locally advertised position for a droid repairman. Having tinkered with various forms of technology growing up, he thought he could be successful doing this. But he never expected what happened next. The company Diji signed onto was contracted shortly after Diji got hired on to provide goodsfor multiple sectors and some major corporations. Not liking the direction this contract took for them, the leadership up and left the company, leaving it in the hands of Diji and his co-workers, a Rodian named Corin and an Arkanian named Jodee Eleoona. Corin was able to regain the other employees trust and the company was back in production with a minimal amount of downtime. But Diji went from Droid Repairman to Droid Engineer as he began building droids from scratch. This new direction also moved the company from Bestine to Mos Entha. On a supply run with Corin and Jodee, Diji ran into a young woman named Wanu. Wanu was half Human, half Hapan, retaining the Hapan’s characteristic beauty with nearly no night-blindness. She was a theatrical performer and dancer with a traveling performance troupe performing locally in Mos Entha.

She quickly became infatuated with Diji and jumped at his offer to join his company as a tailor due to her experience as a seamstress creating costumes for her troupe. While she loved performing, she made the decision to stay with Diji when her troupe moved on. A few months later, she and Diji were married. Shortly after Diji’s marriage, his company was contracted to move to Dantooine to outfit settlers there. It was here that Diji added politics to his growing list of skills. Diji’s company set up a small town for its employees and their families. Diji and Corin alternated as mayor during their stay here on Dantooine. When he graduated from Medical school, his brother Cur’en and his Twi’Lek girlfriend, Eise, moved out to live with Diji. They were wed shortly after arriving. After a few successful years on Dantooine, Diji and company were moved out to Kor’Vella, Corellia. Diji felt much better about this new assignment as he was back in his home sector.

Smuggling Career

This feeling was short lived, as shortly after arriving at Kor’Vella, Diji’s company’s contract with the major corporations expired with no intentions to renew. Diji’s company fell apart with no new prospective clients. Those who stuck around vowed to back Diji at all costs. Diji decided it was time for some soul-searching, so he allowed his friends to take some time to themselves while he planned their next step. He, Wanu, and their Zeltron consort, Amaiemm took Diji’s Byblos and went to Coronet to seek out some business contacts Diji once had there. While there, Diji experienced events that would forever change his life and the lives of those indebted to him. He, Wanu and Amaiemm entered a cantina for some drinks. Amaiemm talked Diji into joining a Sabacc game, something he never thought to do before as he prefers not to gamble. After a few hands, Diji’s buy-in was repaid. After a few more hands he was positive a few thousand credits. By this point, the table began to thin as players bet all they could lose. Finally, the fateful hand was dealt.

After a few rounds of bets, the pot held 3 ships, 26 million credits, and the deed to a used starship lot on Talus. The players all made their calls and laid their cards on the table. The Devorian across the table from Diji called the winning hand of a Pure Sabacc score of 23. Diji was the last to lay his cards down: a pair of 7’s, a 2, a 3, and the Idiot… A true Idiot’s Array! Clearly upset the Devorian jumped up and drew his blaster, albeit a second too late as Wanu’s energy bolt scored its way through the hand holding the weapon. Diji decided it was time to cash out. Now Diji had a small fleet, the credits worth a small capital, and a used starship lot to boot. Wanu took the Byblos back to Kor’Vella to get Cur’en, Eise and Corin to go retrieve two of the ships from the pot, a Starwind Yacht and an older YT Freighter, while Diji and Amaiemm went to the Starport in Coronet to check out the remaining ship from the Pot.

It was a SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000. A beautiful ship, although its previous owner didn’t care for it as well as they should have. Its main hyperdrive was out of order and it had to rely on its Sublight engines and backup hyperdrive. Amaiemm worked to get the SoroSuub ready for flight and they made for Talus to see this used Starship lot. When they landed there, they met the previous owner, a Devorian with a bandaged hand, packing his belongings, preparing to move. Diji stopped to talk to him, explaining he wanted to cut a deal. Diji had no intention of running a used starship lot, nor did he want to take away someone’s livelihood. Diji offered the Devorian keep his business for exchange of a few choices of his stock. Diji chose five operable ships and three landspeeders from the Devorian’s stock. The Devorian, happy not to have lost everything, offered to repair the SoroSuub’s hyperdrive as well as install a Beckon Call and slave circuit matching the circuits he offered to install in the ships Diji wanted.

Diji and Amaiemm found a hotel in Dearic to stay in for a few days to await and oversee the repairs on his ship. Once the repairs were complete, the Devorian offered the parts for three more slave circuits to be installed on Diji’s other ships as a parting gift. Amaiemm worked to prepare all six ships for flight, while Diji loaded the landspeeders and some spare parts into the ships. Once they were ready, they took off and made preparations for the trip back to Kor’Vella. They arrived before Wanu, Cur’en and Eise returned. Diji gathered the remaining people and laid out his thoughts about their future. He explained that he had a few trade contacts in Coronet that could possibly use a helping hand getting their goods, legal or otherwise, to their destinations. He explained that with a fleet that was now nine ships strong, they could easily get back up on their feet providing transport services. When Wanu, Cur’en and Eise arrived with the last three ships, Diji explained this to them. The vote was unanimous.

A couple months went by, Diji grew adept at providing transport services. Then Diji was confronted with an offer to begin smuggling weapons into a core world controlled by a militaristic corporation. This was the start of a lucrative business operating as a smuggling alliance. After a few months of smuggling, Diji and his five family and friends were transporting some illegal goods from the mid-rim to the Core and were interdicted by a group of pirates. It was here, locked in the pirate’s hangar bay, that Diji met the remaining beings who joined his smuggling alliance, a pair of twins, a trio of Ship Thieves, and a quartet of traders. The twins were half Kiffar, half Lorrdian, the ship thieves consisted of a Duros, a Myke-Shi-ito half breed, and a Zabrak, and the trader group consisted of a Wookiee Healer, his honor-bound Noghri Bodyguard, A Mon Calamari Scientist, and an Ithorian Trader.

Realizing there were other beings in the ships trapped here in the Hangar Bay, Diji contacted and arranged a meeting with a representative from each ship to discuss escape possibilities. The two Kiffar-Lorridain twins, Oro and Vov both came to the meeting, the Duros, Dax, represented his team, and the of the four traders, the Mon Cal. Remi’n came. A plan was made that Dax would take out the hangar Vacuum Protection field using the Ion Cannon on his ship, and Diji would jam the pirate sensors with hopes that the remaining ships could escape before any alarms would sound. A rendezvous was set at Kor’Vella. When everyone had arrived, Diji and company refined their alliance, coining the name Darkside Elite. To prevent any further incidents with pirates, or any other Interdiction fields, Dax, his Zabrak partner Juski, Jodee, and Remi’n worked to outfit Darkside Elite’s ships with HIMS (Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustainer) tecnhnology.

Legitimate Operations

Some time went by, and Diji recieved a comminucation from his father. He uncovered some information about Diji’s distant ancestors. It appears that one of the men Diji was descendant of founded an arms company serving the Core worlds’ police forces. Pacnorval Defense Systems was a family operated company that went belly-up sometime in the Old Republic. It was recently ressurrected by a man by the name of Ettore Kalsi, another descendant of a Pacnorval founder. Diji and Wanu seeked out this Ettore, and discovered he was in need of assistance reviving Pacnorval. Diji offered the services of Darkside Elite to Ettore who welcomed Diji’s Pacnorval lineage to the table. Darkside Elite still operates as a smuggling organization, through the cover of their legitimate Pacnorval operations.

Diji and Darkside Elite made a strong effort to help Pacnorval rise up to become the premiere arms broker in the Core. Diji, Ettore, and other PDS employees were approached with an opportunity that stood to benefit Pacnorval greatly. A Kuati by the name of Crawford Zapp was looking for a few promising individuals to help them stand up a medical supply company. Because of his expertise as both a pilot and businessman, Diji was brought on as a founding board member of Galactic Medical. Thus Galactic Medical, like Pacnorval Defense Systems, became a member of Diji's extended family. It was at this point that Diji's adopted sister, Lyly, came to Join Diji's operation.

Currently, Diji, Cur'en, Wanu, and Lyly all serve both Galactic Medical and Pacnorval Defense Systems. Darkside Elite still operates though they no longer reside in a specific system. Many of its members have turn back to their craft as there's not much smuggling needed to be done that cant be legimately done through either Galactic Medical or Pacnorval Defense Systems. Because of the slower lifestyle, Diji has offered his services as a consultant for various instiutions looking to stand up on their own two feet.

Spiritstalker Designs

While Diji has toed both sides of the legal line during his lifetime, the many hours spent in hyperspace can add up to a lot of time where getting cooped up in one's ship could lead to a case of Hyper-Rapture, Diji took up the arts. He now operates Spiritstalker Designs, an Art Studio dedicated to providing portrait work of various beings and and their starships. If you would be interested in purchasing portrait work of yourself, your ship, speeder, or other item, feel free to join us at #Spiritstalker_Designs.