Dru Snotz

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Dru Snotz
Biographical Information
Race Amani (at present)
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Tokala Snotz
Father Refargan Snotz
Spouse Year 15, Day 215 to Kittraniaata Snotz
Siblings One sister
Children None
Born 29 BBY
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.52 meters
Coloring Mottled Tan Skin, hairless
Eye Color Blue (one cybernetic)
Political Information
Affiliation Aurodium_Legion, Galactic_Concordiate
Positions Praetor
Prior Affiliation Galactic Commerce Collective, Bilbringi Shipyards

Early Life

Born to linguist parents who resided in a derelict old T2 Space Station known as Babel, Dru was the second child born to Refargan and Tokala. He was of mixed human parentage, as the Snotz clan has lived on Babel for several generations, mongrels of many human species. Drus parents, along with thousands of other linguists studying almost every language in the galaxy, traveled the space lanes going from system to system learning how all of the languages of the galaxy were truly interconnected. Dru had the chance to see many exotic and famous worlds, and his natural curiosity led him to learn many languages and cultures of the galaxy. But it also provided far too many opportunities for young Dru to get into trouble. He did, over and over, and it finally became too much for his parents. Dru was sent back to Babel and entered into the defense forces, with the hope he would learn the discipline necessary to be a linguist.

The first duty he was assigned was simple patrols of the sector, and he immediately took to these missions. Dru mastered the various ships that Babel held, working his way up into the largest ship they had, a rusty old YV-666 that had been outfitted with a couple of Heavy Lasers. But his lack of discipline once again was his downfall. His squad was assigned to harass pirates who were going to attack Babel, but Dru was not content with just harassing them. He charged the pirates, but even though Dru crippled the pirate ship, three of his comrades died at the pirates lasers. Dru was demoted to the lowest rank and reassigned to the Resource Corps. There was intense training involved before being able to even being assigned to a squad. Most of the people assigned here could not handle the training, and the only other choice for them then was to leave the station forever. Dru knew this was his fate, and he did not want to leave his family here.

With renewed dedication to Babel, Dru caught the eye of an old warrior, Jalek Koranac who took Dru under his wing to train him. On top of the regular training Jalek taught him different fighting techniques from across the galaxy. As he became a model soilder, Dru was given a squad of his own to command, and they became one of the most successful on Babel. But this all changed on one day. Dru was sent on a solo mission to retrieve something that pirates had taken from Babel. This mission was intended to be a quiet in and out, fate intervened and Drus newfound luck gave out. This led to a gun battle through the streets and to the starport, where Dru barely got off the planet alive. As soon as he made orbit, Drus fighter was tractored about a much capital ship, and he was taken hostage.


The next thing Dru remembered is waking up in an alley on Mos Entha. When he finally oriented himself, Dru found that it was a whole new world. It was ABY 13 and that had meant he has lost almost twenty years of his life. Determined to find out what happened, Dru started taking transport jobs with Hans Millers first transportation company. After deciding he needed a steadier paycheck, Dru threw his lot in with The Galactic Commerce Collective (GCC). Dru quickly rose through the ranks, and soon was on the Board of Directors, and taking part in support mission like the Rattliir War. After a two year stint with the GCC, Dru was appointed as the leader of Bilbringi Shipyards (BSY), and ran that for another year. Soon the discontent among the GCC brought about a great many changes, including the absorption of BSY back into the GCC. Less than a year later, the GCC was sold and absorbed into the Aurodium Legion (AL).