Drax Whittler

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Drax Whittler

Biographical Information
Race Sullustan
Homeworld Sullust
System Sullust
Clan Noble House of Whittler
Mother Lady Sullulian Whittler -Deceased
Father Lord Dai-takon Whittler - Deceased
Siblings Saairinna Whittler - Deceased

Cabalash Whittler - Deceased Amamnita Whittler - Deceased K'Ditha Whittler - Presumed Deceased T'Lythna Whittler - Presumed Deceased Ocxtantsin Whittler - Presumed Deseased

Languages Sullustian, Twi'ilek, Givin, Whiphid, Vratix, Jawa, Muun, Rodian and Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Age 36
Height 162cm
Weight 75.8kg
Coloring Light Pink
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue-Black
Political Information
Affiliation Preraditi Industries
Positions President
Prior Affiliation Nakesh Alliance Extractions, Drax Industries
Signature Drax sig.png


At first glance very few sentient's are able to get a read on Drax Whittler. Though he is usually impeccably dressed; his short rotund figure and rumpled, often ill-fitting clothing gives the impression of an undisciplined even slovenly being. This is a carefully cultivated look as more often than not he is underestimated whether in business negotiations or on the field of battle. Drax is meticulous with a disciplined, cunning mind. Standing only 5'4" tall and weighing in around 160lbs he should be clumsy but moves with a subtle grace and conservation of movement. Being in his early thirties Drax's blue-black eyes show tendrils of white the early stages of corneal defects common among Sullustan's of his age; therefore Mr. Whittler can often be found wearing designer sunglasses even indoors or on cloudy days. When flying he wears a specialized set of flight goggles that filter the UV rays. Both his sunglasses and flight goggles directly interface with a datapad that is carried with him at all times.


As the first born and only male child of Lord Dai-takon and Lady Sullulian of the Noble house of Whittler. Drax's life was planned for him. From the moment of his birth Drax was groomed to inherit not only the vast hereditary holdings and his fathers extensive mining and shipping interests. But the title of Marquis as well. No expense was spared on Drax's education; tutors were imported from far and wide to teach the boy. Though a headstrong boy Drax always dreamed of going on adventures and exploring the galaxy, Drax knew that his education was his ticket off of the planet of Sullust and to personal freedom. So he studied hard and excelled in languages , mathematics, economics and galactic navigation. Even at a young age his charisma and force of presence was such that veterans of business often found themselves following his orders, later wondering why they had listened to and carried out the commands of a 12 year old whelp. But his true joy came when he was in the cockpit of his J-type 327 starship. Other than the incessant demands of his parents childhood was good for Drax. Despite the impossible standards his parents set for him he was loved and had the joy, horror and frustration of being the only male child out of seven. Having six sisters would drive anyone crazy, it didn't help that they all came from a family of privilege and believed they should be treated like princess's at all times. Being the odd one out he sought an ally with T'Lythna the youngest and most exuberant of his sisters and with subtle manipulation turned the other five upon one another so they were so busy dealing with each other and playing out the petty squabbles he'd set in motion that they didn't have the time or cohesion to gang up on him or T'Lythna. Even with all the joy something was missing. Having grown up in this life of privilege where nothing was unattainable and every desire was fulfilled Drax began to dread his appointment to the board and all the responsibilities he would eventually have to shoulder. One day shortly before his 16th Birthday Drax left a note for his parents and sisters explaining that he couldn't possibly live up to everyone's Expectations and that he was leaving to seek his own fortune among the stars. That he would return one day to fulfill his responsibilities, but for now to know that he loved them but couldn't be what they wanted him to be. Had he known those would be his last words to his family you can be sure he would have handled things differently. To this day he wonders what would have happened had he been home with his family rather than off on his own little Rebellion?


Born to vast wealth and responsibility only to have it ripped away from you and to constantly blame yourself can have one of two effects on a being. Either plunging oneself into despair and debauchery or igniting a spark to a smouldering fire driving one on to greatness. For Drax it was both; at first darkness threatened to pull him under into the morass of self pity, blame and self doubt. Fortunately for Drax he had a fine friend in Photino who helped him through that hard time in his life, even floating his name to the Chairman of Drax industries for the position of delivery pilot. It is a reflection of his state of mind that Drax remained in the position of pilot for Drax Industries and then for Nakesh Alliance Extractions once Photino took over as chairman of the board for the next few years; His mental state being one that could handle piloting but not too much more. At one point Drax was offered and accepted to position of Vice President of Nakesh but it was an ill advised appointment and didn't last long as Drax would abandon his post at the most inopportune moments, to be found days later in one of the seedier drinking establishments. Relegated back to the rank and file one day Drax didn't report for duty, not odd in itself but after two weeks without a word Photino made a concerted effort to find him and was able to glean that he had left K'taktaxka for parts unknown. Nearly seven years later Drax returned; nobody knows what happened during his sojourn well nobody but Drax that is and he isn't talking. But it is obvious that something happened to produce a vast change in his bearing and outlook. Within days of returning to K'taktaxka Drax sought out Photino and petitioned for a job, making amends in the process it was clear to anyone with eyes that here was a new being or at least one reborn. Within the first 6 months of his return Drax had shouldered more responsibilities than in all the years before and was not only managing but succeeding beyond anyone's wildest dreams, quickly building a reputation as a shrewd but fair trader he helped dispose of redundant and out of date ships for Nakesh making both the company and himself tidy profits. Over the next 6 months he decided along with another long time Nakesh employee to start a recycling company, Preraditi Industries to fill a much needed role within the Mindabaal League. Preraditi has been an overnight success and has already succeeded in recycling many outdated or superfluous facilities dotting K'taktaxka's landscape. With this new attitude towards life it seems that Mr. Whittler isn't wasting a single standard time part. The Future looks bright bothe for Drax Whittler and Preraditi Industries.


Drax is fun loving and exuberant, with a love of fine things and good company. He can fit in among almost any class of people from the Galactic court to the back water of Mos Eisley and speaks a fair number of languages as though born to them. Having lost his family at a young age he is wary of letting beings in, but once he does they become family to replace the ones he's lost. He especially has a soft spot for young women to whom he relates as though they were his missing sisters. Even with all the terrible things he has experienced Drax tends to see the galaxy through rose coloured glasses, always looking for the good in sentients, subscribing to the belief that everyone deserves a chance regardless of their past; he is sometimes seen as being naive and over trusting. Once a being proves their worth to Drax there is no finer friend in the galaxy, his old friend Photino Friovor is one of these, Having shared many adventures and having been there when Drax learned of the death of his parents and of the confiscation of his families holdings; Photino is Drax's closest friend and the closest thing Drax has to family. Should Photino need his assistance Drax will immediately drop everything and fly to his aid. It is small wonder that their companies are so closely linked.