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General Information
Motto Only the symbol remains.
Status Merged into Car`das Smugglers
Leader Robert Reynolds
2IC Trestan Mandorian
Owner Ximaro Jix Previous Shane Tayjer
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 20
Political Information
Affiliation Dark Star Hellions
NexCore Mining Corporation
Zann Consortium
Industry Pirate Outfit
Holosite Dread

Traditionally Dread Pirates had allowed a small cadre of Defilers of their crime syndicate allies Zann Consortium into Dread, to serve as support and identification of potential recruits for Zann. In Year 18 , upon stepping down as Crime Lord of Zann, Ximaro removed all active Defilers from Dread, allowing only "inactive" members of the syndicate to join the pirate gang, under stipulation they would be willing to dedicate themselves strictly to the goals of the pirate outfit. In addition Dread no longer served under the Zann umbrella, but remained allies of the crime syndicate. Following in the same manner as before Dread would continue its preference of recruiting non Zann affiliated members to the gang of any alignment , belief, or experience level continuing to a promote a versatile pirate population.


Two designation of Pirate exist within Dread. Independents are given rights to do as they please and Dread crew who are gang members that commit acts for the advancement of Dread endeavors.

Two forms of rank exist in the pirate group, Captain (Leader) and Quartermaster(2nd in command), while two designations of members exist, proven and unproven.

A sub designation known as Black Hood exists for proven members who've shown the ability to assassinate enemies,denoting they dawn the executioners hood.

Given the relaxed nature of Dread command and gang structure, the organization is prone to regular leadership changes though none have served longer than current Captain, Lord Robert Reynolds a former Zann council member, and shadowy Corellian who keeps his motivations silent. Next to Robert, Ximaro Jix himself has presided the longest, regularly returning back to Dread for reasons unknown, sometimes maintaining a role as the crew's quarter master (2nd In Command) or even Black Hood.


Dread Pirates primarily focus on kidnappings, murders, schemes, raids and theft for profits against corporations, governments and persons. Mutinous members are publicly executed to serve as a warning to those who attempt the same actions. In some circumstances, the members are marooned on planets deemed inescapable.

Recruitment is simple. If you want in, regardless of affiliation. Join.

The Dread Code

Dread does not enforce membership strictly, and unproven raiders and proven alike are able to come and go from the gang as they please as long as it does not violate any operations, or cause any conflicts. The relaxed pace of membership allows sentient's from all walks of life, whether friends or enemies to join and leave Dread with little obligation, or concern for personal safety, regarding potential retaliation from the pirate gang. Independent pirates are not required to share with Dread what they earn, regardless of how much income they bring in. Dread crew on the other hand divide their profits in shares, based on how many were involved in the operation, and designation.

The other loose guidelines of the gang are simple. Do not speak of Dread affairs that ruin operations or members opportunities . Steal from other pirates at your own risk. Pirates who commit mutiny become part of Dread's long history of being marooned on inescapable lands or they are executed, and the same for desertion during battle.

Civil disputes between members are attempted to be resolved with minimal conflict, however if two members insist on having each others blood and neither is involved active ongoing business of the Dread crew, the leader presiding over Dread may allow a duel to the death, to resolve differences. In some cases, a less severe duel is employed to allow two parties to show superiority through the use of melee weapons, but no death.


Shane Tayjer

From Black Sun to Zann Consortium, Shane Tayjer briefly lead Zann Consortium before handing over the reins to Ximaro Jix to ensure Zann Consortium would become a fully driven and successful crime syndicate. Shane remained in Zann Consortium serving as a Defiler and Cell Leader, conducting many operations including the assassination of an Imperial Stormtrooper.

Shane would eventually leave Zann Consortium, creating the pirate outfit Dread with Ximaro under the umbrella of Zann Consortium joining alongside the then enforcers Dark Star Hellions at the time . While Hellions focused on traditional bounty hunting and mercenary work as well as banditry, Dread focused on traditional piracy and raiding to achieve its ends. In Year 16, Shane retired to regions unknown leaving his gang to the only person the unpredictable pirate could trust, the gang's co founder, Ximaro Jix.

Shane became best known for his kidnapping and murder of Daisuke Haines a retired Imperial Order of Sith and keeping his signature double bladed light saber. Tayjer also gained notoriety when he suspiciously came into possession of Vrazi and controversially traded it to Black Sun for planet Woldona VI. It is often speculated Shane somehow stole the ship and ransomed it to Black Sun .

Kidnappings and Murders

Daisuke Haines - Retired Imperial Order of the Sith - Kidnapped & murdered by Shane Tayjer (assisted by Kyota Navic)

Varis Minks - Golan Technologies - Kidnapped & murdered by Shane Tayjer

Ivan Blunderbuss - Murishani unubunko - Murdered by Shane Tayjer

Kel Okrass - GalSec - Kidnapped & murdered by Kalen von Lorell

Higelourmi Everivir - Leader of Byblos Drive Yards - Kidnapped & imprisoned by Kalen von Lorell, ransomed after several months by Ximaro Jix

Osephus Kuulat - Kidnapped by Shane Tayjer & Loorka Zhkar

Topovi Kai - Kingdom of Elysia - Kidnapped by Yukimura Sentoki & ransomed by Robert Reynolds

Krymen Krysys - Triumvirate Coalition- Kidnapped by Dread

Soren Thor - Kidnapped & murdered by Dread

Zephyr Lathillion-Triumvirate Coalition - Kidnapped & murdered by Dread

Shan Sei`Dza - Unidentified origins Bounty Hunter - Murdered by Loorka Zhkar

Adrastos Skittles - Unidentified origins - Murdered by Yukimura Sentoki

Fang Kin - Red Phantom Leader - Kidnapped by Yalan`kir Dirosk

Vor Talgak - Sienar Technologies Merchant Fleet Captain - Kidnapped by Brao Vinklo

Morne Sabaoth - New Republic - Intelligence Agent - Murdered by Yukimura Sentoki

Braf Savek - Tresario Star Kingdom - Intelligence Agent - Murdered by Ximo Jobal

Gideon Hayzleblood - Unidentified origins Bounty Hunter - Captured & murdered by Alexander Blackforge

Select History

Year 15

Approximately Day 150, Shane Tayjer founder and leader of Dread pirates conducted a trade aboard a ship in a secluded area of space. The victim who boards the vessel is retired Imperial Sith Daisuke "Dot" Haines. Unaware he is walking into a trap Daisuke is soon kidnapped by Tayjer who explains he will be released if he relinquishes his double bladed light saber. Daisuke attempts to deal with the pirate stating he did not have his light saber with him, but ultimately fails and is slain by Dread 2nd in Command Kyota Navic. While searching the fallen Sith's body, Tayjer locates the weapon and takes it as a prize. The event goes on to mark the first of many kidnaps and murders conducted by Dread.

On approximately day 210 Austin Tech Shipyards a ship manufacturing organization was shut down following a looting during several market trades, by Dread pirates Kalen von Lorell along with leader Shane Tayjer. Days before the closure of the rising ship production company, founder of the organization Jonas Austin issued several bounties on the Dread members along with affiliates Zann Consortium . An event which cast a cloud of suspicion over owner Jonas who claimed he was unable to pay back customers who had been stolen from by Kalen, but was able to set extremely high rewards for warrants, which he could pay. In the time that followed up until closure of the group, Austin Tech would come under much scrutiny from the same public eyes the owner appealed to for pursuit of the criminals that had robbed him.

Year 16

Approximately day 20, While engaged in violent civil war between Zann and rogue Dark Star Hellions , under the banner of Alliance Special Operations lead by Xakic Jix, Dread pirate and former Defiler Juan Vargez lead a cadre of pirates onto planet Krmar rescuing former Hellion, Robert Reynolds, from captivity within the planets head quarters. The event transpired with no casualties on either side and later inspired Reynolds himself to leave the Consortium and join the gang of raiders.

Approximately day 140, Dread under leadership of Ximaro Jix coordinated attacks with Zann against Black Sun, resulting in Dread Quartermaster at the time, Robert Reynolds along with other Dread crew capturing a member of the enemy crime syndicate and executing them. Along with Consortium's own attacks which were perpetrated prior, Black Sun later issued what a appeared to be priceless bounties on both Zann Consortium and Dread for their relentless assaults of the large Imperial Union industrial syndicate.

Year 17

Approximately Day 120 , Following several failed attempts by New Republic to attack Zann or apprehend crime lord Ximaro Jix, Morne Sabaoth a rebel agent joined Dread attempting to disrupt the organization which was then under leadership of Aeneas Blishtar. Unable to successfuly lure out pirates of the organization, Mourne was captured while attempting to sabotage Dread operations in the outer rim. While in custody Sabaoth explained he had been sent by New Republic Intelligence NRI's previous statements they would no longer pursue any affiliates of Zann, to Ximaro himself. For his honesty and integrity, Aeneas sentenced Morne to death, who was killed by pirate Yukimura Sentoki.

On Day 166, the system of Drup, in the Saijo sector was found by Zann Consortium. Unbeknownst the galaxy at large and media sources, shortly before the discovery, an unidentified Dread pirate female within the organization of Ever Light Transportation and a Zann agent coordinated, influenced, and tricked the system searchers who had actually discovered the system prior to Zann. The pirate involved convinced both Ever Light leader Kray Voh and client Anax Noctru that the system that was located, had been much further away than their original search and sent them on a two day journey into deep space. When Voh realized he'd been tricked, he responded publicly by verbally attacking his own members and issuing out random bounties on various individuals he felt were responsible, but was proven unsuccessful in his claims. This event was later speculated to have caused several members of the prestigious transportation group to leave, in fear of their own lives.

Year 18

On Approximately Day 50, The gang with Ximaro at the helm intercepted an Endless Endeavors transportation ship moving fine goods. As a result the pilot of the popular courier and manufacturing service was kidnapped by the pirates. After several days of negotiating, the incident was resolved quietly with minimal public attention.

Day 128 The Scourge pirate outfit dissolved following a conflict with Dread pirates. The violence ensued in previous weeks when a former member of a rogue cell of Dread buccaneers known as The Black Light Pirates , and current leader of The Scourge, Sy`ko Sacul kidnapped Dread member Yalan`kir Dirosk for unknown reasons. Rather than negotiate for their unproven pirates life Dread retaliated against their enemies from within utilizing long time proven pirate, Zade Soze. As a result of the assault, Sacul himself would later go into hiding to avoid further Dread attacks. Following the disbanding of Scourge pirates, Zane Apex leader of Dread, explained clemency would be given to all former members of The Scourge, who wished to join Dread, without tribute. Zane went on to explain that while Dread did not disband the opposing crew themselves, had Sy`ko not challenged Dread; his organization would still be thriving. Zane went on to issue an additional statement to all of Sacul's former members to not follow in their former leaders footsteps, or those of the misguided crew The Black Light Pirates which was attacked into submission, which Sacul was once a part of.

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