Doc Jessa

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Doc Jessa
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Masubara, Minos Cluster
Mother Amelia Jessa
Father Graf Jessa
Siblings Miranda Jessa - Sister
Born Year -12 Day 23
Died Year 12 Day 145
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Deputy Director
Positions Ministry of Industry
Prior Affiliation
Awards DocJessa-Awards.png

Doc Jessa was an Imperial at heart. When the New Imperial Order was formed to stand up against the tyrannical rule of Emperor Vodo Bonias, Doc signed on as its first recruit and rose through the ranks working in the various COMPNOR departments and the Imperial Security Bureau. While taking time off and working for other ventures, he was never really far from the Imperial cause as was soon back inside the Galactic Empire, working inside the Ministry of Industry to spread the Imperial cause throughout the galaxy. It was this spirit and determination that he carried throughout his life until his death during a pirate raid in the Corporate Sector.

The Good Old Days


Doc Jessa was born in the Minos Cluster in the Outer-Regions to Graf and Amelia Jessa, space merchants and regular traders in the Outer-Rim. A family of minimal wealth, Doc was constantly forced to fend for himself while his parents were away trying to earn a fortune trading whatever they found on their travels, ranging from hyperdrive scrap to stockpiles of the rare Ryll drug. As he grew, the neglect began to turn his once innocent soul into the foul domain of a troubled teenager. He would constantly steal goods from stores and drink underage and taverns throughout the Cluster, and often letting his fists do the talking when a dispute got out of hand. At the age of seventeen, he continued to expand his criminal adventures, and began illegally trading goods he stole from his parents stockpiles to get some cash, eventually gathering enough to purchase a few blasters and swords, which was never a good sign.


While in a tavern in the Cluster, he was ambushed by a gang, The Masubara Misfits, and beaten senseless; he was stabbed and shot, and dumped in an alley to die. Luckily, his parents went looking for him soon after and had a small stockpile of Bacta to heal his wounds. The incident however left its own scars, and Doc always sought revenge for what the gang had done, and one by one, he caught up with his targets, and in a title the local holocom called, The Minos Massacre, Doc slashed the throats of his victims and hung them in very public places. While executing his last victim, he was caught by several security officials and arrested. His parents begged and pleaded that he was a troubled child, but the local authorities wouldn't allow a murderer to walk the streets, and sentenced Doc to twenty galactic years in prison.

While being transported to the prison the transport was raided by pirates, allowing Doc to escape. He snuck away through the sprawl of the metropolis and boarded a small transport bound for the inner regions of space, and knowing the Minos Cluster had no jurisdiction in the inner regions, or any real forum to alert them of his crimes, Doc felt safe. Before leaving, he left a note to his parents alerting them to what had occurred, but he has never heard from them since. Sleep deprived and dehydrated, he departed the transport on Denevar in the Hallu Sector. It was here on the space transport that he met someone dear to his heart, Chunbacca Khan. The lone Wookiee was working with the Trade Federation as a Cabinet Member surveying the Outer-Rim territories for possible expansion initiatives. Feeling at ease in the presence of the domineering Wookiee, Doc spoke with him, learning about the history of the Trade Federation and it's goals and objectives. Under the leadership of Toran Slisik it had grown from its past under the Dark Ace Menshu and had become a strong trading force in the galaxy. After listening to the spiel, Doc shook hands with the Wookiee and completed his journey to the Hallu Sector. Here, he was greeted, by the leader of the Tenloss Syndicate, Tycho Celchu, and soon realized he was on a diplomatic transport. After hours of diplomatic talks and deliberations, Doc was left in the room with Tycho, and after explaining what had occurred, to some extent, Tycho allowed Doc to enter the services of the Tenloss Syndicate. As he served the Syndicate, he was taught various methods of piloting, and was groomed in the ways of politics and civilization, attaining the skills required to one day move away from petty criminal activities and branch into more legitimate forms of money making. However as time passed, Tycho and Doc began to drift as more important affairs of state occurred inside the Syndicate, and deciding that his time could be better spent elsewhere, Doc resigned and departed Denevar.

Bothan Adventures, a Thing of Beauty

As Doc looked for other gainful employment, he began to come obsessed with communications coming out of the Glythe Sector entitled Dack and Kurner's Excellent Adventures (DKEA). Aran Dack and Kurner Dahtar continually travelled around the galaxy offering travel advice to those in the galaxy unable to muster up thestrength to visit a local travel agency. Through humorous postcards and hilarious public service announcements, the duo began to create a galactic phenomenon, and a entertainment program that would make history. After following their adventures for a great deal of time, and with nothing to do during normal business hours, Doc decided to try a more public image. Figuring the authorities of Masubara wouldn't think to analyse entertainment programs to catch outlaws, Doc decided to try and get a job with DKEA. After several productive meetings with Kurner Dahtar took place, Doc was enlisted as a field reporter and given a number of odds and sods tasks to fill time slots in the program, often given false medical advice as a prank due to the similarities with his name and the medical profession. The show continued to grow and constantly move around the galaxy, but conglomerates were beginning to take shape, and Kurner's interests began to focus elsewhere with the creation of the Commerce Guild, the first faction in the Confederacy, and with Aran Dack focusing on personal matters, Dack and Kurner's Excellent Adventures retired its program, and hasn't been seen on hologrids since. After a successful entertainment run, Doc decided to return to a more serious position, and enlisted in the newly created New Imperial Order, an Imperial vision looking to restore the glory of the Galactic Empire.

Imperial Protocols 101

New Galactic Order

Beginning as Recruit, Doc quickly showed his skills and was rapidly promoted through the Order, and soon was the Executive Officer inside the Third Logistical Fleet under Guinar Ndengin. The two of them quickly restructured the New Imperial Order's Logistical Operations, quickly making it easier for new member enlistment and retrieval, as well as logistical support to other military and civil departments, including Corellian Engineering Corporation. As the Third Logistical Fleet blossomed, Doc quickly befriended Ykita Pingvellir, a subordinate and loyal soldier. The two of them would often be spotted socializing in their time off in the Drev'starn Tavern on Kothlis, sharing views of the political situations of the Order, and their opinions on personal situations affecting their lives. As their lives progressed and their friendship grew, so did their positions in the Order.


Ykita quickly rose in the Navy, and Doc soon took a position as Second Fleet Liaison inside the Imperial Security Bureau. The ISB reminded Doc a lot of his past; he got to enforce Order his own way, as long as it was in the bounds of Imperial Law and Conduct. He would constantly be watching for any infringements and breaches of conducts along with Deputy Director Coral Dayton, to keep the New Order in line, unlike the failing Galactic Empire. Through their work, many attempts to thwart the efforts of the New Order were squandered, and protocol was constantly adhered to, but Doc began to tire from his many activities. Having worked constantly for a number of years, Doc took a Leave of Absence and escaped to the beautiful world of Naboo for a brief holiday. While on his Leave of Absence, Doc reflected on his short life, and finally realized the pain and suffering he had caused himself and people around him. He had barely any friends and would constantly be in pain from the number of fights he was part of, and his body was deteriorating due to his horrid Corellian Ale obsession and would not sleep for days on end. After a long holiday, Doc returned to the Bothan Sector, but transferred from the New Imperial Order and the Imperial Security Bureau, into an affiliate corporation, Bothan Blasting Corporation under the guise of Charles Slayden.

Upon arriving in BBC, he enlisted in the Transportation Department working under Alex Flame, but would become constantly frustrated at the work inside the department. Due to his relative inexperience, Alex would often require assistance in some tasks that would cause Doc to get minimal work done, and the logistical operations of the corporation were floundering because of it. It was a this time he receieved a communication from Rune Tao, a friend from his Tenloss days and renowned trader with excellent managerial skills. Feeling he needed a break from Imperial life and a change of scenery, Doc contacted the Imperial Security Bureau and stated his intentions, along with the desire to return to Imperial Service sometime in the future. As he cleaned out his quarters and departed for the Hallu Sector, he met up with his friend, who had just re-opened the Endeavor Corporation, specializing in trading. It didn't take long for Doc to get into the rhythm of things, and was soon appointed as Director of Faction Relations.

The Pen’s Mightier than the Sword

Using his diplomatic skills, Doc quickly made contact with several of the governments throughout the various sectors in the galaxy, offering attractive contracts with the growing Endeavor Corporation. An as the contracts prospered, so did Endeavor Corporation. During the nationalization period of the Corporate Sector Authority with the Galactic Empire, Endeavor came into possession of Paradox Resource Exploration and EndeavorHealth. As the board of Endeavor was easily taking care of the diplomatic side, Doc was re-assigned as Deputy Administrator for Paradox Resource Exploration as its second in command, where he worked to continue the prosperous nature of Endeavor. As work continued throughout the Corporation, Doc was promoted to Vice President and Leader of Paradox Resource Exploration. Here, he watched as Paradox began to harvest Raw Materials once again and begin supplying the Corporation with much needed Raw Materials to begin the prosperous Endeavor Trading Network that spreads throughout the galaxy. However, as time passed he began to become strained as the Corporation slowly began to put up more and more red tape, and with the sudden departure of Rune Tao to the Unknown Regions, Doc tendered his resignation and began to once again roam the Outer-Rim of the galaxy considering his next career move. With time continually passing, Doc decided to locate his old friend Chunbacca Khan and follow his work within the Trade Federation. It didn’t take long for Doc to learn some terrible news however - Chunbacca had passed away. Heartbroken and in a state of devastation, Doc took some time to mourn his friend before deciding to continue his legacy and he joined the Federation after a number of talks with Viceroy Jacob Jansen.

Change it Up

Happiness Leads to Frustration

It didn't take long for Doc to become flustered and frustrated while working inside the Ministry of State. It was apparant to him that he joined out of desperation and regret for his friend, and failed to have any real desire to assist the Federation due to his tired nature and other personal desires that occupied him. As he floated aimlessly throughout the galaxy working on Trade Federation culture assignments, he began to pen news correspondents to inform the galaxy of its happenings at a respectable standard, unlike the news corporations and outlets of the day. As his enthusiasm grew, he soon parted the Glythe Sector, angering Viceroy Jansen and his superiors, to pursue journalism contracts and pursue stories as they arose. As support and praise followed, he began to write news on a more permanent basis, through an independent body known as Fuzz Inc. With the assistance of friends Stefan Corleone and Alexander von Ismay, he used the Binaros Smuggling Alliance as a vessel for his messages while keeping them based only on the opinions of Fuzz Inc.

While he traveled the galaxy pursuing news material, he communicated with a number of infamous figures including Warlord Squall Chitose, Jedi Master Asarya’katr and Mining Magnate Clarr Solo while continually venturing into the Unknown Regions to find the legendary Gorn Veynom. Whenever he wasn’t seeking every strain of information however he was at his newly constructed Fuzz Inc. headquarters facility in the Sern Sector where his continued to grow an infrastructure to support his growing journalism efforts. While in Sern space he met and began to have a relationship with Kayla Lenn. While Both being Corellian's with troubled childhoods and with an enthusiasm to the Imperial cause at some stage, Doc felt their relationship had a large number of things in common, and the relationship blossomed and the two were seen publicly on a number of occasions expressing their love for each other. As Doc became more pre-occupied in a journalism career and with Kayla spending a long time away on operations of questionable legality, Doc began to find less time for a relationship and became saddened as the love began to wilt from their relationship. Splitting amicably, the two went their separate ways, and Doc began to travel even more to locate the latest story.

While surveying a new real estate venture in Sern, he was approached by a malnourished man. The two spoke for a number of hours before the man revealed himself to be Doc’s father, Graf Jessa. Relieved, Overjoyed, Frustrated and Angered, many emotions overcame him as he embraced his father for the first time in so many years. As the two shared many stories about their pasts and how they missed each other, Graf revealed he became separated from his wife Amelia some time ago. Understanding but devastated, Doc offered his father free accommodation and full access to his intelligence devices to help locate his mother. After several months of tireless searching they received no word from Amelia. Deciding good news was required, Graf told Doc that he had a sister. After his departure from the family apart his incident with the Masubara Misfits, Graf and Amelia had a baby girl called Miranda. Overjoyed, he embraced his father and looked forward to the day they would meet. While Graf was happy with Doc's reaction, he believed Miranda and Amelia would be together, also looking to reunite the family. Resigned to the fact that one day their paths would meet, Doc set a course to a new way of life with his father to occupy himself while he continued to search for his family.

Back Full Circle

While many career choices crossed his mind, the one that took the most interest was compiling a news service the galaxy had never seen. While the Galactic News Service provided some news to the galaxy, many local governments provided their own news that rarely got published throughout the galaxy for all to see. After some administrative calls and travels throughout a number of sectors, Doc believed that while such a


service would be appreciated by a select few in the galaxy, he failed to have adequate financial backing or support for the venture and instead decided to pursue his own journalism career. This however took a turn when Emperor Vodo Bonias abdicated the Imperial Throne which saw then ascension of former New Imperial Order Executor and friend, Thomas Cherokee, rise to the Imperial Throne as Emperor. Surprised but enthusiastic that the Imperial banner had finally been restored to its former glory, Doc decided it was now time to return to the Imperial Cause and abandoned his journalism ventures and met with Executor Guinar Ndengin and Lord Admiral Seele, former Commanding Officers and friends inside the New Imperial Order to discuss his future. After a number of discussions with them, along with Grand Vizier Jorus Taidan and trusted friend Lieutenant General Coral Dayton, he turned to the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) and began working with Vizier Jacen Varos within the Coalition of Improvements to improve Raw Material Operations for the Galactic Empire. While working in the Coalition, he also had the opportunity to continue his journalism hobby and enlisted as a part-time member of the Imperial News Bureau. He was back full circle and spreading the Imperial cause throughout the galaxy once again.

After a short time, Doc was placed into the Ministry of Industry to take over leadership of the Imperial Recycling Company, Imperial Resource Conversions, to manage all Recycling missions and contracts for the Imperial Union. After the resignation of Nara Reincam, Doc had a large amount of re-organisation to undertake to get the company up and running, including the implementation and construction of the Imperial Recycling Network, giving each Imperial Sector an adequate base to conduct Recycling operations efficiently without the need for large hauling operations within Imperial space. After a short leadership, it was decided by the Imperial Union to merge existing companies to have greater control over galactic markets instead of having Union companies compete against each other. Through this manoeuvre, Imperial Resource Conversions was merged with Haven Recycling and placed under the prevue of the Trade Federation and the Ministry of Industry to manage Union wide, while Doc returned to the Ministry to consider running a new Imperial Medical Company, an offer he refused as he chose to remain inside the Ministry and conduct Imperial matters.

The Beginning of the End

One Lives, One Dies

While considering his future placement within the Galactic Empire, Doc took a brief leave of absence with his father, Graf Jessa, to continue the search for his mother and long lost sister. Searching throughout the Inner Regions of galactic space, Doc trawled through underground merchants and other criminal enterprises trying to locate his mother and his sister when he eventually met success. After a month of searching, Doc and Graf received a communication from a spice merchant known only as Jupiter. After a number of communications, it was revealed that Jupiter had discovered Amelia and Miranda Jessa on one of his freighters while conducting illegal trading operations. Figuring Doc would alert the Galactic Empire Military, Jupiter has already hidden the women to entice Doc into paying a ransom for his family. After tracking the location of his communications, Doc captured Jupiter and tortured him to find where his family was. A badly bruised and slashed Jupiter finally revealed that his family was in a nearby system, marooned on a freighter with a disabled hyperdrive system. Furious and enraged, Doc stabbed Jupiter in his chest, leaving him to bleed out and die as he left to save the remains of his family.

Not longer after Jupiter's death, Graf and Doc found the location of the freighter using the coordinates Jupiter had passed onto them. Airlocking onto the freighter was easy, and Doc entered the ship. Apparently disabled due to a pirate raid, the freighter floated aimlessly around space with limited life support systems available. Screaming their names, Doc looked frantically with Graf to find his family. They searched far and wide, in every compartment and every room but could not locate them. As he threw a chair across the supply room in anger, Doc noticed a dried blood trail running along the floor. Following it, he was lead to a hidden compartment in the floor of the cockpit. With Graf's help, Doc was able to pry the compartment open, which contained his mother and sister. Unfortunately for the two of them, Amelia had been killed by a blaster shot to the head. Distraught, Doc jumped down to hold his mother in his arms, while Graf attended to his daughter Miranda. As Amelia lay their lifeless in Doc's arms, Graf rolled Miranda over and couldn't find any major wounds. While looking over her body she slowly opened her eyes. As she woke up, she told them about their ordeal and how Amelia died, and that Jupiter killed her to keep Miranda in line. Comforting Miranda, Graf told Miranda of her relation to Doc, and the two embraced, before carrying the body of Amelia off the freighter. Setting down on a nearby planet, the three of them laid their wife and mother to rest, and took some time to get to known each other once again.

After several months of absence from the Empire mourning the loss of his mother, Doc re-enlisted to continue his work within the Ministry and the Galactic Empire as a whole.

Now For the Rest

As part of his new assignments within the Ministry, Doc traveled to the Corporate Sector to conduct surveys on Imperial planets, and oversee a number of meagre operations in their inception stages. On Day 100 of Galactic Year 12, Doc was contacted over holocommunication channels by Ignatius Paak, former Mayor of Cadinth in the Tion Cluster, who had an interest in becoming a partner in Fuzz Inc. and its operations. Initially hesitant to open up the doors of his most prized possession to an outsider, Doc became more and more enthusiastic as Ignatius proposed more and more profitable and effective strategies for the communications and trading company. Giving himself time, Doc decided that his time had passed for the company, coming more and more involved in Imperial operations throughout the galaxy, Doc figured he would have insufficient time to devote to his company, and dispatched a protocol droid to the Tion Cluster to give Ignatius Paak complete ownership and control of his company. On Day 144 of Year 12, Doc, via a humble protocol droid, officially gave control of Fuzz Inc. to the politically motivated Ignatius Paak, and the title of Fuzz.

While conducting Industrial surveys in Corporate, Doc was attacked by a small insurgency of pirate forces. Through his efforts he was able to hold off a number of attackers, but his ship was eventually captured. Unable to transmit his location to the Empire for reinforcements, Doc was forced to protect his family and seek safe passage off the ship through alternate means. Successfully escaping from his ship undetected, he was able to escort his father and sister to the adjacent docking bay. As the large bay doors opened, Doc and his family was met by his attackers who immediately opened fire, killing Graf and Miranda Jessa in their attack. Enraged by their loss, Doc removed a metal pipe from the docking bay wall and subdued an attacker, grabbing a sword from their belongings. As he stood up, covered in blood from the dead pirate that lay at his feet, he was met by the pirate leader and all remaining raiders from onboard the ship. As a battle ensued, Doc brutally slaughtered his enemies in a monstrous bloodbath, one by one. As his enemies encircled, he received a number of injuries including surface scratches and bruises, before being impaled by a pirate sword in the chest. Fighting back the pain and embracing his anger, he continued to fight and inevitably killed the pirate leader and his followers. As the bodies surrounded him and his wound continued to spill blood, Doc dropped to his knees, acknowledging the end. Smirking, he felt the cold touch of death as his bodily functions began to degrade and he slowly fell to the floor, and on Day 145 of Galactic Year 12, Doc Jessa met his end at the age of twenty-four in the Fibuli system.

"Well I suppose that's it Fuzz."
— Doc Jessa - Last Words

Director of Imperial Resource Conversions
Preceded By:
Endora Strax
Doc Jessa
Year 11 Day 324Year 12 Day 1
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Company Dissolved
Owner of Fuzz Inc.
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Position Created
Doc Jessa
Year 11 Day 140Year 12 Day 144
Succeeded By:
Ignatius Paak