Dreadful Wolves

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Dreadful Wolves
General Information
Status Active
Leader Robert Reynolds
2IC Werga Revig
Owner Ximaro Jix
Historical Information
Founded Year 21 Day 251
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Industry Pirates

Attacking from the depths of deep space, these Wolves are calculated, swift and merciless. Operating in cells known as "wolf packs," they are quick to ambush and raid targets, before disappearing back into space. Skillfully trained, the life of a "Wolf" is that unlike any other pirate in the galaxy as they stand together as one crew, one outfit, and are dedicated to their mission, whatever it may be. Armed with superior technology, the band focuses on tactical assaults to achieve their goals before disappearing back into the mist while on ground, or the void while deep in space. With a small army of cutthroats willing to die for those that lead, the outfit often conceals its numbers.

With past victims such as the Galactic Empire, The Krath, and the Trade Federation, the Wolves are far from not ready to tangle with government and civilians alike as they slice open the pocketbooks of sentient beings. Willing to negotiate, the group would just as easily cut someone down if they were given reason or sell that uncooperative individual into slavery through the Hutt Cartel. if you're feeling uncooperative following a capture. Motivated by reasons that has some speculate they are greedy, much of the public suspect the dreadful beings are utilized as a surgical strike team and surveillance wing that murauds specific targets to weaken enemies and stimulate black market trade for the Zann Consortium.

From the remnants of the unpredictable pirates of Dread to which they honor in name, the cunning smugglers of Car`Das, and the audacious mercenaries of the Nova Blades, the Dreadful Wolves remain an enigmatic force to be reckoned with. Originated by infamous Crime Lord, Ximaro Jix, as his personal nucleus of raiders, the crew stands ready. Originally led by the notorious assassin Jett Blackheart and Joel Mortuus-Aquila, the group was then handed to Warlord Lazarus Grimm of Death Watch before ending up back in the hands of Robert Reynolds, who now along side of Werga Revig, have remained true to the their predatorial instincts and hunt ship and life alike throughout the galaxy.


The Wolves are designed as a rapid assault raiding crew. Wolves Unlike one of its predecessor organizations Dread, have no individual pirates who act out personal gain. If an individual is observed stepping outside of the crew he is marooned or summarily executed. All objectives are decided by the crew leadership who designate targets for assaults, kidnapping and/or piracy. In addition, Wolves utilize counter - insurgency, tactical striking, special reconnaissance and guerilla warfare during times of war on land and in space.

Hijacked goods and prisoners who have not been paid for after being kidnapped, are given to Dark Star Hellions who fence goods and sell individuals on the open slave market.

Unlike Zann Consortium, who commit large scale acts of piracy , Wolves are less expansive and focus on isolated targets and operations where hit and run tactics can be utilized, so the Wolves can disappear under the veil of darkness, before most even know they were there.


While largely unknown to the masses, unlike Dread and other Zann organizations, very few Defilers exist among Wolves. Those who are members of Zann, are designated inactive agents of the Consortium, and serve only Wolves purposes. The core of Wolves members are individuals selected for their skills in piracy and warfare. Little is known about Wolves numbers, but it is believed the outfit deliberately caps its membership to keep its cells small. It is believed that DW contract outsiders to assist special recon operators with providing Intel to pirate cell leaders.

The official recruitment line is " There's no drinking rum and talking to wenches feeling your teeth to see if scurvy has set in here. Nor is their any talk of what single individual has done for riches and wealth and how big their ships are compared to the sizes of others.

Here, it's the pack or the isolation of being left in the lurch.

So join at your own risk."

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