Dragomir Kies

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Dragomir Kies
Dragomir Kies.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Mutated Gamorrean
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Hildegarda Kies
Father Vlad Casimir Kies †
Siblings Ivo Kies
Children none
Born Year -14 Day 196
Quote You're Loud !
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2 meters (6'6")
Weight 260 lbs (117 kg)
Coloring Deep Green
Eye Color Reddish Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Eriadu Authority
Title Vlad Kies
Rank Captain
Positions CEO and Commander of Eriadu Authority
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire
Awards Don't care

Early Life

Excerpt from recruitment interview of applicant Dragomir Kies
- Very well mr Kies now plese tell us more about yourself
- What is it you would like to know?
- Tell us about your family, youth, do you have any criminal record? also your recent occupations, skills and education please
- Ok, so I was born on day 196 year minus 14 of Imperial standard time
- Oh so todays your birthday? Best wishes
- Yes, thank you sir. My family consists currently of my mother, Hildegarda Kies after the death of my father she quit her job at factory, kicked out my useless brother out of the
flat and started renting out two rooms in her flat...

- And to whom is she renting those rooms ?
- To many people sir. She charges per hour...
- Ah... I see. Please continue.
- So the other member of my family is my brother Ivo Kies, hes working at Southport Starport, hes driving fuel and shipment trucks...
- You said your father is dead?...
- Yes he died half a year ago, when the power generator at our factory blew up, its 23rd A18th Southcomposites Co factory. After Investigation we learned that it was Rebel sabotage
of whole shipment of safety switches for production grade power generators.
- And what was yours and your fathers jobs at the factory?
- I was a welder, and my father Vlad Casimir Kies was chief Electrician Brigadier"
- How come an expert electrician haven't noticed a sabotage ?
- Sir! the safety switches are solid factory sealed containers, all imperial instructions strictly forbid opening and tampering with them, we were told that Rebels manufactured
perfect though faulty replicas of imperial safety switches and through treachery switched with genuine Imperial shipment. There was no way to know that they are sabotaged
untill installation, and that was precisely when the explosion occured

- Very well, please tell us about your previous occupations, education and if you have or not any criminal record"
- Before the factory, I worked as a bouncer in five pubs with dancing floors, their names are in my application form, as for education, I have finished Elementary grade school, and
occupational courses of Welder, Electrician and Freighter pilot. The last one with highest marks in my class.
- Excellent that is very good to know, we will of course verify all of that. for the last part please tell us about that criminal record and we will have all required information
- As far as I know I have no criminal record. However, due to various reasons I have faced Imperial court on charges of assault, disorderly behaviour and violation of Imperial peace
in total of 46 cases. I have to add that I have been cleared of all charges by the court, and true culprits have been brought to justice in all save one of those cases

[long silence an than obviously shocked voice of the recruiter] -How...what?... what the hell happened?
- Well sir. After running... I mean leaving my home, Ive found out that my neighbourhood is flooded with lowlifes and half of the galaxy scum. I mean yeah I was rised in slumms,
but hell poor people have right for some peace and stability too, dont you think? So I gathered some local punks reformed them with ... uhm thorough discussion and uhm strong
arguments, and with acceptation of local population formed a self defense unit. We have intervened total of 46 times, of course reporting all of them to police after capturing the
criminals and gathering witnesses for each act. Since all the scum put up resistance for civil arrest, and all of them atacked us, I was forced to defend myself and
kinda... uhm.. sent them all to hospitals with various non-fatal injuries... some of them permanent. Well truthfully most of them permanent.

[another long minute of silence] -I see... Im sorry I will have to verify this thoroughly, please wait for the final decision on your application in recreational room
mr Kies.
- of course sir. Thank you sir
[end of transmission]

[Excerpt from Southports district Police report on case 7-202A4/233]

regarding the case we were discussing earlier, the court found citizen Kies not guilty on all charges, on grounds that he chose to act for the sake of public safety, it was judged that while excessing somewhat rules of self defense and civillian arrest, his cooperation in Police investigation along with capturing of 45 criminals, benefitted the local population by directly affecting drop in criminal activity by almost 40%. However judge did found our argument valid and ordered disbanding of the self defense unit. Sir! sadly I have to admit that mr Kies comply with courts order... currently our local unit is faced with over 70% rise of criminal activity, the 20 men whom you have sent us here for 10 days as reinforcements accomplished nothing, due to high carbon dioxide levels in the lower levels along with lack of sunlight they all suffered various degrees of breathing problems and had to remain in their beds under constant supervision of doc Matthias. I humbly request at least twenty men permanent reinforcements, and also have to inform you that according to doc Matthias analysys any reinforcements have to go through at least 14 day acclimatisation regime before entering active duty.

Estimated risk of local population disturbances rised from Low to Medium.

Officer [censored]

Imperial Service

Citizen Dragomir Kies entered direct Imperial service as Recruit Kies in the year 11 day 196 on 5:56 Imperial standard time
He have been assigned to Junior Training Officer Ardath Lemeth at Imperial Academy.
Until the sixth Exam he held perfect score of 100%, his argument on his fifth exam have been accepted and his answear have been judged correct in that case.
Sadly on sixth exam he have comitted his first mistake scoring only 83%.
Due to his body weight he broke a steel chair on which he was sitting during that exam. No disciplinary means have been taken except subtracting the chairs cost from his earnings.
On Following Exams he scored 100% scores except two cases, once 85% and once 92% On Day 205 of year 11 Dragomir Kies Graduated with Honors in public Ceremony with Final result of 97% He expressed desire to serve in the Army and was promoted to rank of Private First Class.

Imperial Army

Dragomir when asked about his desired Branch, clearly stated that he wishes to join the Army, become a stormtrooper and kick asses... that is help bring peace and stability to galaxy<br\> PFC Dragomir Kies have been assigned to Imperial Army.

Soon after receiving his unit assignment some prankster in barracks Laser imprinted Dragomirs Helmet with a nickname "Heidi", knowing that fighting nicks is useless Dragomir had the helmet decorated with a logo of a small 9 years old girl in a pink dress holding huge nailspiked club.

Dragomir Kies have been assigned to ISD Maelstrom, for a mission of securing GE hold over recently rediscovered planet of Caelmeth. The Mission was uneventful.

Assigned to Operation Pandora assault force - mission details are still TOP Secret -

Kies eventually succeeded CPT Califf D'Troit as 1st Imperial Legions Commanding Officer, and soon afterwards reached the rank of Captain. During his service as LCO, took part in Army reform, preparations and advised Army CO. However Commanding position quickly disilusioned him towards Imperial High Command, which obviously treated Army as cannon fodder, efficiently preventing changes which would result in rising quality, and competence of Imperial foot soldiers along with their survival prospects.

Kies, have first retired than resigned from Imperial service, and left Imperial space after successfully recruiting hundreds of opressed Abyssin recruits to build his own military force.

Eriadu Authority

With assistance of like minded sentients, Dragomir Kies founded Eriadu Authority in Seswenna sector and became its Leader, putting his knowledge and experience into creating a truly elite and as self sufficient as possible ground combat unit, successful production and buisness branches were created, providing EA with necessary equipment and income for its operations.

Promotions and Awards

  • Year 11 Day 205: Promoted to Private First Class E-3
  • Year 11 Day 205: Awarded with Imperial Honors Graduation Badge [IAHG]
  • Year 11 Day 226: Awarded with Mentioned in Dispatches award [DIS]
  • Year 11 Day 234: Awarded with Army Tactical Essay Content[ATEC] badge
  • Year 11 Day 235: Promoted to Corporal E-4
  • Year 11 Day 241: Assigned to TA Adjunct position in his Legion
  • Year 11 Day 263: Promoted to Sergeant E-5
  • Year 11 Day 283: Promoted to Staff Sergeant E-6
  • Year 11 Day 304: Promoted to Sergeant First Class E-7
  • Year 11 Day 304: Awarded with Letter of Commendation
  • Year 11 Day 304: Assigned to Legion Adjutant position
  • Year 11 Day 306: by the Army Reform promoted to 2nd Lieutenant O-1
  • Year 11 Day 331: Assigned to Legions Executive Officer position
  • Year 11 Day 356: Assigned to 1st Imperial Legions Commanding Officer