Dorn Zeke

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Dorn Zeke
Dorn Zeke.png
Biographical Information
Race Barabel
Homeworld Barab I
Mother Lyra
Father Zeke
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.98 meters
Coloring Dark scales
Political Information
Affiliation Aurodium Legion (founder)
Rank Legate (Aurodium Legion)
Prior Affiliation D'Este Realty (Year 10)

Dorn Zeke is the founder and ruler of the Aurodium Legion. A cold-blooded reptilian creature, Dorn hails from the terrestrial planet of Barab I in the Outer Rim Territories. Loyal and honorable, his actions are often dictated by his innate hunting instincts. He expresses emotion — such as amusement or grief — by "sissing." He has hard, dark colored scales, and is usually covered in a thick black cloak.


According to hearsay whispered by space-faring aliens, the autocratic leader of the Aurodium Legion is Dorn Zeke, a red-skinned Barabel with razor-sharp fangs. Zeke hails from a dangerous swath of the galaxy near the Triellus Trade Route. Data records salvaged during the last years of the Old Republic indicate that Zeke was a high-born offspring of the ruling family of Barab I. However, other sources claim that Zeke was born a Barabel commoner who gained status by pursuing a lucrative career as a galactic trader.

When he was a youngling, Dorn's parents — Zeke and Lyra — were brutally slain by trophy hunters. Vowing to exact revenge upon their murderers, Dorn allowed himself to be captured by slavers and transported off Barab I as a caged animal. After exiting hyperspace, the slavers entered standard orbit about Gamma II, an uninhabited planetoid with an astrogation station. It was there that Dorn freed himself and murdered his captors. Due to his sabotage of the latter station, a repair shuttle was dispatched from a civilized planet. Upon the shuttle's arrival, Dorn subsequently commandeered it and effected his escape.

In Year 9, Edas Zun, the navigator of a mining vessel, discovered Zeke on a remote planetoid at the edge of the Triellus Trade Route. After impressing Zun with his knowledge of rare minerals, Zun hired the Barabel as a contracted prospector. Thus, Zeke began his career in the mining organization of Isabella D`Este and quickly ascended its ranks to become one of her top lieutenants. When D`Este mysteriously disappeared, Zeke quietly took over the mining organization and his guidance enabled the group to become a famed company in the mining industry.

As his star ascended in the mining industry, Zeke ventured into trading. By ensuring that each customer was pleased with their trade, he gained an impeccable reputation. Soon, his traded assets grew and he began to dabble in other financial ventures, including facility construction in partnership with Davik Kaisho. Renowned as an honest middleman and honorable businessman, Zeke kept a low profile despite his lofty position as a trader baron.

While trading in the Farlax Sector, Zeke witnessed barbaric cruelty when Zygerrian slavers attacked the peaceful world of Carosi. Stranded in a Carosi spaceport, he watched in horror as the slavers struck hard and fast, devastating Carosi's armed forces and blasting the planet's cities into rubble. Ensuing orbital bombardments against refugee shantytowns reduced its natives to abject poverty. The tragic event made a deep impression on the altruistic Zeke.

Wishing to take action on behalf of the oppressed, Zeke decided to create a mercenary unit and searched for a suitable name. As a lifelong miner with an affinity for precious metals, he was particularly fond of aurodium, a sparkling element used for ingots, coins, and jewelry that naturally occurs as nuggets or grains in the veins and alluvial deposits found in planetary mines. Believing in the fortuitous karma of the precious metal, Zeke christened his new mercenary unit as the Aurodium Legion, and immediately began recruiting members circa Year 11. Among his motley recruits were Trandoshan hunters, Ubese mercenaries, Gamorrean bodyguards, and a Corellian shipwright named Helseth Hlaalu.

Today, the Legion has grown into a successful polity and Zeke reigns as its respected commander. Asynchronously, Zeke continues to serve the galaxy as a respected trader and information broker.


Dorn shares a special bond with the humanoid Edas Zun. Although Zun is a Kuati and Dorn is a Barabel, they have sworn a life debt to each other and are blood brothers according to Barabel tribal culture.