Drax Industries

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Drax Industries
General Information
Motto Innovating Today
Status Active
Leader Cipher Thorstein
2IC Pinto Grande
Owner Mindabaal League
Historical Information
Founded Year 5 Day 168
Political Information
Affiliation Mindabaal League
formerly Kathol Republic
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Drax Industries
"As a group [Drax Industries] is pretty decent. Member wise they've got guys who have their heads screwed on, [sic] maybe some are opinionated but generally speaking they're level headed and have a good core of guys working there."
Dakha Rednax

Drax Industries is a public multinational corporation headquartered in Mindabaal, Bamula that develops and manufactures a wide variety of starships. It was established on Year 5 Day 168 by Malakai Brooks to service the Kathol Republic. Since the dissolution of the Republic, the company has turned public and primarily designs and markets specialty and luxury freighters. Cipher Thorstein is the current President and Chief Executive Officer.


Drax Industries was formed by Malakai Brooks on 168, Y5. The company was founded to serve as The Kathol Republic's primary contractor in the fields of naval architecture and aerospace engineering. With the official recognition of the Kathol Republic as a major government late in Y6, Drax Industries was able to secure major funding from the government in order to meet the constant demand from the Kathol Republic Guard. The first shipyard constructed by Drax Industries was the “Kathol Republic Yards", a Kalvati-class Shipyard. At the time of its completion it was the largest shipyard in the Outer Rim, and it is still among the largest in the Tri-sector area. The Station is still in use today, though it no longer produces to fill military contracts.

The fall of the Kathol Republic and its Reformation as the Krath Dynasty saw Drax Industries fall on hard times. Without the Kathol Republic Guard contracts on which the company had been founded, Drax Industries had major difficulties funding the same scope of projects they had grown accustomed to managing. It was during this transitional period that the company decided to co-found a small conglomeration made up of estranged former Kathol Republic nationalized companies by the name of Malakai-Incorporated, so named to honor the late founder of Drax. The conglomeration has since been disbanded.

Fortunately for Drax, over the years the company's efforts in the Pimbrell system improved the economy so much that the local population handed over political control to the company, allowing the company to leave the Krath Dynasty without major complications. The Population of the Pimbrell System, largely made up of pacifist followers of Pinacism, had no use or desire for warships. To fill the needs of the people it now governed, Drax Industries began to focus its efforts on multi-purpose and utility freighters by constructing smaller shipyards and many factories in the system. This new source of income, though substantially lesser than the military contracts of previous years, was sufficient to ensure the continued growth of the company. Late in Year 12, Drax Industries relocated its headquarters to Mindabaal, Bamula, to solidify its commitment to the Mindabaal League.



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